How Much To Charge For Copywriting | Rates In 2024

Determining how much to charge for copywriting services can be a daunting task for many freelance writers and agencies. With so many factors to consider, such as experience, reputation, and project complexity, it can be challenging to find the right balance between pricing competitively and valuing your own time and expertise.

Copywriting is a valuable skill that can make a significant impact on a business’s success. As a copywriter, your words have the power to persuade, inform, and engage audiences, making your services in high demand. However, many copywriters struggle to determine their worth and often undercharge for their work.

In this article, we will explore some key considerations to keep in mind when determining your copywriting rates in 2024; carefully read through.

Copywriting Rates In 2024

The cost for website copywriting services typically ranges from $25 to $25,000 per page. This wide price range is influenced by various factors, including the type of content, length, and subject matter. Additionally, it is contingent on the expertise, experience, and background of the chosen copywriter or copywriting agency.

For copywriters in Nigeria, billing methods may include hourly rates ranging from ₦5,000 to ₦20,000, or per-word charges typically falling between ₦20 and ₦100, with a minimum word count of at least 500. The pricing of copywriting services in Nigeria is influenced by factors such as the project’s scale and complexity, the copywriter’s experience and reputation, and the specific requirements of the client.

How To Charge For Copywriting Services

When exploring copywriting services in Nigeria, you will observe that various copywriters employ diverse methods to determine their pricing. Understanding these pricing models allows you to select the most suitable option for your budget and project requirements. The following are the prevalent ways through which copywriting services are commonly priced.

1. Rate per hour

Certain copywriters opt to bill their services on an hourly basis. The hourly fee typically correlates with the copywriter’s expertise, skill set, and the complexity of the task. When opting for an hourly rate, effective communication, and accurate time tracking become essential. Hourly rates can vary, ranging from $25 to $100 per hour, contingent on the proficiency level of the copywriter.

2. Price per word

Copywriters may base their fees on how many words are in the copy. The rate per word can change based on things like how hard the content is to write, the niche of the business, and the copywriter’s experience. Prices per word usually run from $2 to $10. Remember that you may need to charge more for specialized or technical materials.

3. Price based on project

Copywriters frequently apply a pricing structure for extensive copywriting projects. In this model, the overall project’s scope, intricacy, and deliverables are considered to establish a fixed price. Project-based fees simplify planning and provide clarity regarding the total project cost. For an accurate quote, it’s essential to discuss the specifics of your job with the copywriter.

Each pricing method has its advantages and disadvantages. Hourly rates offer flexibility, particularly for short projects or those with changing requirements. Per-word rates enable you to anticipate costs based on your estimated copy length. Project-based pricing provides a comprehensive view of the overall project cost. When engaging with copywriters, clearly communicate your budget and objectives, allowing them to propose the most suitable pricing model and provide a quote aligned with your financial plan.

What Factors Influence Copywriting Rates?

Several things affect how much editing services cost in Nigeria. If you understand these things, you can determine how the prices work and make smart choices about your copywriting needs. Let’s look at the main things that affect how much copywriting costs.

1. Complexity and scope of the project

Before hiring a copywriter, it’s essential to assess the complexity and scale of your project. Copywriters consider factors such as the required research, technical expertise, and the amount of time and effort needed to produce a quality copy. As the complexity of the job increases, so does the likely cost.

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    2. Experience and reputation of the copywriter

    The cost of copywriting services is significantly influenced by the copywriter’s tenure in the industry and their level of recognition. Copywriters with extensive experience and a strong skill set often command higher compensation due to their expertise, established track record, and capability to deliver outstanding work. While collaborating with a more seasoned copywriter may incur higher costs, their knowledge can significantly benefit your marketing endeavors.

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    3. Details about the needs and results

    The overall cost is also influenced by the distinct requirements and outcomes of your project. Various types of copy, such as content for a website, social media, an email campaign, or a product description, demand distinct skills and approaches. Additionally, if you require additional services such as search engine optimization (SEO), revisions to the copy, or multiple versions, these factors can impact the pricing structure.

    4. Project Research

    Before taking up a copywriting job you need to find out the context. This could involve conducting customer interviews, delving into industry and competitor research, examining previous marketing initiatives, and so forth. The extent of required research correlates with the potential impact on the project fee. For instance, if a copywriter needs to create buyer personas or thoroughly review a lengthy 400-page book before crafting an email campaign to promote it, the time and effort invested in research will contribute to the overall project cost.

    5. Project duration

    Having to do something quickly often costs money. If you need your copywriting job done quickly or in a short amount of time, you can expect to pay more. Copywriters may have to use more resources or change their schedules to meet your goals, which can raise or lower the total price.

