Writers Work Review 2024: Worth It for Beginners?

My worst nightmare when it comes to using job boards is searching for jobs that relate to my skills.

You can literally spend hours searching with the right keywords before finding that perfect job that meets your skills, only for you to start the application process and find out the job has been given to another freelancer. This has always been my experience on freelance websites that made me quit.

On the flip side, you can even conduct a tiring search only to be shown results that don’t relate to the keyword you filtered for.

That is seriously frustrating!

While I may be on the fence when it comes to the fees, Writers Work takes all that frustration away to give you a clean slate to see a job listing, apply, and wish on your luck (actually, skills!) that you’ll be contacted.

A breath of fresh air, I must say!

And yes, you’ll get more breath by following up on how to maximize your use of the platform Writers Work through the 2024 review.

What is Writers Work?

Writers Work is an online freelance platform where all the interactions with clients, chats, and corrections, including sending them articles, are handled through their interface.

The writing tasks available at Writers Work include copywriting, social media posts, blogging, and general website material. It doesn’t provide website design, transcriptions, editing, or other gigs.

You need to have an online account where the money you’ll receive can be deposited. In addition, users must be at least eighteen years old to use the platform.

Who Founded Writers Work?

Writers Work was founded by Mark and Jennifer Harrell on Jan 1, 2017, in Austin, Texas. The legal name that was registered is We Work LLC.

To contact them, you can send an email to support@writers.work.

From research, Mark and Jennifer Harrel also own survey4check.com, NovEighteen LLC, MyWritingJob.com, and Master Writing Jobs.

How Does Writers Work Help Writers Make Money?

On the homepage, Writers Work has boldly written “Writers Work is the all-in-one platform for launching your dream job. Get career training, writing tools, an online portfolio, and more—all for one low monthly price.

Basically, writers will get paid to write articles and blog posts for websites.

How much money can a freelance writer make on Writers Work?

Writers Work made a bold claim that writers can earn between $20 and $65 an hour working on the platform.

They also have the $100 articles, which are the one-offs you pitch for that we mentioned.

Bear in mind that there is no guarantee that you will qualify for them, and you can’t even predict if they will be available during your signup.  

Don’t take my word for it, but from experience, research, and ratings, it is only feasible that you can make around $30 per hour. This is with the assumption of a steady flow of client projects, which may not always happen.

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Who is Writers Work for?

Writers Work is intended for beginners, according to the information on its sales page. However, experienced writers also use the platform.

It streamlines the jobs posted for blogging, social media posts, and copywriting.

While the jobs come from job boards, some Writers Work jobs are exclusive to the platform.

One of the features I love about using Writers Work is their all-in-one text editor, where writers craft their content, communicate with clients, and send them the finished work from there.

On the platform, you can list tasks, organize the work, and set goals.

Another feature is that writers can track their writing stats, like the number of words per minute, if they choose to write on the platform.

Is Writers Work Legit?

Running a Google search on Writers Work shows mixed reviews because the platform has many complaints and poor customer service regarding the timeframe of refunds. For me, before using any platform, I check the BBB rating. The truth is, I was discouraged but not deterred.

Secondly, the mixed review spans from how the platform was advertised for high-paying freelance blogging gigs while it isn’t. The potential to earn is there but the unit cost per work cannot be classified as a high-gig platform.

However, the recent reviews have improved as the platform is working to correct the issues highlighted.

To answer the question, Writers Work is a legit freelance platform. Just be careful of the promised claim and earnings. You can do it but with adequate work.

How Do I Use Writers Work?

From my experience, I can say Writers Work is a simple and easy-to-use platform.

Immediately after signing up for Writers Work, you can set up a profile and click the button “hire me” which will allow clients to hire you.

In addition, to hire me, add your portfolio highlighting your writing skills and all the writing services you offer.

The About Me section is also on the platform, where writers can describe themselves and their abilities.

After the profile is set up, add a professional picture, and cover photo. Your profile is complete; hence, the marketplace is open for you to opt-in. This is where clients can find your profile and send you direct messages if they like the services you offer as portrayed in your profile.

Check out the job listings, which are updated daily. The search box uses keywords that can tailor your job to a niche. The search box has some filters, which include employment type (full-time, contract, and freelance); salary; location; and source.


This section allows users to pitch a gig to blogs and magazines looking for a few articles. Submissions have free and paid gigs.

The pitch explains to the client why they should publish an article you will write, not a means of selling your abilities.


Users who have multiple clients’ offers can use the project features to organize their dashboard and keep track of tasks, times of submission, and requirements from all the clients they have at any given time.

All the information needed for each client is stored in one place.


This is an absolutely beautiful feature of Writers Work that helps you stay motivated with tasks assigned on the platform. It is helpful with time management and task tracking.

It keeps track of how many words you have written per day.


Writers Work provides you with tools and resources that help kickstart and manage your freelance career. That is so cool, if you ask me, because many job boards do not have such resources.

The training materials you’ll find on the platform begin with how to get your business started. Even if you do not know the art of writing, the resource has enough information to teach you that. You’ll learn how to create a pitch and get started on being a copywriter.

How Much is the Subscription on Writers Work?

Writers Work is not an unpaid freelancing website. It is a paid platform.

It doesn’t cost much to sign up. For just $49, you can become a member for life, or you can choose a monthly subscription of $15.

Membership for a month is a great way to check out the site and decide if you like it. If not, entry into life for less than fifty dollars is a great deal!

Anyone can return Writers Work and get their money back in full within 30 days if they are not happy with it.

You could look through job boards and send out ideas for a long time, but you could do a lot less work if you let Writers Work do it for you.

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My Review of Writers Work 2024

Since Writers Work pulls gigs from nine job boards, personally, I wonder why it must be paid for. But, as we mentioned earlier, the jobs are related to freelance writing alone, so I guess it is worth every penny spent.

Writers Work goes on other job boards, searches, and filters the job to present it to her users for a small fee. You are actually paying for the filtered search!

In addition, the pitch session also gives you an advantage that their platforms do not have. While you pitch, your powerful profile is also displayed to the client who may hire you.

The features, such as documents, tasks, goals, and stats, are such that they cannot be found on other freelance platforms. While they’re not directly related to writing jobs, they make the platform unique.

Verdict: From my experience using the platform, Writers Work is a simple, budget-friendly website that will help you keep track of your writing assignments and motivate you to advance your job by giving you the tools and knowledge to do so.

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