10 Online Writing Resources for Effective Freelancing in 2024

Statistics from the record of freelancers in the U.S. show that over 53 million people are working as freelancers in the U.S. alone. So, adding the numbers from other countries, you will see that the way people work is rapidly changing.

Freelancing from home is fun, but it also requires some determination, self-discipline, and skill.

However, it can be hard to organize yourself and stay on track. That’s why most successful freelance writers have a few tools and resources that help them with their day-to-day operations.

So, to kick start, here is a list of some of the most helpful online writing resources for effective freelancing. But first, we will know what online writing is.

What is Online Writing?

According to ThoughCo, online writing is defined as any text created with (and usually meant for viewing on) a computer, smartphone, or similar digital device. It is also called digital writing.

Online writing formats include texting, instant messaging, emailing, blogging, tweeting, and posting comments on social media sites such as Facebook.

I will show you the online writing resources that are very effective for freelancing. The good thing is that most of them are completely free! So, stay with me.

10 Online Writing Resources For Effective Freelancing

Here are the online writing resources for effective freelancing

  • BloggingPro
  • Problogger
  • Paid to Blog
  • Freelance Writing
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Write to Done
  • Freelancer FAQs
  • Grammarly
  • Readability Score

Job Boards For Freelancing

#1. BloggingPro

This is one of the online writing resources for freelancers

BloggingPro jobs post listings for editing and copywriting. You can find some high-quality listings on this board if you check frequently, because they are less frequent than Problogger jobs. BloggingPro is free to search.

#2. Problogger

The Problogger job board is one of the most popular job boards for freelance writers because it’s free and they post work more often. You may see at least three listings a day, with a wide range of pay.

#3. Paid to Blog

Paid to Blog offers a paid membership job board where they curate and post-screen legitimate freelance writing gigs. This is one of the resources for freelancers.

Most are low-paying, but is never an awful place for a beginner to try out their pitching skills. The membership rate currently is $30 monthly, or you can pay quarterly or yearly for a discount.

#4. Freelance Writing

Some groups of people at Freelance Writing collect jobs from several sources, including Craigslist and Upwork. It’s a free resource where you can also sign up for a newsletter called Morning Coffee to get new listings emailed to you daily.

Social Media Resource For Freelancing

#5. Facebook

For people who visit Facebook daily, you can turn it into a job-finding source. There are tons of freelance writing job groups you can ask to join that list of gigs frequently.

To find them, just type “freelance writing jobs” to pull up a listing of relevant resources for freelance writers.

The good thing about these job listings is that they’re a little more restrictive than public job boards since you have to join the group to see the listings. So, this is one of the online writing resources for freelancing.

#6. Linkedin

LinkedIn is a good place to network and LinkedIn Jobs can also be a fantastic source for landing some pretty sweet freelance writing gigs.

To find them, just type the kind of job you’re looking for into the search bar, and it pulls up a whole slew of listings you might find appealing.

Helpful Online Writing Resource Websites For Freelancing

#7. Write to Done

Write To Done is a website that is geared toward writers in all media forms, such as blogging, fiction, and non-fiction. This website resource offers lots of valuable content on the art of writing, marketing, and ways to boost your authority.

#8. Freelancer FAQs

FreelancerFAQs is also an online writing resource that aims to answer the most pressing questions freelancer writers have.

You’ll find an excess of actionable advice and how-tos on this site from successful freelance writers all over the globe.

Additional Online Writing Resources For Effective Freelancing

#9. Grammarly

You may not be strong in your grammar or spelling, but you can run all your grammar spell check or draft through Grammarly for free for mistakes.

Also, if you need help fixing those errors, you will need to upgrade to the paid version, but Grammarly also offers a browser extension that captures and corrects some errors for free.

#10. Readability Score

This tool takes a unique approach to the editing of articles for your online readers. It provides a readability score, which is a calculated index that predicts the level of education one needs to obtain before being able to read your text.

Also, it checks for sentence length, keyword density, passive word count, transition word count, and so on.

Although it has a free version that’s available for everyone, its PRO version has more features, such as keyword analysis, content analysis, email marketing scoring, and so much more.

Online Writing Apps Resources for Getting clients

How do freelance writers find work?

There aren’t many people who get jobs through word of mouth. Internet job boards are full of requests from clients you can’t trust, some of them may not treat freelance writers fairly.

A smart freelancer will use a content platform that checks both clients and writers to make sure that everyone finds the best match.

