Campfire Writing Review 2024: Everything you need to know

Campfire Writing can be likened to a mall for writers where they can purchase every item needed to prepare that delicacy.  

It was first designed for science fiction and fantasy writers/authors but it now has a more robust program that all authors can benefit from.

If you are a creative writer, Campfire Writing will help you plan and organize your articles with numerous modules.

In this review, we will explore all the advantages of this writing software, who it is for, and, at last, we will recommend some alternatives.

What is Campfire Writing?

Campfire Writing is a writing software platform designed to help creative writers of all levels structure their work.

It is particularly helpful to fantasy and sci-fi writers who have more complex world-building needs to organize their ideas and bring their characters to life.

Campfire Writing has tools for planning your story, basic writing features, tools for setting up a character, and organizing manuscripts into seventeen modules. The modules serve as a creative brainstorming sheet.

In addition, it also allows some form of customization for writers and authors who love visuals. Users can choose from pre-made themes, customize their images, or choose stock photos.

Lastly, Campfire is not just for writers; readers can jump on the platform to read the published works of authors. Authors who use the platform to write their stories can also publish them on the platform for readers to find them readily accessible.

Why Should I choose Campfire for my Writing Needs?

The primary reason writers should use Campfire for their writing needs is because the platform offers extensive customization features, and collaborative features and it streamlines the writing process.

Writers who use the app can organize characters and plan/plot their stories using timelines and character modules/sheets.

The writing app aids in the creation of characters using relationships and web or worldbuilding tools.

In addition, you’ll find a manuscript editor, and backup system that aid in the security of your articles while providing an impeccable writing experience on their platform.

Features of the Campfire Writing Platform?

These are the unique features of Campfire Writing in terms of functionality and usage.

Customizable note panels

With Campfire’s panel, you can create a custom layout and organize your story however you deem fit.

The module gives you complete control over how your story can be built.


This writing software makes it easy for authors to write without searching for their story details.

You can write while checking your already-existing notes simultaneously without leaving the page. You can achieve this using the Manuscript Module.


While writing, the author can create visuals of the character’s relationships and family tree. You can achieve this using the relationship module.

The character module allows you to add attributes, physical and personality traits, reference images, and statistics.

Basically, this works like a questionnaire where you brainstorm aspects of your personality.

Location Mapping

Using the maps module, you can pin your map to the rest of the story to keep it organized. You can add pages for each location you pin, images, overviews, and even statistics.

Offline reading and writing

Using the software, you can read and write offline with the desktop app. If you are a user who uses the platform to read the works of authors, you can download the reading app to use offline.


Authors can earn as much as 80% royalties with no restrictions when they publish their work directly on Campfire. They can also prepare their work and manuscript for publication on the Campfire Writing platform; preview, format, and export to the right platform for publishing.

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Who is Campfire Writing for?

Primarily, Campfire Writing is for fantasy and science fiction authors and storytellers. Other kinds of authors and writers can use the platform.

The platform also has a marketplace where writers can get jobs.

To itemize, Campfire Writing is for the following users;

  • Worldbuilders
  • Writers
  • Authors
  • Game masters
  • Role players

What are the pros and cons of Campfire Writing app and software?


  • The platform is free.
  • There is a mobile app for Android and iOS users and a desktop app.
  • The desktop view is customizable.
  • The software works both online and offline.
  • It is user-friendly, with an in-built guide for every module you wish to access. The interface is simple.
  • Easy access to elements and modules.
  • The profile page is shareable on other platforms, even social media.
  • The pricing scheme is such that you pay for what you need.
  • One perk that stands out is that users can collaborate with readers and editors to get feedback.


  • Some features are not available for free.
  • You may need to search to find certain things.
  • The free version only permits 25.000 words.

What File Types Can I Export from Campfire?

You can export files from Campfire Writing in the following formats: DOCX, PDF, HTML, and RTF.

In addition to the export file, you can choose to export only a portion of your manuscript.

Does Campfire Writing Work with Grammarly Extension?

Yes, the Campfire editor is compatible with the Grammarly extension. They work perfectly well together.

While working on the Campfire editor, you can use Grammarly to fix all grammatical errors in your manuscript even before sending it out to an external editor.

Fun fact: Double-clicking on a word brings up Campfire’s text toolbar and Grammarly’s synonym suggestion.

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What is the Campfire Writing Pricing Structure?

Campfire is free to use; however, you can pick a module your work requires and pay for it monthly, annually, or for a lifetime. It is flexible, allowing writers who are in different financial situations to use their products.

