20 Chrome Extensions For Content Writers That Works

Writing content can be very difficult without the right tools to help make your work easier. Whether you are working on a ghostwriting project or writing a blog post, knowing the best chrome extensions for content writers can increase your work productivity significantly.

Time management is one of the crucial abilities required for anyone that deals with writing, most especially blog writing. This is where internet tools like handy – apps, chrome extensions, plugins, help us deal with procrastination- a writer’s greatest enemy.

Great news! You are only a few minutes read from exploring the best chrome extensions for content writers that help their work move seamlessly, even if you are a freelance writer with no experience.

What Are The Best Chrome Extensions For Content Writers?

Chrome Extension is a small program installed to transform the experience or add functionality to the chrome browser.

The main aim of an extension is to serve a single purpose around which the whole program is built, although it can have multiple components they should help in accomplishing the main purpose of the program. 

So, here are 20 best Chrome extensions for content writing professionals that can help you complete your task quicker and more effectively.

#1 Grammarly Spell Checker

Grammarly spell checker is a universally accepted chrome extension for writers who have the zeal to create quality content devoid of grammatical errors. No matter what your area of expertise, you want to write as correctly as possible.

This extension helps you in correcting over 250 different types of writing mistakes. This writing extension for Chrome also improves your writing style, as it often offers synonyms of a certain word that would match better with your context.

 Generally, Grammarly provides:

  • A better way to write
  • Fix your spelling and grammar
  • Clarify and tight your sentences
  • Strike the right tone
  • Enhance your fluency

#2 ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is your grammar and style guide that can be used whenever you write an article, an email, or post something on your social media site. This writing chrome extension highlights your grammar mistakes and helps you create a flawless piece.

So, in addition to Grammarly, this chrome extension for writers checks your grammar and spelling errors effectively.

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#3 OneTab

OneTab, as a chrome extension, helps writers save all chosen tabs so that they can use them later. What’s more, you can arrange these tabs in Groups and even share them as a web page. With all the required information available to you, you can write a great article.

Otherwise, researching for writing work would be really tedious, as you have to open numerous tabs at one time.

Simply click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

#4 Google Docs Offline

To use Google Docs, you have to be online. However, Google Docs Offline extension takes this hassle away.

With this chrome extension, you can easily edit your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets even when you are offline.

This extension was designed to give every writer the freedom from staying connected to the internet. 

#5 Page Analytics

When it comes to blog writing, knowing the kind of content your audience is searching online. This helps you track what content your audience resonates with and also helps you know the content that is performing better.

This is where Page Analytics comes to play. This chrome extension gives you an instant idea of your site traffic including real-time visitors, page views, and click percentages. This much information is worth downloading the app as it enables you to determine which links work best for you.

#6 Evernote Web Clipper

Next on our list of best chrome extensions for content writers is the Evernote Web Clipper add-on. Evernote web clipper is a very valuable chrome extension for writing professionals, especially if you love to research a lot before creating content.

With this extension, you can save any desired text from the internet in the app’s folder and use it later. Evernote is not just only a bookmark alternative but also you can instantly share your clips with your colleagues and make your writing project easier.

Just select the text or image that you liked and click on it to save it to the folder. It is as easy as it sounds!

Evernote has more than 4,000,000 users and have a rating of 4.9 stars at the chrome web store. You may add the Evernote Web Clipper extension here

#7 Feedly

If you’re a writer and love to keep abreast of what goes on around you while you work, then you might want to install Feedly on your chrome browser.

This extension offers a daily dose of the latest news, information, and ads that keeps you updated with the outside world. You will never miss any trending topic with this Chrome extension. Feedly also helps you to deliver your content in an organized manner.

#8 Awesome Screenshots

Awesome Screenshots capture all or part of any web page. Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.

This chrome add-on is very important when you are doing research as it helps you save content that can be relevant later.

#9 SpeakIt

This chrome extension is ideal for writers who want to rectify their mistakes quickly. SpeakIt is a text-to-speech tool that reads your chosen paragraph out loud so that you can listen to it and correct the errors. Also, other features include volume adjustment and choice between female and male voice.

#10 AdBlock

Another great Chrome extension for writers and bloggers is AdBlock. Writing demands a lot of focus and you cannot afford to be distracted by social media and ads floating on the internet.

AdBlock extension saves your time by blocking and eliminating distractions. For a quicker and quieter writing experience, you must download this extension on your chrome browser.

#11 StayFocusd

This Chrome writing extension is custom made for all the procrastinators out there. If you suffer from poor time management, Stay Focusd helps you get back on track in no time. Thanks to this productivity tool, you’ll be able to, just like its name implies, stay focused on what you’re doing and be more productive.

With this productivity-boosting Chrome extension, you can set up how much time you want to spend on certain websites or pages and you can even time how much time you spend playing games.

The most exciting feature of this extension is that after your allotted time passes, the website will be blocked by Stay Focusd for the rest of the day.

By using this tool you’ll appreciate the time you’ve got on every site and be more productive with your work.

#12 Auto Text Expander

Ever get exhausted from typing out lengthy email addresses, phrases you often use, or just seeing to save keystrokes as you type? The Auto Text Expander solves that problem for you.

Some of the key features of Auto Text Expander are:

  • Keystroke checking is entirely local and nothing is transferred to any servers for tracking.
  • Customizable list of shortcuts to extend, which are synced over Chrome browsers you sign into.
  • Omnibox (URL address bar) supported for fast-moving websites with code ATE.
  • Capacity to locally back up the shortcuts and replace them from backup, and one can import shortcuts in JSON himself.

#13 PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights tool is one of the top Chrome extensions for content writers. It helps you to check the speed score for the webpage for mobile devices and desktop. It also helps you to analyze the content of your page and gives suggestions to make your website faster.

