How to Balance Multiple Clients As a New Freelance Writer  

Avoid multiple clients as a new freelance writer!

Avoid it like a plague!

I know you must have spent money subscribing to that freelance platform, but now you have accepted gigs from three clients at the same time. Repeat after me: I, include your name, I’m too young to run mad.

Depending on the complexity of the projects you have signed, get ready for some burnout or not.

But if making money in the shortest time possible is your goal, I’d take you by the hand to teach you what it took me years to figure out.

Don’t even pretend that you know it all, because, oh girl! you can’t figure this out yourself.

What’s the Average Number of Clients Freelance Writers Have?

The average number of clients a freelancer can manage per time is 3.

How to Balance Multiple Clients As a New Freelance Writer

Get the Deadlines from clients

The very first step to balancing multiple clients as a new freelance writer is to ascertain the deadline for each project.

Taking on multiple projects is tempting, but make sure you don’t get burned out by trying to manage them and deliver them on time.

In allotting deadlines, factor out the times used to reply to emails from clients, get their feedback, and get any other follow-up information the project requires.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Since you know the deadline and type of project you are handling, the next step is to create a schedule.

Don’t be in such a hyper-work mode that you do not factor in time for rest, food breaks, pleasure, and some fun activities that will be beneficial to your project.

Create that schedule and stick to it like you do your 9–5.

Allot specific hours for each project daily.

Break the project into small tasks. Have a realistic time frame allotted to each task.

Also, make room for an extra day just for unforeseen situations.

Take some time to relax over the weekend. Well, that depends on the work-life balance you want to create. Do not undermine the power of a good rest at the speed of completing your project.

Setting priorities and goals

As a freelance writer, if you must balance multiple projects for clients effectively, you must set priorities on how to achieve the goals before the deadline.

Prioritize the jobs that have closer deadlines than those that can be submitted later.

You can start from the easiest jobs to the most difficult. However, I love to start with the difficult ones so that the easy ones are regarded as fun. Depending on your goals, you can work from the bottom up. Ensure you stay on task until they’re finished.

Manage your time effectively

Time management is one of the tools that helps freelance writers achieve their goals. As you’re juggling many projects, you’ll feel like you’re walking against the wind, but with the right time management strategies, you will maximize every day productively.

Pomodoro is a time management strategy that allows one to work for 25-minute increments and then take a short break. For instance, you work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. Start again and work for 50 minutes (an additional 25 minutes), then take a 5-minute break. The cycle continues.

Secondly, the Eisenhower Matrix works such that you categorize tasks based on their importance and urgency, then batch similar tasks.

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Give clients realistic expectations

Before taking up a client’s project, there should be deliberations on the deadline. Do not let them pressure you into admitting a deadline that you can’t keep. It is a big slap on the face of the freelancer because your integrity will be at stake.

Agree on ample communication.

While the project is ongoing, there should be communication to ensure you work according to their vision and aim. It is always painful when clients outright reject a job that took ages to complete, even when they didn’t have corrections earlier.

These are some of the agreements that should be reached before the project is accepted. Including the number of reviews the client is entitled to.

Trust me, some clients cannot be pleased no matter the quality of the work you submit!

Be very professional and civil in your communication.

Over-communicate if possible. If the project takes a different turn from what was anticipated, communicate! If your delivery has been hindered by any factor, communicate!

A study on LinkedIn proves that clients’ greatest needs are communication above deadlines, revision, and professionalism.

Without proper communication, you can’t please or impress the client.

Use project management tools to keep your work organized

If you are new to freelancing, you can use a free digital planner or paper to map out your goals.

Use it to mark down to-do lists, and deadlines, and check for achievements. Paper planners cannot go extinct.

Another productivity planner is Google Sheets. It can act as a reminder of what needs to be done. View it daily and tick off activities that you have completed.

Trello is excellent for new freelancers to manage multiple clients’ projects.

Personally, I love that it is easy to use and my clients how I’ve introduced it to love it.

It is a digital planner that marks down all deadlines to keep you accountable.