Campfire free – With the free version, you can try each module because all the writing tools have a free version.

For instance, the free version of the characters module can let you create and edit up to 10 characters for free.

The standard plan lets you have access to all modules for a $14 fee or $140 annually and get two months free.

Campfire module – For instance, you can choose the manuscript module and pay for the unlimited words instead of the 25,000 words given for free. To this effect, you can pay $1.50, $15, and $45 per month, year, and lifetime, respectively.

Each module is priced differently. However, annual subscriptions offer good value for your money

ModulePrice per monthPrice per yearLifetime access

How to Use Campfire Writing Software | Review

Learn a comprehensive explanation of how to use campfire writing.

Create a Project

Create an account, then log in. The next step is to click on the section named Write.

Create a new project will take you to the project dashboard after prompts that show the basic information the project needs.

Also, from the project dashboard, you’ll see the pinned articles and recent changes.

Fill your articles

Here, you will select or create new articles.

For every module you want to work with, it has an easy-to-follow guide to create the character you desire.

For instance, if you want to create a character, there are prompts requiring basic information, physical attributes, statistics, images, and physical attributes. However, if there is information you need to attach but there are no categories for them, you can add your note panels as additional information.  


You can write your book on Campfire in the manuscript section.

When writing a character profile, since there are numerous small details, you can have notes and additional information pulled to one side to make them assessable.

Just keep writing and fleshing out all your characters and locations.

Campfire Writing Modules and Features

Manuscript writing module

You can write a book directly on Campfire on the manuscript writing module. In this module, there is worldbuilding and character ability.

There is also the ability to link character names per chapter to information about the character.


This includes characters, locations, research, magic systems, species, cultures, items, and encyclopedias.

Relationship/system module

This creates different web elements, showing their hierarchies and relationships. For example, family tree.

Timeline module

This lets you create different timelines for different users.


This aids the integration of maps into your location articles.

Campfire Learn

Campfire Learn is a repository for tutorials and all the tips related to the platform’s use.

In addition, you’ll find interviews with authors and creators, tutorials, and world-building advice.


Campfire Explore is where one can view the projects of other creators.

Writers and authors can share their work with readers. However, you can choose to make your work public or private. You can also make a part of your article private or public. This is a formidable tool, especially for stories where part of the work will serve as a spoiler.


Your project on Campfire can have different themes. The themes can be customized.

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Campfire Writing Desktop App

If you’re a writer who needs a seamless writing process, the Campfire Writing desktop app will provide that.

Using the desktop app is easy; all you need to do is install it. The process has clear instructions written in UI/UX.

The desktop app has quite an extensive set of features that will enhance your writing experience. Timeline feature aids story plotting, the character module structures the development of characters in your story, and the manuscript editor is the go-to tool for organizing and refining your work.

Noteworthy is that the desktop app works seamlessly both online and offline.

Campfire Mobile App

The mobile app offers more features than the desktop version. It is specifically designed for authors who are always busy and need to access their projects quickly.

It enables writing on the go, where authors can easily jot down ideas. Essentially, note-taking is made easy.

The mobile app allows for the synchronization of projects from the mobile version to the desktop app.

What are the best Alternatives to Campfire Writing?

These are the best alternatives to campfire writing.

World Anvil: World Anvil is one of the competitors of Campfire. However, it focuses on worldbuilding, unlike Campfire, which combines it with plotting, planning, and writing. It also has more categories.

 Plottr: This is a simple tool for writers that is focused on the plotting process of their writing. Its best advantage is that it is cheaper than Campfire but has fewer features.

One Stop for Writers: This platform is used for plotting, worldbuilding, and character creation. Its world-building feature is not as advanced as either a campfire or a world anvil. My favorite feature is its thesaurus; a feature that is not easily found on other platforms.

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Campfire is one of the best world-building and writing software out there for authors and writers.

The best feature I’ve seen is the fact that the modules can be customized to your needs. If your work doesn’t have so many twists and turns, the free version is more than capable of handling the project.

In my opinion, what the platform lacks in features, it makes up for in ease and simplicity. Authors may not even need the advanced features it lacks.

FAQS on Campfire Writing Review

Is Campfire writing free?

Yes, the basic features of campfire writing are free to use. The use of some modules requires payment.

Can I make a one-time payment using Campfire Writing?

Yes. You can make a one-time payment for the use of campfire writing.

Can I use Campfire offline?

You can use Campfire online or offline.
If you purchase Campfire modules for life, you can use them offline without checking in online. If you purchased the monthly or annual subscription, you will log in once a month or once a year, respectively.