7 Tips On How To Hire A Freelance Tech Writer For Your Business

freelance tech writer for your business

Outsourcing is part of building any business empire – but tech writing isn’t a task you want to throw at anybody that tells you his schedule is highly accommodating.

If you are in need of a freelance tech writer for your business, one that will not just impress you on the surface and leave the job half done, this guide is yours to read.

In this article, we’ll provide tips on how to hire a freelance tech writer for your business.

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Who Is A Freelance Technology Writer?

A freelance technology writer is one that provides compelling, interesting, and revealing information about a technology-related topic, advancement, or model.

In a highly technologically advanced world, there is a great need to have a freelance technology writer who will use the right words to provide in-depth coverage of future and current technological trends to the populace.

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Why You Should Hire A Freelance Tech Writer For Your Business?

Every tech related business deserves to hire a freelance tech writer who helps the business gain tracks on the web.

Technology writers must be able to speak to professionals and amateurs alike. They ensure that your website gains visibility in search and drives quality traffic to your site.

Freelance tech writers have the experience and awareness of various cost-effective and accurate social media content development tools. By hiring a technology writer, your business will achieve more growth. The writer creates content that matches the technology requirements of the audience.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Freelance Tech Writer For Your Business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an excellent digital strategy and is the cornerstone of high visibility as well as relevant online content. SEO writing services from a qualified and experienced freelance tech writer will help your business gain traffic and claim the top spot in the SERPs. Thus, professionalism, website trust, timeliness, and relevant facts are among the advantages you can look forward to.

Also, hiring a freelance tech writer who understands the role of data in marketing will create backlinks that can improve your search engine ranking.

Tech writers design, modify and provide relevant tech information as it relates to your business. A freelance tech writer will handle all your content needs. For instance, a technology writer will comprehensively cover landing pages, contacts, about us, and other aspects that help visitors to identify the business at a glance. Your catalogs and product descriptions will be taken care of, thereby enabling the company to display products easily.

7 Tips On How To Hire A Freelance Tech Writer For Your Business?

Here are 7 tips on how to hire a freelance tech writer, carefully read through.

#1 Do your pre-search work

You can’t just jump into searching for freelance tech writers. It’s always advised you search for available tech writers in accordance with the nature of their work, functionality, where you can get them. This will guide your choice and give you a clearer view of who a tech writer is.

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#2 Write your job brief

Creating a job brief means outlining your area of business, audience, intentions, and possibly every other information surrounding the freelance offer: like work count, payment options and possibly templates.

Now, there are a lot of variables at play here. In particular, you should think through your pay rates carefully. In content production, the old adage: “You get what you pay for” holds quite true.

If you’re looking for quality writers, a good rule of thumb is starting at a rate of $.10 to $.20 per word. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also cap this rate at a certain amount for a specific number of words.

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#3 Create your writing survey

If you decide to put up a notice in search of freelancers on social media, you can actually simplify the process by carrying out a writing survey for pro freelance tech writers and get to answer particular questions as it relates to your intent.

To save yourself time, it’s always advised you go to the marketplace for writers like writersGig where you’ll see a whole lot of writers and their portfolios.

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#4 Find your freelancers

If you’re in search of freelance tech writers in the marketplace or any other platform, you need to streamline your search by selecting and stating the category of writer you want.

You can ask your friends, local business contacts to see if they know any freelance tech writer. By the time you must have tapped into your network, you’ll always get one or two leads.

#5 Put up freelance job offers on writers’ group

You can also search for writers on the freelance marketplace. Groups like writersGig can be a fantastic soucrce for finding amazing tech writers.

Before you put up offers, endeavor to navigate through the site and master the workings of the site.

Additionally, make sure to pay attention to freelancers’ ratings, though; plenty of aspiring writers join these platforms thinking they can make some quick and easy money without the experience and skills necessary to truly help you and your brand. If a freelancer’s rating is good, the writer is good.

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#6 Make your selections based on the writer’s reviews and previous work

In trying to select a tech writer you think maybe a good match, begin to envision them as a part of your business. Ask to see samples of their work if you haven’t seen some already, and ensure their writing style matches the type of tone you want to represent your content business. If it doesn’t, chances are that you can also ask if they’re good at matching brand voices and request examples.

If the particular writer you have in mind fails to meet your assessment, you can search over and over again. Remember, it’s a marketplace and the search is for the best freelance tech writer not a fickle.

#7 Create your house style and it’s showtime

Once you’ve chosen a writer, try to provide details about the project upfront to save time. Also, agree on time of submission, number of reviews before the final submission, your pay range.

Possibly, also let them know necessary details about your business and how it relates to theirs.

Once, you’ve dished the necessary guidelines for the freelance tech writer, let the professional get to work.

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Getting someone who can transform and communicate your tech jargon to easy to understand words that will create a lasting impact on your intended audience is one to revere. They can only be found in the writers’ marketplace.

I hope this article satisfies your search intent. if it did, be of help to your friends by sharing.


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