7 Best Websites To Hire Freelancers For Travel Writing In Africa

Travel writing is a captivating and exciting career path, allowing writers to share their experiences with others and inspire wanderlust. If you’re looking to hire freelancers for travel writing in Africa, you’re in luck! Several websites connect talented writers with travel bloggers and clients. In this article, we’ll explore the 7 best websites to hire freelancers for your travel writing needs in Africa.

These platforms offer a diverse pool of writers who can bring a unique perspective to your travel writing project, helping you captivate your readers and enhance your brand. So, let’s dive in and discover the best websites to hire freelancers for travel writing in Africa.

Who Is A Travel Writer?

A travel writer is someone who documents his/her travel experiences, provides insights into the places they visit, and shares recommendations for other travelers. It is their duty to create compelling narratives and stories about their travels, including descriptions of the people, culture, and geography of the places they visit.

In addition to writing books or blogs about their experiences, travel writers frequently work for newspapers, magazines, and travel websites. They might visit places all over the world, from big cities to isolated locales, and they might be experts in particular regions or travel categories, like luxury or adventure travel.

To become a freelance travel writer, you must have excellent writing abilities, the capacity to convey the spirit of a location, and a love of travel are prerequisites for being a good travel writer. In addition to having a sharp eye for detail and the capacity to investigate and double-check material, every travel writer must know how to communicate their experiences and views in a way that captivates and motivates readers.

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How To Become A Freelance Travel Writer

If you enjoy writing and visiting different places, you may want to know what it takes to become a freelance travel writer. As many people have a passion for traveling, travel writing is a highly competitive field. Steps to become a travel writer include:

1. Complete a relevant degree/course

While this may not be a mandatory requirement, completing a relevant course or degree that relates to travel writing may help to strengthen your written communication and journalism skills. Aspiring travel writers may also take essay-based courses that teach the different writing styles and how to write to a deadline.

Courses and degrees that may be relevant to travel writing include:

  • journalism
  • English literature
  • travel and tourism
  • history
  • English language

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2. Start writing independently

It’s best to start writing independently because prospects for paid travel writing may not present themselves right away. For instance, you might want to compile a list of all the places you’ve visited recently into a blog series. Writing on your own allows you to try out various travel-themed and genre-specific writing approaches.

You can also sign up on freelance writing platforms where you can now utilize the portfolio built through independent writing.

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3. Sign up on freelance writing platforms

WritersGig has available gigs for travel writers. To get started, sign up on the platform, submit your portfolio, and start sending our proposals.

Additionally, you can also utilize online job boards to look for open travel writer positions. Tailoring your CV and cover letter to each job you apply for is beneficial. This is to ensure you address all of the relevant job specifications in your CV and present yourself as a viable candidate.

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4. Use social media

Social media is an effective way for writers to advertise their writing skills. On social media, you can build connections as a travel writer and showcase your skills to relevant brands and employers. For example, writers may create a travel writing social media account to post reviews of destinations and local recommendations.

6. Connect with other writers

Attend industry gatherings to try to network with other travel writers. This could facilitate the development of a network and aid in the employment of authors. To network with other professions, writers can use online networking services in addition to attending events in person.

7. Write guest posts

Establishing relationships with other travel writers may lead to the possibility of guest posting on each other’s websites. This could assist you in expanding your readership and establishing a connection with people who might not have previously read your work. To show your abilities to possible clients directly, you may also offer to write guest posts on their websites.

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What To Consider When Looking To Hire A Freelance Travel Writer

Here are a few things to consider before hiring a freelance travel writer.

Step 1: Understand Your Needs

Before hiring a travel writer, the questions you need to ask yourself are, what do you need out of your writer? What will they be responsible for doing, and where will the lines be drawn?

With just a few images, some very talented travel writers can create an entire narrative trip from start to finish. Others will need thorough notes on your ideas and opinions, along with an itinerary or blueprint to assist them put everything together. Which is your favorite? What level of involvement would you like to have in the creation of your content? You get to go on your travels, of course, but how much of that time do you actually spend taking notes?

Step 2: Define Your Voice

The character and personality of a travel writer are reflected in their writings. Travel bloggers aren’t just writing cold, factual rundowns of the places they visit. They’re walking you through their adventures. They write about the little human moments, the emotional impacts, and the tiny details that never come through in the more high-level, factual, tourism-board-sponsored content about those locations.

So, a key piece of the puzzle when hiring a freelance writer is defining your voice. What makes your voice unique? What is the point of view, what is the perspective, what are your idioms and your vocabulary choices that define you?

Step 3: Define the Role

Clearly state the things you want the freelance travel writer to do for you. Emphasize the key points you want to be mentioned, and return it so you can add your images and commentary and publish it.

If your writer doubles as an editor, collaborating with you back and forth on content, the quality of your work will be improved.