Content Grow

ContentGrow is the best talent network and workflow solution in APAC for companies that want to hire skilled freelancing writers and journalists. Writers can sign up and bid on jobs that come in.

Once freelancers accept job calls, they can see plans, give drafts and topic suggestions, talk to customers directly, and get paid all within the app. The site offers a worldwide audience that includes big media outlets, banking companies, and others.

ContentGrow allows writers to build a free writer’s resume. Clients visiting the site will be able to review the freelancers’ work examples and may opt to ask them for a freelancing job if they have included at least six work samples.



This application gathers writing ads from many employment sites to help freelance writers in finding acceptable jobs in 71 countries. You may get daily information on new jobs via the app’s really handy email alerts.

Since its launch in 2006, the website has gotten an amazing 50 million daily hits from job hunters all around the world.


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Online Writing Resources for Ideation

Ideas form the basis of writing. However, since thoughts are fleeting, it is best to write them on paper as quickly as possible.

There are several apps available for writers to jot down ideas and improve them till they make sense. Fortunately, most of these apps are free.


Evernote is a tool that allows users to store web content (such as URLs and photos) in the app’s notes for comments. Writers may also use this tool to make tasks and due dates for projects that are currently going or have coming deadlines.

For writing down my ideas, Evernote is my favorite online resource. You should have the experience for yourself.



Freelance writers may use this tool to clearly organize their thoughts. Users may build blocks of different sizes and forms on an open area and fill them with any kind of data, such as notes, video links, or pictures.

On xTiles, writers may combine their to-do lists and other useful links on a single page for easy reading. Because of the visual arrangement of the page, kids always have a good idea of their work.

Authors may use xTiles to create ideas for new themes and plan their writing schedule by making a kanban board.


Dragon Dictation

If you jot down thoughts as they come to you, it may take too long or result in handwriting that is later unreadable. Authors may use AI-powered speech recognition software like Dragon Dictation to express their thoughts before they flame out.

Dragon Dictation boasts a high level of flexibility, allowing writers to adjust the answer to their own needs.

Dragon Dictation

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Ayoa and Imindmap collaborated to make a mind-mapping tool and a fully online whiteboard. Writers may start a project by explaining the idea and reasoning in a mind map, which they may then turn into process plans like Gantt charts or Kanban boards.

On the whiteboard, users may also build project to-do lists that allow other team members to work on them at the same time.


Online Resources that Help With the Actual Writing

The writing is the most difficult part.

Fortunately, technology saves the day once again when it comes to the more complicated components of writing, such as rewriting and reviewing.

Hemingway App

A text writer named Hemingway App corrects mistakes and long words. It makes sentences quick and funny.

Writers must copy and paste information into the website or app to get quick editing ideas for sentence checks and changes.

Hemingway App


The SwiftKey mobile app is excellent for freelance writers who often must work on the go. This program works with your phone’s keyboard to give you a more comfortable typing experience.

Writers may change SwiftKey to avoid mistakes and even prepare long papers on their phones.


Pre Post SEO

This application works as an effective free plagiarism checker for a wide range of professional writers. Using it, users can always go over their drafts again to ensure Google finds them unique enough to deserve a high rating.

Pre-post SEO also offers 94 additional free tools for writers, including a word clock, usability tester, and phrase density finder.

Pre Post SEO

Furthermore, Paraphrasingtool.ai is a great resource. This free application may be effective in fighting copying since it enables you to quickly rewrite your text in a number of ways.

Essential Resources for Freelance Writers

  1. Peak Freelance
  2. Writer’s Work
  3. Harlow
  4. ProWritingAid
  5. Authory
  6. Semrush
  7. Statista
  8. Google Drive
  9. WordPress
  10. Freshbooks
  11. Unpaywall
  12. Help a Reporter
  13. LinkedIn
  14. Trello
  15. Contact Out

FAQS on Online Writing Resources

How much can you make freelance writing?

Depending on the platform and level of expertise, a freelance writer can make up to $5,458 per month.

What are the best job boards for freelance writers?

Paid to Blog


The list of online writing resources and tools in the article will help you greatly in your freelancing and will continue to grow as your business grows. Also, the good news is that there are lots of freebies out there for you as a freelance writer.

However, there are some online writing resources you’ll find that you can’t live without after you try them, and some you’d rather never use again.

The summary of everything is to find whatever helps you grow your business in the most efficient way possible and ensures that you don’t lose track of your goals as a freelance writer.