Best B2B Copywriting Tips for Higher Conversions in 2024

Selling B2B is hard! Sincerely. And sometimes, it feels almost impossible. But it is actually something every business should learn to do if it must really grow big. So here’s where B2B copywriting comes in.

B2B companies are clamoring for skilled copywriters who can communicate what they offer to the world in a clear, compelling way. And I tell you, they’re willing to pay heavily for it.

An interesting and exciting part about B2B copywriting is that it pays off better than any other form of writing.

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What Is B2B Copywriting?

According to Copyblogger, copywriting is the art and science of strategically crafting and publishing targeted, reader-focused words (“copy”) online that get people to take some form of action.

So B2B copywriting is the art and science of strategically writing reader-specified content that is written by businesses that get other businesses to take some form of action. This copy could be printed in paper documents, like brochures or manuals, published online, or sent as emails and is usually used for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

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Who Is A B2B Writer?

A B2B writer on the other hand is a skilled writer that creates articles, emails, and white papers for companies that sell to other companies.

Why Do You Need B2B Copywriting Skills?

There are so many reasons why you need to develop and engage B2B copywriting skills in your business. Here’s the thing; just like I stated when we first started this journey, selling B2B is really hard.

Not so many businesses are ready to part ways with their money to pay you for a product or service they are not so sure what’s in it for them.

To help you learn why and how best to sell your products or services to other businesses is the aim of this article. So in the next few lines, I’m going to share with you some of the reasons why you need to adopt B2B copywriting skills.

#1. Lead Generation

One of the things B2B copywriting does for you as a business is helping to convince and convert prospective buyers or clients who are still weighing their options.

Basically, the main benefit of this kind of writing is that it extensively informs the reader about a product or service and persuades them it’s a good fit for their needs. These types of content are often long-form anchors.

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#2. Creating Awareness

B2B copywriting helps to create awareness about your brand and products. This is particularly important when a potential buyer has recognized they have a problem and are starting to think about possible solutions.

This might mean writing copy for social media advertisements or SEO web pages that answer a question that people commonly type into search engines.

The ultimate idea of using B2B copywriting to create awareness is to educate readers about the problems they are facing and entice them to learn more about a solution, one of which may be the company’s products and services.

#3. Closing of Deals

B2B copywriting will help you close deals you started with prospective clients and customers and drive outright conversion.

B2B can help you as a business to lure a prospect who has been sitting on the fence to make a final decision to buy your product or service.

#4. Improving User Experience and Client Retention

Another important reason why you need B2B copywriting in your business is to improve the user feel and experience of your clients and customers. Brands use B2B writing to create documentation that teaches users how to use products for maximum results.

A typical example is when brands employ technical writers to create manuals, user guides, and FAQ sections that are readable to their customers and audience.

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Best B2B Copywriting Tips

To write an outstanding B2B copy, there are several principles you must apply to get the best result. In the next few minutes, I’ll show you all that you require to write the Kind of B2B that gets you prompt conversions.

1. Choose your brand’s voice

As an individual writer, you have your own voice—but when it comes to B2B copywriting, you need to develop and write for your brand’s voice.

Determining your brand voice depends on both your product and your target audience. You need to consider:

  • What brand personality do your competitors have?
  • What kind of tone would your target customers be most receptive to?
  • What kind of tone would your target customers perceive negatively?

For some inspiration, take a look at your company’s culture, and see if you can incorporate any elements into your copywriting. This can make your copy feel more authentic and sincere.

2. Use Hyperspecific Testimonials

One of the greatest social proofs you can incorporate into your copywriting is to include testimonials, but don’t grab any generic one from a random customer – you have to tailor it

Take Sumo for example. They know what their customer wants – to build up their email list as well as influence and authority in their niche.

Instead of using a bunch of random testimonials, they chose to showcase selected testimonials from marketing influencers known for having a killer email list.

By showcasing these influencers such as Pat Flynn, their reader can immediately relate to and visualize themselves directly enjoying the benefits of Sumo that matter to them – growing their email list and traffic.

Crafting your own hyperspecific testimonial isn’t difficult.

Just find out the type of people your customer identifies or relates with and showcase the results or benefits that truly matter to them.

It’s that simple!

3. Don’t Forget Emotions, it Still Applies!

If your buyer is a human being, they have feelings and that means you have a great opportunity to inject emotions into your copy!

Take Basecamp, for example, although they are selling serious collaboration and project management software, they don’t shy away from tapping into the readers’ emotions.

With their tongue-in-cheek visuals and witty copy, Basecamp injects just the right amount of humor into their copywriting making their brand (and solution) feel instantly more relatable and human.

Do the same for your copy, just because your writing in the B2B space doesn’t mean you need to be as serious as a Terminator Robot!

4: Use Storytelling to Capture the Imagination

No one can resist a good story even in the B2B marketing world – but the reader has to be the hero of your story!

While I’m sure you had a fantastic journey creating your business & solution, create a narrative around your customer instead.

And a fantastic way to do it is through a testimonial shaped like a story, like how ExpertSecrets does it.

They take their reader through the background and journey of their success stories (their whole landing page is essentially a collection of stories!)

By hitting the key points of a powerful story, they present their solution in an effective way that is natural and engaging while allowing the reader to visualize their own story and struggles.
A great story allows your reader to relate to the journey and that also means relating to the benefits and rewards of your solution – better persuasion and higher sales!


Quality content doesn’t just matter to Google, it matters to the businesses you want to do business with. The quality of writing should match the quality of your business, and it should do so in a way that excites and inspires.

If you can’t get through it without a scoff or a snooze, no one else will. Keep your content standards high, and you’ll attract businesses with the same high standards.

I hope this helps you and your business.