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7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers For Travel Writing In Africa

Here’s a list of the best websites to hire freelancers for travel writing in Africa:

1. WritersGig

The search icon on WritersGig allows you to filter writers based on select categories. To find calligraphers, choose the artistic writing category and you’ll find the best calligraphers for your project.

With WritersGig, you’ll experience seamless collaboration through our user-friendly platform. From initial briefings to revisions, our unique interface makes every process easy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – achieving your song goals.

WritersGig is a good choice for clients looking for affordable yet quality travel writing services. The platform has writers from diverse backgrounds and regions, offering clients a wide pool of talent to choose from.

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2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces globally, catering to a wide range of digital skill categories, including travel writing. It offers tools for clients to post jobs, review proposals, and collaborate with freelancers.

You can take advantage of Upwork’s project management tools and secure payment system, making it a convenient option for outsourcing travel writing projects.

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3. Guru

Hire skilled Travel Writing Freelancers on Guru and get work done on a flexible and secure platform.

On Guru, the freelancers for travel writing must have completed an undergraduate program in English language, mass communication, or journalism. Meeting this requirement guarantees excellent results.

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4. Truelancer

Truelancer is another one of the top freelancing sites in Nigeria that connects travel writers with employers. On the platform, you can hire expert freelancers skilled in travel writing to deliver excellent results.

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5. Clear Voice

On ClearVoice, you will find the best travel writers that fit your needs and budget. With their content writing solutions and streamlined workflows, they match you with the industry’s best travel writers to produce elite-level content that converts.

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6. Freelancer

Freelancer is a global freelance marketplace that covers a wide range of industries, including travel writing. It offers features such as job posting, freelancer search, and collaboration tools. Freelancer also provides payment protection and dispute resolution services.

Freelancer helps you find committed writers with knowledge of travel writing. On Freelancer, employers have access to a range of experts who have the time and information to dedicate to their readers.

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7. KolabTree

Kolabtree is the leading online freelance marketplace for Travel and Tourism experts. Post your project, get bids, and hire qualified experts quickly and easily.

KolabTree may appeal to clients seeking travel writers with a strong research background or a specific focus on data-driven content.

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What Skills Are Required To Become A Travel Writer?

Becoming a freelance travel writer requires a combination of writing skills, travel experience, and business acumen. Here’s a breakdown of the essential skills needed to succeed as a freelance travel writer:

  1. Writing Skills: Strong writing skills are the foundation of freelance travel writing. A travel writer should be able to write engaging, descriptive, and informative content that captures the essence of a place and resonates with readers.
  2. Research Skills: A good travel writer needs to be able to conduct thorough research on destinations, attractions, cultures, and travel trends. This involves gathering information from various sources to ensure accuracy and depth in your writing.
  3. Photography Skills: While not always necessary, having basic photography skills can greatly enhance your value as a travel writer. Being able to capture high-quality images to complement your written content can make your articles more appealing to readers and potential clients.
  4. Networking Skills: Building a network within the travel industry is essential for finding writing opportunities, securing press trips, and connecting with editors and other professionals. Networking can be done through social media, travel conferences, writing workshops, and online forums.
  5. Adaptability: As a freelance travel writer, you’ll encounter diverse assignments and challenges. Being adaptable and flexible in your writing style, schedule, and travel plans is crucial for success in this field.
  6. Marketing and Self-Promotion: To attract clients and readers, you need to effectively market yourself and your work. This includes creating a professional portfolio, maintaining an online presence through a website or blog, and actively promoting your articles on social media platforms.
  7. Time Management: Freelancing requires strong time management skills to juggle multiple assignments, meet deadlines, and maintain a work-life balance. Prioritizing tasks and staying organized is key to staying productive as a travel writer.
  8. Travel Planning Skills: Since travel is a central aspect of the job, having good travel planning skills is essential. This includes researching destinations, booking accommodations and transportation, and creating detailed itineraries for your trips.
  9. Cultural Sensitivity: A freelance travel writer should be culturally sensitive and respectful when writing about different cultures and traditions. Understanding and appreciating cultural differences can enrich your writing and help you connect with a diverse audience.

FAQs On Freelancers For Travel Writing

Who is a travel writer?

A travel writer is someone who documents his/her travel experiences, provides insights into the places they visit, and shares recommendations for other travelers.

What types of projects can I hire a travel writer for?

A travel writer writes about travel destinations for magazines, newspapers, books, websites, and other publications to help inform potential travelers.

What makes a travel writer unique?

What makes a travel writer unique is their ability to tell stories in a conversational manner using sensory details that give you a clear view of what is being talked about.


When it comes to hiring freelancers for travel writing, it’s important to choose a platform that not only connects you with talented writers but also provides a safe and secure environment for transactions. The websites mentioned in this article have been carefully curated to ensure that you find the best travel writers for your project.


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