How To Become A Grant Writer And Make Money

Organizations need funds to function effectively, but getting these funds is difficult. While some go for different series of funding, others seek a primary style of getting funds by writing and applying for grants.

To get these grants, these organizations must introduce the skill and knowledge of a grant writer to help them craft the grant application. With these grant writers, they can communicate their desire for funds with writing.

Learning the skill of grant writing takes some time and investment. However, you can become a grant writer if you’re willing to invest the time, resources, and energy. And reading through this article will shorten and sweeten the process for you.

Who is a Grant Writer?

A grant writer is a professional who creates and sends out proposals for grants from a company. With these grants, the companies can expand their business, increase their numbers, and also provide more value to society by introducing better products.

When you consider the responsibilities of a grant writer, it doesn’t start with inking details about a company’s desire for grants and ends with the push of the final send button – it demands much more.

As a grant writer, one of your first duties would be to research all the available grants and their conditional requirements. Furthermore, you must consider the deadlines of these opportunities before you create your proposal(s).

After sending the proposals, you will need to create and sustain interaction chains with the clients and donors you have reached out to. This way, you will easily answer any question they will ask from the application.

What Skills Do I Need To Become a Grant Writer?

Grant writing demands certain key skills if you want to function optimally on the job. Unlike every other form of writing, grant writing takes a thorough analysis of financial and data analytics. Hence, if you desire to become a grant writer, you must get and execute key skills such as:

  • Outstanding Oral and Written communication Skills
  • Top-notch Research Skills
  • Ability To Create Bridge of Understanding Between Donor and Beneficiary Organization
  • Solid Organizational Skills
  • Ability To Simplify And Execute Instruction
  • Excellent Computer Skills
  • Slight Knowledge of Financial and Data Analysis
  • Commendable Knowledge of Project Management

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What is the Salary of the Grant Writer?

Grant writing is a complete job role. Hence, as a grant writer, you will get your remuneration at the end of a period you signed into an agreement with your employer – this can be monthly or yearly depending on the two of you.

On the other hand, you don’t need to sign any agreement as you can work as a freelance grant writer. In this context, you can write grant proposals for a plethora of companies and they pay you after you’ve delivered the job.

According to Indeed, a grant writer takes home a paycheck of $43,039 per year for rendering their services dutifully. In some other environments, a grant writer can get $39,500 to $59,500 per year.

How to Become a Grant Writer and Make Money

Writing grants is no small deal. You will need some of the key skills we have earlier discussed besides what this section will discuss. So, if your dream is to truly become an exceptional grant writer, you need to follow these laid-out processes which include:

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree

Every knowledge you seek to build starts with a strong foundational understanding. When you understand how the simplest practices combine to form a working structure, then you will pay attention to them.

By obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you set a great platform to start a grant writing career. Although you can’t find grant writing as a bachelor’s degree program, you can still get a degree in creative writing, journalism, public relations, and other English-related programs.

Get Internship Experience in Grant Writing

After graduating from college with a degree in creative writing, public relations, or journalism, you might not be just ready for the big grant writing jobs. You’ll need to still gain a level of experience for you to fit into the role.

To gain this experience, you can choose to work at a startup company that has professional grant writers. This way, you will learn first-hand all the processes and channels of information you must communicate through.

Master Grant Writing

Grant writing has different levels depending on the strength of the company or industry you serve. While certain companies opt for small grants, others opt for larger grants that can help the industry thrive.

In your quest to become a grant writer, you must completely master the art of grant writing. To be precise, you must understand business communication, and financial analytics, and possess deep research tools.

Update Your Resume

After learning and building your grant writing skills, you must sell yourself as a professional in that perspective. A great place to sell yourself would be to update your resume outlining grant writing as a major skill with any work experience reflected.

As you upload this important data to your resume, you can use it to bid for grant writing jobs., while it can also help you get referrals from old colleagues, friends, acquaintances, relations, and even past clients.

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Start Writing Grants For Companies

With constant practice, you perform better at every craft you put into use. So, while you’re hoping to achieve a huge break in your grant writing, you can still sharpen your core skills by using them for different organizations.

A good way to achieve this would be to join a freelancer platform where you sell your grant writing skills. By drawing grant writing proposals, you expand your knowledge of financial and data analytics too.

FAQs On How To Become A Grant Writer

What is a grant writer?

A grant writer is a professional who specializes in creating written proposals, known as grant applications, to secure funding for organizations, projects, or initiatives. Their role involves researching, writing, and submitting compelling proposals to secure grants from foundations, government agencies, or other funding sources.

How can I become a grant writer?

To become a grant writer, gain strong writing skills, and develop an understanding of the grant application process. Seek educational opportunities in grant writing, gain practical experience through internships or volunteer work, and build a portfolio showcasing your writing abilities.

How important is research in grant writing?

Research is a critical aspect of grant writing. A successful grant proposal requires a thorough understanding of the funding organization, its priorities, and the specific needs of the project or program seeking funding. Strong research skills contribute to crafting a compelling proposal.


Writing grants can be strenuous and fun. If you’re someone who loves numbers and doing deep research, you would enjoy this profession as most of your responsibilities would involve these practices.

If you enjoy the corporate working space, you can hook yourself to a company wherein you will function as a professional grant writer. However, if you’re inclined to the freedom of controlling your time, then you can function as a freelance writer.

With a commendable paycheck, you can align your focus with that of your job without seeking other ways to build financial strength. Indeed, this simplified strategy that shows you how to become a grant writer is all you need to start.

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