Where to Get the Best Freelance Blogging Jobs With No Experience: 15 Places

Have you ever run a search for blogging jobs? There are a million and one jobs available on the internet for bloggers. One is left to wonder how blogging became one of the most in-demand tech jobs in the world.

Decades ago, when the very first blog post was written, who would have believed that the article would form the basis for the blogging jobs thousands search for on the internet today.

According to Optinmonster; there are 70 million new posts published on WordPress each month and approximately 600 million blogs in the world as of 2023. Do you see why freelance blogging jobs cannot go extinct?

Whether you are a freelancer or seeking a full-time blogging job, this article will be helpful. We will list and explain the best places to channel your search. Best of luck!

What is a Blogging Job?

Simply put, a blogging job is a unique opportunity to research, write, edit, and promote content for another person’s website. For a basic blogging job, you are responsible for writing the SEO content. They take care of the other aspects of their digital marketing strategies.

Why Hire a Writer for Blogging Jobs?

Companies and individuals hire writers for blogging jobs because blogging has become one of the most indispensable tools for increasing brand awareness, improving search engine ranking, driving traffic, generating leads, and closing sales. Well, that depends on the CTA and content marketing strategy.

As an additive, content marketing, which is the main business of blogging, is a multimillion dollar industry—actually, $4 billion which any company will jump on the bandwagon, waving goodbye to stereotypes.

How much can I make from Blogging Jobs?

You can make as much as you want from blogging jobs, depending on your level of experience and expertise.

We advise that you start at about $0.5 to $0.8 per word, depending on the company you are working for.

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Are Freelance Blogging Jobs Onsite or remote?

With technological advances, most freelance blogging jobs are done remotely while a few of them still demand in-person availability.

15 Places to Get the Best Freelance Blogging Jobs

Before we get to the places to get freelance blogging jobs, we will first explain how to find the best freelance writing jobs.

Now to the sites to get these jobs.


The most respectable site in the blogging world to get freelance jobs is ProBlogger.

The listings are from all across the world, however, most jobs can be done by writers located anywhere.

Before scheduling your gig on this platform, consider time zones.

The platform adds new jobs daily, which can be sent to your email if email alerts using that keyword are set.

ProBlogger is found by a big shot in the blogging sphere, Darren Rowse. The aim is to help people turn their passion for passion into a career.

On the platform, clients can list their blogging jobs for a one-time fee of $70.


Another highflier in the freelance blogging jobs space is BloggingPro. The aim of the platform is to help bloggers get paid for their craft by simplifying the means by which bloggers connect to one another.

Brands can list their blogging jobs for a $30 fee. Applying to these jobs is not to be paid for. If you need full-time jobs, this is the job board you should watch.

BloggingPro is an absolute favorite because the job listings pay well.

You can’t set email alerts, therefore, check back regularly. The job updates are done a few times weekly.


This platform offers blogging jobs that are in the top 1% that pay well. They partner with brands like WordPress, Trello, Fox to bring the best jobs.

SolidGigs was created with the need to help freelancers make a living.

One the perks of this freelance blogging jobs board is that they offer a comprehensive course on how to land the best jobs and run a successful freelance career.

SolidGigs has a 30-day trial for $2, afterwards, membership attracts an investment of $19 per month.


 Contena should be the first stop when you need the best freelance blogging jobs that pay well.

You’ll find the best blogging jobs on the internet from finance, lifestyle, food, personal blogging, design, business, mom blogging, health, beauty, and lots more.

Their homepage is always updated with new jobs.

The downside is that you need to join the platform first before accessing their job board. After signup, you’d be placed on a waitlist.

Once your application is accepted, you’ll require a membership fee of $497 to access their job portal and access one of the best online courses writers require.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs is a highly recommended platform for blogging jobs where carefully selected jobs from all over the internet are placed. The jobs are legit and have been sifted to reduce scamming.

This job board is also a resource for freelancing guides, blogging advice for growing a blog, and a guide to get started. It is absolutely free.

You can receive the job listings delivered to your email by signing up for the newsletter.


FlexJobs works in the sense that the job board is free to preview, but the complete information and application process are only available to paid members.