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    How To Define Your Copywriting Rates

    When figuring out how much to charge, one easy way to allow yourself to raise your rates is to leverage your experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

    Defining your copywriting rates involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure fair compensation for your services. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to establish your copywriting rates:

    1. Assess Your Skills and Experience:
      • Evaluate your copywriting skills, experience, and expertise. Consider factors such as your industry knowledge, writing proficiency, and any specialized skills that set you apart.
    2. Determine Your Desired Income:
      • Establish your annual income goal, taking into account your financial needs, business expenses, and desired profit margin. This will serve as a baseline for setting your rates.
    3. Calculate Your Hourly Rate:
      • Estimate the number of billable hours you intend to work in a year. Divide your desired annual income by this number to calculate your hourly rate. Ensure this rate aligns with industry standards and reflects your skills.
    4. Research Industry Standards:
      • Investigate prevailing copywriting rates in your industry and geographic location. This research provides insights into market expectations and helps you position your rates competitively.
    5. Consider Project Complexity:
      • Recognize that not all projects are equal in complexity. Determine if your rates should vary based on factors such as research requirements, technical knowledge, or the intricacy of the subject matter.
    6. Choose Your Billing Model:
      • Decide on a billing model that suits your preferences and aligns with industry practices. Options include hourly rates, per-word rates, or project-based fees. Each model has its merits, and you may choose to combine them based on project specifics.
    7. Account for Additional Services:
      • If you offer supplementary services like SEO, revisions, or content strategy, factor these into your rates. Clearly communicate any additional charges to clients to avoid misunderstandings.

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    How To Find The Right Copywriter

    Finding the right copywriter for your budget is vital if you want to work together well and get excellent writing for your business. Here are some tips to help you find the best copywriter for your budget.

    1. Identify potential copywriters

    You can find carefully vetted copywriters on Writersgig. To get started, you need to first register as a buyer and then search for copywriters using the search icon to filter. On Writersgig you’ll find professionals with experience in your business or niche, and look at their portfolios, websites, and online presence. You can get a list of possible copywriters to look into further by getting suggestions from people you trust or joining industry networks.

    2. Look at portfolios and client feedback

    Check out the gigs and portfolios of the copywriters you are considering hiring. Check out the style, quality, and range of their work. Read reviews or testimonials from past clients to get a sense of their reputation and their client’s happiness. This review will help you narrow your list of copywriters to those who match your brand’s voice and have a track record of writing persuasive copy.

    3. Request price quotes and compare

    Reach out to the copywriters you’ve chosen and give them precise details and requirements about the job. Ask for quotes based on the price model you’ve chosen, and if you need to, ask for a breakdown of costs. Ensure the quotes include all the services you need and any possible extra fees, so you can fully understand how much you can expect to spend.

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    4. Talk about project needs and expectations

    Engage in detailed discussions with the copywriters you are considering for hire. Ensure that your project requirements, objectives, and standards are clearly communicated. This open dialogue allows you to assess their understanding of your brand and their ability to deliver the desired results. It also enables you to evaluate their efficiency and professionalism, crucial aspects for effective collaboration.

    By following these suggestions, you can identify a copywriter who aligns with your budget and possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to make your brand stand out with compelling writing. Keep in mind that striking a balance between cost and quality is essential to ensure you receive a high-value copy that resonates with your audience.

    FAQs On How Much To Charge For Copywriting

    Should I Ask for Payment Upfront?

    Copywriters do it all in different ways. Some ask for 25-50% upfront, whereas others charge after the project is complete. However, if you want to ease your client’s mind, tell them they don’t have to pay anything upfront.

    How do I communicate my rates to clients?

    Be transparent about your rates and the value you provide. Clearly outline the scope of work covered by your rates and discuss any additional costs that may arise.

    How do I determine a fair hourly rate for copywriting?

    Calculate your desired annual income, taking into account business expenses and desired profit margin. Divide this by the number of billable hours you plan to work in a year.

    What factors should I consider when determining my copywriting rates?

    Consider your experience, expertise, the complexity of the project, the client’s budget, and industry standards. Your time commitment and the value you bring to the client are also crucial factors.


    Determining how much to charge for copywriting services requires careful consideration of various factors. By taking into account your experience, the scope of the project, and the value you bring to your clients, you can price your services competitively while also ensuring that you are adequately compensated for your time and expertise. Remember, it’s important to continually evaluate and adjust your rates as needed to reflect the value you provide and the evolving nature of the copywriting industry.

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