Top 10 High-Paying Online Writing Jobs in 2024

The dream of every writer is to have a fat account that won’t only foot bills but also help make life worth living financially for them.

This dream has not yet come true for most writers not because there are no freelancing writing jobs that pay well; rather, it has been challenging to land one job. And even if you attempt, the possibility of finding a legit one is usually very slim.

To help provide a solution, we’ve put down a list of top online writing jobs that can help put enough money in your bank account.

Read on to learn about the top 10 high-paying online writing jobs that you can go for in 2024. But before we proceed, let’s take a look at the top online writing platforms that provide writing jobs.

Freelancing Writing Platforms

There are thousands of writing platforms you will see on the web if you search for ‘List of Freelancing Platforms’.

The fact that some of these platforms are scams and legit ones don’t pay well poses a challenge to most skilled writers who want to make a living through writing.

It is on this note that we’ve taken a further step in getting a list of the top legit freelancing writing platforms that pay writers very well.

Check out the list!

Without further ado, let’s delve into the main deal: Top High-Paying Online Writing Jobs.

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Top 10 High-Paying Online Writing Jobs

Here are the top 10 High-paying Online Writing jobs you can go for this 2024:

  • Book Ghostwriting Jobs
  • SEO Writing Jobs
  • White-paper Jobs
  • Technical Writing Jobs
  • Case Studies
  • Landing Page Jobs
  • E-book Jobs
  • Grant Writing Jobs
  • Technology Jobs
  • Copywriting Jobs

#1. Book Ghostwriting Jobs

This is one of the high-paying online writing jobs that are worth going for. Book ghostwriting has to do with writing a book, articles, speeches, books, blog posts, or email newsletters that the writer doesn’t get credit for.

Thus, the credit goes to your client or someone in that company or business that hired you. That means that you cannot publicly share your client’s writing anywhere without your client’s permission.

The interesting fact about this online job is that, aside from being more lucrative than other writing online jobs, it requires less research overall. This is because your client has to supply you with the research material.

Also, you won’t have to redo any work once you’re done. There won’t be a need to promote your client piece on social media. Basically, ghostwriting fees for a book could be charged hourly at $30 to $200 per word, which is $1 to $3.

#2. SEO Writing Jobs

This is another online writing job that pays high because of its high demand. SEO writing is a form of writing that helps websites become more visible to major search engines.

Basically, there are millions of websites online. These websites have one common goal: to rank first on the Google page.

And having in mind that having SEO content on their platform can help them achieve that, they all strive to get SEO writing topics. Thereby increasing the market demand for SEO writers.

So, if you’re an SEO freelance writer, you’re in a lucrative field because website owners will be willing to pay high prices just to get their content on the Google first page.

According to PayScale, the national average salary for an SEO content writer is $41,153 in the United States.

#3. White-papers Jobs

Whitepaper jobs are another online writing opportunities that are worth going for although it’s more sophisticated and difficult than other writing jobs.

According to Wikipedia, they are reports or guides that inform readers concisely about a complex issue and present the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. They are meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

Unlike long-form content that is normally 300 words, what paper’s content ranges from 5 pages and above. That means, time a d more effort is needed if you want to create high converting content which clients can even be ready to pay $3,000-$10,000 if it’s up to 14 pages.

#4. Technical Writing

Technical writing is another writing job that pays well because of its complexity. Clients are willing to pay a premium for you to describe complicated materials in a way that all customers, including engineers in the field and end-users or buyers, can understand.

Nonetheless, one interesting thing about this freelance writing is that it doesn’t require any expert experience. You learn along the way.

Note that this type of writing is similar to technology writing in that technology refers to systems and devices that are the product of scientific intelligence, while technical writing refers to any complex theory or know-how. It denotes a product’s or something’s proficiency, technique, or mastery.