Develop a work process

Try to work quickly if you must get the job done. We are not saying rush the job, we said work quickly.

Developing a process will ensure that you complete projects without compromising quality.

You can divide the work process into tasks like Idea generation which involves keyword research, creating outlines, researching, rough draft, and editing.

Once you are satisfied with your work, send it to your client.

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Delegate tasks and supervise

This is a powerful tool to balance multiple projects as a freelance writer.

Typically, a new freelance writer will be tempted to take on all the job by himself to maintain control and ensure it is done correctly. However, too much work can lead to burnout and impact on the quality of work you will submit.

Delegating tasks and responsibilities to free your schedule is a way to refocus your energy on the most important tasks.

You can hire an assistant to help with the administrative duties and other writers.

The first rule for delegating tasks is to identify the tasks that take up most of your time. They are the best to delegate. Next is to figure out the best people to handle them.

After that, give clear instructions and have a realistic expectation of the person the task is assigned to. Ensure the person understands the role appropriately and can work according to your standards.

Finally, trust the person and allow them to do their job. The aim is to free up your time so you gain a new perspective for reviews and edits not to babysit the person working.

Seek help when needed

 One of my posts on Facebook posits, “Move you are not a tree. Seek help when in need.”

As a new freelance writer working to balance multiple projects for clients, trust me, you will need help.

Go to those who have been in the profession before you. If they require an access fee, pay for it. You will learn faster and avoid wasting time than you would have figured it out on your own.

Take them as that mentor that you’d fly on their wings of experience.

I advise getting a mentor in the writing profession who you can run with difficult tasks and clients because there are some lessons only experience can teach.

Remain motivated

You can’t complete multiple projects if you lose motivation. If you lose motivation for a project, it will suffer while others will be completed.

Take breaks and prioritize self-care and your mental health.

Set boundaries with clients

We mentioned it in passing but this emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries with clients.

This will ensure the client respects your time and limits your work to only what’s agreed upon.

This starts with you having a clear picture of what you can do and firmly communicating it with the clients. It includes the work hours you are willing to put in, types of projects you are willing to work on and so much more.

Be polite but firm while expressing this.

It is your duty as a new freelance writer to balance multiple projects to ensure your clients understand this. And once this boundary is set make sure to follow through. It could mean saying no to projects that are anti your boundaries no matter how juicy the offer seems.

Lastly ensure your clients understand that these boundaries are for you to maintain your sanity and mental health, and to ensure delivery of high-quality work.

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The Benefits of Having Multiple Clients

New freelancers can benefit from multiple clients in the following ways;

Grow skills

Having multiple clients means taking up different projects that require different skills. While trying to complete them, you’ll learn more and add more skills to the bag.

Build a strong writing portfolio

When you write for multiple clients, you build a diverse portfolio. It also shows your credibility and trustworthiness since many clients will give you testimonials.

A testimonial is a testament from a business where you can deliver tasks thereby vouching for your skills.

Expands your network

The truth is some of the best freelance jobs come from referrals and networking.

When you work with more clients, there is a higher chance of getting hired.

You can ask your current clients for referrals.

Earn more money

Balancing multiple projects for new freelance writers means you can make more money.

Every client has an opportunity to earn money and having multiple ones is extra money.

How to Reduce Your Client Load When You Have Too Many

If you have finally figured out your clients are way too many. What will you do? Here is how to professionally reduce them.

Ask for a Raise

Experts say that asking for a raise can scare some clients. Go to your lowest-paying clients and ask for a 30% raise.

It is most likely that they cannot afford the raise, so they’ll let you go.

Reduce the Amount of Work

You can also reduce the work a client gives you.

Go to the client and tell them you can’t write every day but every week. They may let you go on their own.

Take a Mental Health Break

If none of these methods work, tell your client you need a mental break from writing.

They may ask for the time frame for the break, give them one. And I hope you are aware that our income will reduce.


I hope these tips are helpful to balance multiple clients. Do you have any other method you feel will work? Tell us that it can help other freelance writers.


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