Tips For Marketing Your Freelance Writing Services

Freelancing is a serious business. When you offer an efficient freelancing service, you can turn it into an enormous source of income for yourself. For example, certain individuals run freelancing services wherein they write for top blogs and charge a service fee per content.

But when you get to this level, you have not only to be a proficient freelancer; you need to also create the right relationships, build powerful connections, and market your freelancing services voraciously.

While we will give you some important tips you need for marketing your freelancing services, you will learn about freelancing and how you can build a strong freelancing career for yourself. Every conversation we will have here is shown in our table of contents.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a contract-based profession wherein instead of taking up an open position in an organization, the individual decides to use their skills and experience to provide services to several clients.

To further explain, freelancing is when you utilize your skills, education, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on various assignments without committing to a single employer. You can take on as many assignments as possible with great delivery time.

In freelancing, the communication of an agreement between a client and a freelancer is a gig. You can have many gigs as we earlier discussed that allow you to work from home situations. However, you cannot associate freelancing with a work-from-home job.

How To Start Freelancing

When you decide to try freelancing, you should be able to meet key requirements to fall into this description. As a beginner, these requirements will help you set a great playing ground for yourself while helping you market your freelancing services efficiently. These requirements include:

1. Hone a Skill

Freelancers have honed their skills so effectively that it has drawn a plethora of clients to them. As a freelancer, you must be great at a skill. You can get skilled in data analysis, content writing, copywriting, video creation and editing, etc.

2. Do Some Free Work

A great way to set yourself apart as a great freelancer would be to do some free work for some friends, family members, and even clients. By doing some free work, you strengthen your knowledge of your craft and build your referral power.

3. Register on a Freelancer Platform

As you keep honing your skills, you will need to expand your earning power. And to effectively do this, you would need to register on a freelance platform. Many freelance platforms offer you an opportunity to work with so many clients who will need your services.

However, before you register on a freelance platform, you would need to submit some form of identification to guard against robots crawling their system.

4. Bid for Gigs

After you pick a platform, you can start creating and bidding for gigs on them. You can bid for as many gigs depending on your ability to deliver them on time.

Tips for Marketing Your Freelance Writing Services

There are many freelancers, so you have to set yourself apart. In setting yourself apart, you need to leverage key tips for marketing your freelance services. These tips are practical and easily applicable. They include:

1. Create an Outstanding Profile

A lot of freelancers don’t have an optimized profile that distinctively communicates their ability to perform certain tasks. When a client comes across such a profile, they usually skip it to find another person in the same line of work.

So, you should avoid this by creating a top-notch profile that will include recommendations from past clients, records of past work done, and an interesting profile statement summary either in written or video format.

2. Utilize Pods and Groups

A lot of freelancers depend on freelancing platforms like Writersgig to get gigs wherein they can earn from. While this can be a major way of getting jobs, you shouldn’t strongly depend on this strategy.

Groups and Pods are another great place where you can lend your voice and market your freelance services. By actively participating in groups and pods, you become a top referral point for members of your group and pod.

3. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media remains the biggest advertising platform in the world right now. With over 5 billion combined users, you should never play cold on social media. At every point, you should constantly market your freelancing services using social media.

When you market on social media, you widen the opportunity of attracting clients who need your services through well-defined and tailored ads. On platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can create a budget and timeline for your advertising campaign.

4. Have A Blog

Blogging has become a mainstream business for many professionals as world wide web searches amount to 2 billion daily. As a freelancer looking to market your freelancing services, you need a blog to help you express your expertise in any subject.

It isn’t difficult to start a blog as you can do it with little or no money. With blogging, you can get found on Google and take a serious chunk of the search engine optimization results. When you appear on search engines, you become easily found.

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5. Send Cold Mails

A lot of marketers will tell you to avoid cold emails that don’t yield results. Well, while you can run social media advertising, you can still send cold emails to the flood of visitors who access your blog.

Your email should be short and straight to the point with a link directing them to either your professional profile or your blog. This email can also contain a promo or offer that will interest them greatly.

6. Referral

Referrals are a strong way of building your expertise and presence as a freelancer. Through referrals, you get to meet more clients and do a lot of jobs for people as well. But you can’t grow your referral when you don’t use the right methods.

To consistently get referrals, you need to deliver an awesome job on time as well. After every job, you demand a recommendation from the client that you will upload to your blog and profile. Telling your friends to refer you also works quite well.

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7. Guest Blogging

While you might have your own blog, it might not be garnering as much traffic that can help you rank on the search engines and gain visibility in a highly contested market. So, you would need to look at other available options.

Guest blogging is a great option to use as you can get backlinks from any authority site you write for. When visitors see your content on this platform, they can easily reach out to you when they need your services.


To be a successful freelancer, you must know how to market your freelancing services using a wide range of platforms. On each platform, you can use different strategies which will yield a lot of results for you.

FAQs On Marketing Your Freelance Writing Services

How can I effectively market my freelance writing services?

Start by creating a professional website showcasing your portfolio, services, and contact information. Utilize social media platforms to share your expertise, engage with potential clients, and showcase snippets of your work.

Is having a niche important in marketing freelance writing services?

Yes, having a niche can make your services more targeted and appealing. It helps you stand out as an expert in a specific area, attracting clients seeking specialized knowledge or skills.

Should I offer free content to attract clients?

Consider creating valuable content, such as blog posts or downloadable guides, to showcase your expertise. While it’s not necessary to provide everything for free, offering some content can help build trust and demonstrate the quality of your work.

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