20 Best Social Media Content Writing Tips


Social media has become the biggest marketing channel for a lot of business professionals. With a combined number of over 6 billion users, you need to understand and utilize the mechanics of social media.

A good metric you must understand would be to adopt a writing style that majority of social media users understand. This way, you will easily connect with your audience and draw a lot of conversions on your offers.

However, there’s a possibility you’re not conversant with social media content forms. So, to this effect, this article will discuss some of the best social media content writing tips.

Social Media Content Writing

Social media has grown from being a place where people share their life and personal stories to where businesses connect with their customers. Furthermore, small businesses harvest data from their social media activities to check the behaviour of their product.

But social media isn’t like television or radio; there are many moving parts. And until you have a great understanding of how it works, you might just forego an opportunity to build a raving community of repeat customers.

20 Best Social Media Content Writing Tips

There are many social media content writing tips you can use. However, a good number of them don’t give the same level of results that only a few out of the lot can give. In this section, you’ll find 20 of the best social media content writing tips. They include:

1. Execute Research

The internet has become easily accessible for many people. Hence, if you’re writing any form of content, you need to ensure you’ve executed your research properly before spelling out your analysis in any social media content.

In plotting your research plan, you need to determine vital points that will raise curiosity in your readers while spurring them to take action. A great way to do research is to find your competitors on social media and screen their work.

2. Never Cut Characters

Social media has a lot of buzzwords, and because of the attachment people have to these words, they easily reflect it on their writing in social media. While this may have time, it doesn’t express professionalism at any level.

A good social media content writing tip would be to write out your words completely. For example, you shouldn’t write “I wish u the best” even as a comment on your social media profile. You should write it out in full like “I wish you the best.”

3. Use Great Grammar

A lot of writers don’t use intelligible vocabulary when they’re writing. Instead, they opt for ambiguous words that often leave the reader confused and not willing to complete the article again.

Your choice of grammar is vital, as it can either increase how long people stay on your content. A good measure to adopt would be to always preview your writing by asking a colleague to help you pick out words that have better synonyms.

4. Understand Homophones

Every language makes use of homophones. So, if you’re able to get a good hold of homophones and how they work, creating social media content will become easier for you. For example, cuff and cough have the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings.

Since you’re creating social media content, many people would read them instead of using a reading application. So, you must ensure you get the spelling correctly in order to communicate your message.

5. Use Fewer Apostrophes

Apostrophes help your readers pay attention to certain aspects of your writing. However, when you use a lot of apostrophes in your writing, you can get your reader confused as they will have a lot of key places wherein they need to give special attention.

So, the rule is simple; use fewer apostrophes.

6. Use Grammar Tools

Grammar can be confusing. Certain words that you felt had a particular meaning can switch meaning with the introduction of another single letter or word. On occasions like this, you need the aid of a good grammar tool.

When looking for grammar tools, you need to look for tools that ensure you get everything correctly from punctuation to context. Some of the awesome grammar tools you can find include:

  • ProWritingAid
  • Grammarly
  • WhiteSmoke
  • Ginger Online
  • Outwrite

7. Avoid Ambiguous Words

By all means, try to avoid using ambiguous words when you’re creating any writeup. Apart from being a major turnoff, it can make your reader distracted by forcing them to find a dictionary.

Stick to simple English that can almost anyone can interpret.

If you want to put up content, you should double-check to see that it is copyright-free. This would be to avoid getting sued by the publisher for copyright infringement. If you have a legitimate reason to pick a part of the copy, you must reference the place.

Stick to creating original content for your social media platforms

9. Use Short Sentences

Short sentences help you communicate your ideas using fewer words. Generally, shorter words do the magic where long words fail.

A lot of people recommend short sentences as one of the best social media content writing tips you must use. It gives a writing a form of style and clarity that you can’t get from long sentences.

10. Use Positive Language

Negative energy is destructive. It can make you focus on less important things and pursue them aggressively. By the time you’re done, you would have lost a lot of time and energy in the race to beat nothing.

One of the best social media content writing tips you would ever get is to always exude positivity in your writing every time. Whether you want to communicate a sad event, you don’t need to sulk in your letters. Use positive language to dominate the situation as it will spur your readers.

11. Add a Call to Action

People come across thousands of inspirational and spurring messages each day, however, after reading the message, they’re left in a pool of confusion as to the next line of action to follow. This is the problem that many creatives haven’t solved.

All your social media content writing should contain a “call to action”, that helps your reader know the next step to take after reading. While these CTAs are subtle in normal content, they’re blown up in advertising copies.

12. Make Use of “You”

If you’ve paid proper attention to these social media content writing tips, you would have noticed that “you” is one word with the highest frequency in this article. Well, it’s safe to say using “you” gives it a bit of personalization.

By always using “you” instead of just an abstract subject, you make it a direct form of communication between you and every member of your audience. This way, they can believe you’re addressing them at a personal level.

13. Use Less Abstract Titles

Crafting exceptional titles is usually a problem for many creatives. Instead of following the harder part of thinking it through, they simply adopt regular titles that a lot of readers have encountered and find boring.

Abstract titles might communicate each aspect of your writing, however, when you set it all out on the title, what then is the essence of the article? As much as you want your title to be abstract, you need to minimize its use.

14. Let Your Audience Know What They Will Gain

A lot of social media creatives and writers would want you to follow them down the storyline before they can intimate you with their purpose of writing. While this works when you have an exceptional headline, it’s not always the best-case scenario.

Your audience needs to get an unobstructed view of the benefits they can reap for reading your post. Although you might doubt the possibility, it is beneficial to communicate this at the start so you can carry strongly interested people in your journey.

15. Use Great Visuals

Visuals make it easier for people to read a content. When your content has great visuals, it can stop someone scrolling through to take a second look at the message you’re trying to pass across to them.

By utilizing platforms like Photoshop and Canva, you can create amazing visuals for yourself that will help you draw attention from your audience. Everyone might not remember a great copy, but they’ll surely remember an impressive picture.

16. Has To Be Scannable

You might have implemented all other social media content writing tips. However, when you cannot give them an opportunity to scan, you have lost a huge chunk of interested readers. And this will have its effects in terms of traffic and conversions.

Ensure your writeups are scannable. This way, readers can swift through it easily.

17. Use Standard References

If you want to make a powerful statement in your writeup, one of the important social media content writing tips you must follow would be the use of standard references.

When you use standard references, you infuse belief in your reader as they know you’ve taken your time to research before coming to them. This way, you become believable, and their willingness to business with you increases.

18. Read Aloud

Reading aloud is a great way to find mistakes in your writing while checking the flow from one sentence to another.

Indeed, reading aloud is one of the best social media content writing tips you need to start implementing when you want to stand out on social media.

19. Optimize For Search Engine

I get you may find it strange to actually optimize your social media writing for search engines, right? Well, you shouldn’t anymore as search engines pull up results from anywhere possible when they want to present SERPs.

If you get your writeups well detailed and optimized, you can easily show up on search engines and get a huge chunk of that organic traffic.

20. Start Writing

You wouldn’t have learnt anything if you don’t start writing immediately. Implementation strengthens your understanding of anything.

You don’t need to adopt all the social media content writing tips immediately, as you can work from one end to the other.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re doing copywriting or normal writing, these helpful tips will make it easy for you to make your social media contents fly. You won’t need to struggle when creating content as you will fit the right words in place each time.

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