#14 Notepad

Notepad is a very simple notepad with sync functionality that also runs offline. This chrome add-on, when installed on your browser, helps you save your notes as you type to your local computer, and you can also sync and backup your notes via the cloud service.

#15 Bitly

Bitly url shorten extension allows you to shorten, measure, and optimize your links. This gives more aesthetics to your body of text and makes your article look concise and not give your reader a bad reading experience.

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#16 Google URL Shortener

As writers, we’ve all dealt with long messy URLs that just look awful when we introduce them to the body of the text. This is why URL shorteners were developed as a chrome extension for writers to make our work easier.

Of course, there are sites that can help with this issue, but having writing chrome extensions is much more accessible and faster and you’ll get any URL shortened in just a click. It is very easy to use and will clean up those lengthy, ugly URLs.

#17 SEO Minion

SEO Minion is an all-in-one SEO extension for Chrome. This amazing add-on combines on-page SEO analysis with a link checker and SERP preview tool. That’s not all. It’s also an invaluable tool that lets you download the People Also Ask (PAA) of any Google search.

SEO Minion is one of the best chrome extensions for content writers today. It enables blog writers to create optimized content and also track their content performance on the web.

SEO Minion currently enjoys great reviews:

  • 5 out of 5 stars based on 374 reviews with 100,000+ users on Chrome.

Another useful Chrome extension for writers that can help you execute your tasks better and in less time is Check My Links. With this, you don’t have to check every link before you put it in your post because this extension will do it for you.

This procedure is really simple. Check My Links highlights any broken link in your text in red and that way, you can spot it and fix it right away.

#19 TweetDeck

TweetDeck will help you optimize your Twitter presence in every way possible. When using this writing chrome extension, it will be a piece of cake for you to schedule posts and follow hashtags, you can even shorten links with it. 

With this writing tool, your writing work can be properly displayed on twitter and you can grow proper brand engagement.

#20 Pic Monkey

Pic Monkey is a writing chrome extension that helps you easily manage your post’s pictures and photographs to perfection. So, you don’t have to be a Photoshop wizard to make your photos look good. PicMonkey helps improves your pictures with ease.

What is the best Chrome extension for making articles simpler to read?

Readability & Grammar

  • Hemingway Editor: Highlights adverbs, passive voice, and complex sentences while suggesting less complicated alternatives.
  • ProWritingAid Readability Score determines the level of reading difficulty.
  • Similar to ProWritingAid’s assessment, ReadabilityScore.com offers suggestions for improvement.

Organizing and clearing clutter

  • Clearly: simplifies website design by removing extraneous components and emphasizing information and images.
  • Reader: Emphasizes the article’s main content while minimizing sidebars and ads.
  • Mercury Reader: Provides a clear and uninterrupted reading environment.

Text Improvement

  • TextOptimizer analyzes terms and gives recommendations for readability and SEO improvements.
  • CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer rates headlines based on their emotional effect, length, and clarity.
  • Natural Reader: A text-to-speech program that allows you to read articles aloud for improved understanding.

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Why do content writers need Chrome extensions?

Enhanced Efficiency: To save time and effort, various extensions can automate repetitive tasks such as grammar checking, keyword searching, and image search.

Better Quality: Grammar checks and readability tools can help writers uncover errors and improve the clarity and effectiveness of their content.

Content curation: Evernote Web Clipper and other tools make it simple to collect materials and organize research materials.

Focus & Inspiration: Some technologies, such as FocusWriter, reduce distractions, while others provide new text styles or headline suggestions that engage the mind and boost performance.

SEO Optimization: Several extensions, including keyword data and SEO analytics, help to boost search engine exposure.

How to Choose the Most Effective Chrome Extensions for Content Writers

The best Chrome extensions for article writing can differ depending on your specific needs and preferences. Thus, follow this advice. 

Discover your painpoints 

Which aspects of article writing require the greatest work or are the most challenging for you?

Are you struggling with research, brainstorming, language, organizing, or something else?

Set your goals

What results do you hope to achieve by using extensions? Are you attempting to improve your language skills, become more productive, creative, or something else entirely?

Assess these categories

We categorized your writers need into these categories. 

Grammar and Style (Grammarly, ProWritingAid)

Content Creation and Brainstorming (QuillBot, TextCortex, Copy.ai)

Research and Inspiration (Evernote, Hunter)

Productivity and Focus (StayFocusd, Adblocker OneTab)

SEO Optimization (SEO Minion, Headlime Studio, Page Analytics, Keywords Everywhere, MozBar)

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Consider these points

Budget: Some extensions are free, while others provide more feature-rich premium choices.

Integrations: Are they compatible with the tools and workflow you already use?

Reviews from users: Visit the Chrome Web Store to read reviews and comments.

Security and privacy: Take user permissions and data gathering methods into account.

Try and compare

Try different extensions to see which ones work best for you.

Depending on your needs, you can install multiple extensions and use them in various combinations.

Faqs on chrome extensions for content writers

Do content writers need chrome extensions?

Yes, content writers need chrome extensions that will aid their work. They need it for enhanced efficiency, better quality, focus and inspirational and SEO

How do I choose the best chrome extension as a content writer?

Discover your painpoints 
Set your goals
Assess these categories
Consider factors like your budget, integration, and reviews

Best chrome extensions for content writers

SEO Minion


When it comes to freelance writing, Google Chrome is the primary browser because it is extremely helpful in boosting writing productivity, as a result of its rich extensions.

So, if whether you are a copywriter or content writer, you need to check out these chrome extensions and select which best suits you. Also, thousands of Chrome extensions are available for free. Carefully choose the ones that improve the quality of your writing work rather than burdening your browser.