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#5. Case Studies Job

Next on our list is the Case Studies job. This type of writing job is very lucrative and pays higher than other writing jobs. This is because companies today are willing to pay high just to get content like that because of how important it is.

Most companies use case study content as a marketing strategy to gain new customers. They are generally used to demonstrate the achievements of their customers who have used their products or services.

Also, they are used to how a customer achieved excellent outcomes by using a specific product or service. Typically, a case study will be written about a person or a corporation. If it’s a corporation, you will have to investigate the company or interview one of the company’s managers.

After that, you give an overview of how an organization produces results in a particular area of their market. Talking about the cost, writing a case study can cost about $500–$1,000 per page. If you have high experience, you can even earn up to $4,000 per case study.

#6. Landing Pages Jobs

Landing page jobs are also among the writing jobs online that pay well. A landing page serves as a follow-up to any promises that you’ve made in your content. It can be long or short and requires a professional who is intimately acquainted with the internet and online marketing.

Also, the professional must have excellent copywriting skills and talent to craft sales pages that convert visitors into customers. That is why businesses are frequently searching for freelance writers who specialize in writing sales pages. And they pay incredibly well.

#7. E-book Writing Jobs

E-books have grown in popularity over the years. And, with e-book sales in the United States alone reaching $4 billion, both companies and website owners are now producing ebooks to grow their email subscription lists.

The higher the cost of a short e-book—a specific type of content update designed to turn website visitors into leads and customers—the more common and advanced it becomes.

As a result, blog owners are paying higher prices for freelance ebook authors to complete their tasks. Basically, it is a profitable writing niche because advertisers use ebooks to generate leads and sell them to generate passive income.

#8. Grant Writing Jobs

This is another high-paying online writing job that you can go for once you have the skills. This writing deals with creating or writing research proposals that request funding from various government agencies.

The proposals involve writing the application, explaining why you need the funding and giving an overview of the applicant and their intentions. This type of writing is usually demanded by non-profit companies, universities, and healthcare establishments.

The record shows that over 1.5 million non-profits and thousands more organizations depend on grants in the United States to get funding.

#9. Technology Writing

Technology writing is one of the online writing jobs that pays well and is at the same time in high demand. This type of writing encompasses forms of writing on computers, mobile devices, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

#10. Copywriting Jobs

Stores need someone to create creative and entertaining product descriptions for all of their products. Copywriting employs marketing psychology to assist companies in promoting their brand and products.

Landing pages, site copy, sales pages, call-to-actions, marketing campaigns, and any other form of content used to turn a visitor into a customer are all acceptable. The only disadvantage of copywriting is that it is not recurring and is frequently a one-time gig. However, it pays well.

Another interesting thing about it is that you’re weaving in story-telling as well as writing to sell.

  1. Content Writing
  2. Technical Writing
  3. Copywriting
  4. Grant Writing
  5. Scriptwriting
  6. Editing and Proofreading
  7. Blogging

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  1. Content Writer for Blogs
  2. Product Description Writer
  3. Social Media Content Creator
  4. Freelance Copywriter
  5. SEO Content Writer
  6. Freelance News Writer
  7. Freelance eBook Writer
  8. Freelance Resume Writer
  9. Freelance Academic Writer
  10. Freelance Reviewer

FAQS on Online Writing Jobs

Top 10 High-Paying Online Writing Jobs

Book Ghostwriting Jobs
SEO Writing Jobs
White-paper Jobs
Technical Writing Jobs
Case Studies
Landing Page Jobs
E-book Jobs
Grant Writing Jobs
Technology Jobs
Copywriting Jobs

Paid Online writing Jobs with no experience

Content Writer for Blogs
Product Description Writer
Freelance Reviewer
Social Media Content Creator
Freelance Copywriter
SEO Content Writer
Freelance News Writer
Freelance eBook Writer

Bottom Line

While there are plenty of writing online jobs in the world today, the aforementioned ones are among the highest-paying and most demanding writing jobs that are worth going for.