Members pay $6.95 weekly, $14.95 monthly, $29.95 tri-monthly, and $49.95 annual subscription.


You can use Twitter to find blogging jobs in some ways.

Craft your biography to present yourself as a professional freelance blogger who seeks projects. Mention and add links to the websites you’ve worked for and state your niche.

Search certain phrases, like writer wanted, write for us, or blogging job in the search box to find related posts.

Follow freelance writers, editors, and blogs. Watch out for tweets related to hiring.

Use hashtags to find blogging jobs.


SimplyHired is a job board with new daily posts. One of the perks is that right from the search, you can see the estimated pay. Ensure to search for the right keyword because they save automatically and appear on the homepage whenever you revisit the website.

Email alerts can be set up, and your resume can be uploaded while signing up for free.


Indeed is one of the largest job boards online that posts thousands of new jobs daily.

Use the keywords blogging, experience, and pay to streamline your search. Set up your email alert.

The site doesn’t require signup to use.

One beautiful thing about Indeed is that it has a version for different countries, such that jobs posted are streamlined for people in that vicinity.

Writers Work

If Contena is pricy, Writers Work will be pocket-friendly. All you must do is sign up and make a one-time payment.

They list jobs that are recurring, and as a result, the income is consistent.

Be A Freelance Blogger

This is another freelance blogging job board you need to visit daily if you are in need of a high-paying gig.

The owner of the platform, Sophie, has zero tolerance for blogging jobs that underpay workers which is why she lists only jobs that pay at least $1 per word or a minimum of $50 per article. Her main aim for developing Be a Freelance Blogger is to coach bloggers on how to make a living from their writing.

On this blogging site, you can find and apply for some of the best jobs available.  

This platform is found by blogger Tom Ewer and requires a membership fee of $30 per month. With this subscription, you will access some of the best blogging courses and books.

Apart from the courses, Tom curates the jobs, sorts them by niche and provides them on the board for you to apply for.


This is one of the most versatile freelance blogging jobs on this list. It is a hybrid system that combines its services as a portfolio platform, resource hub, and job board.

If you want to land well-funded jobs that can pay as much as $1000, Contently is the platform.

They have a robust client network and you can end up working for brands like Mariott, Dell, Google and Walmart.

HubStaff Talent

HubStaff Talent is another freelance blogging jobs site you should keep an eye on.

It is a marketplace that connects freelancers with clients by posting verified jobs. You can also get weekly job emails that match your profile.

Unlike some of the platforms we have listed, you can only communicate with clients on the platform. Then, the platform has an inbuilt tracker that aids accurate billing of the client.


Google comes in handy when it comes to finding freelance blogging jobs. In fact, Google is the place for any kind of search whatsoever.

You can search for a phrase + write for us to find blogging jobs.

Search the keyword and see the results that follow.


LinkedIn is one of the top social media platforms that can help anyone grow professionally. It needs no introduction, as thousands of companies promote their job offers there.

Not only will you see job listings, but you will also have the opportunity to connect with prospective clients who will come in the form of professionals.

You can get notified of jobs that match your profile. All you need to do is optimize your profile.

How do I become a Freelance Blogger?

A freelance blogger is one who writes blog posts for clients.

Follow these steps to become a freelance blogger.

Decide your niche

Identify your interests and strengths. It will be best to offer services in your area of expertise. For instance, if you have experience in hairdressing, start writing blog posts on hair making.

Decide your pricing

Freelance bloggers decide what they earn. It can be per word, hour or assignment. However, your expertise and quality of work will determine this rate.

Build a portfolio online

This is an important step that will help you land high paying freelance blogging jobs and gigs. You can also upload your work samples to some freelance platforms we have already listed in this article or join WritersGig a marketplace to meet clients.

Learn how to boost your freelance blogging profile.

Market your service

Marketing your services increases your reach and makes potential clients aware of the services you offer.

Promote your work online and offline.

If yo do not know how to market your freelance service, take a cue from these tips.

Build a client base

Getting the clients is one and retaining them is another. Utilize your marketing skills to expand your reach, have a business website, get testimonials and reviews from past clients and add samples of your work to your website.


Getting a freelance blogging job is easy if you know the best places to look. This article has explained all you need to know.