Ultimate Guide To Hire Technical Writer Services in 2021

hire technical writer services

You want to hire the services of a technical writer but you are in a fix on not just how to get one but a technical writer who wouldn’t depend on much sources to get his or her work delivered.

While technicality is part of what it takes to be effective in this job role, originality goes a long way to achieve its purpose. This is with no regards to how long you’ve been into technical writing.

Read on to see the basic steps that would serve as an ultimate guide to hiring the services of a good technical writer in 2021.

What is Technical Writing?

Basically, technical writing involves a comprehensive explanation on how users buy and use a particular product. You do this putting the subject matter in writing with an instruction intent.

Prior to this time, technical writing was all about the creation of software manuals, instructional how-to, etc. But, with how fast technology has engulfed us, technical writing grew beyond just that to what it is today.

Therefore, technical writer services simplify tough topics in a way that readers can understand.

Examples of Technical Writer Services

The technical writer can render a lot of services. The basic ingredient to spur you is your ability to understanding what exactly you are working on. Technical writing includes the following.

  • Technical proposals
  • API documentation
  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • UI text
  • Web content
  • Emails bearing technical information
  • Memos, etc.

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What are the Skills Needed for Technical Writer Services?

It is not enough to possess the under-listed skills as a technical writer. Ensure you hone them to widen your horizons. Some of the skills needed are:

  • Writing
  • Research
  • Communication Skills
  • Technical Skill
  • Resources


To function as am exceptional writer, you must leverage on the most essential skill which is being a decent writer. It is where your ability to to transform a complex information into a spotless article for users.

Figuring out how to use the right style, tone, and arrangement for the several reports you will deal with is significant to becoming a top-notch writer.


A good technical writer must not grow weary in carrying out research. Although research can come in many forms, you should master the art of it.

Communication Skills

Your job description of a technical writer exposes you to a lot of team members and if you can’t pass your message across to any of the people you meet without hitches, you have failed in harnessing your communication skills.

So, the writer’s ability to communicate effectively is paramount.

Technical Skills

If a technical writer is totally clueless about what he or she is about to write the mission should be aborted.

A technical writer should answer the how, when, and how of the topic he or she is about to write on. If this is achievable, putting it into writing will be as easy as it can be.


A technical writer should be well-grounded in the usage of digital tools to expedite the writing process. Apart from writing, there may be a need to create images to further aid understanding.

Tools like Excel, MadCap Flare, and Adobe RoboHelp will help generate output for multiple device viewing.

Ultimate Guide to Hire the Service of a Technical Writer

There is not one step to getting a particular thing right and as an employer who seeks the services of a technical writer, you must employ these tactics to get the best for your organization.

#1 Analyse and Do Away with Negative Thoughts

Of all steps, this is the basic and just as the saying goes, ‘He who does not know where he’s coming from, doesn’t know where he’s going to’. It is important you take out some time as an employer who wants the best for your documentation process to have a clear picture of what technical writing services you need.

Also, consider the challenges you may encounter in-between and how to keep the technical writing up and running.

#2 Make Demands for What you Want in a Technical Writer

Look out for a technical writer whose services is an ideal fit to what your needs are and not one who would run your project down.

Although this might also mean paying more, taking an active part in the entire process without the help of third-party recruiters can serve you a lot of troubles someday.

#3 Adjust the Technical Writer to What You Do

Here, the qualification has no business with the quality of technical content a writer can deliver. So, ensure you go for technical writers who may have garnered experience over the years and wouldn’t find it difficult aligning with what you do.

Or, employ the services of a technical writer who has experience working with a similar organisation.

#4 Contract to Hire

A closer look at the local market shows that most technical writers are hired on a contract basis. So, if you want the services of a technical writer but have project timelines to battle, hiring one on a contract wouldn’t be bad pending when you become financially stable.

Look out for a knowledgeable technical writer who has the tendency of learning your product to give you the right content for it.

#5 Search for Proof of Special Interest

How much technical writers know about technology update is how much drive they have to figure stuff out. Look out for this special interest in that technical writer before hiring their services.

This is an honest guideline to save you from project mishaps and jeopardy.

#6 Hire a Technical Writer who is Logical

There is more to being a technical writer than good grammar. The writer’s attitude towards being logic is a basic ingredient to meeting the needs of your organisation and that of your clients.

Check if his portfolio is in an orderly manner, clear and easy to read. This will go a long way to how he can handle your technical writing project.

#7 Hire an Innovative Technical writer

Go through their writing samples to evaluate their ability to recreate a simpler form of an ambiguous content.

#8 Look out for Integrity

To hire the services of a technical writer, you must be sure to check with past employers to know if they have much integrity as they have presented. It will also save you from entrusting a confidential content to one who isn’t to be trusted.

#9 Make Sure the Technical Writer Listens

It is one thing to write well and another to pass the information in simple terms just as you want.

While hiring the services of a technical writer, ensure he or she can paint an exact picture of what you say to them in the minds of your readers.

#10 Look out for Industry-Specific Skills

While it is important that you don’t reject a writer who has no industry-specific skills outrightly, also lookout for a technical writer who a sound knowledge of your organisation.

It is a lot easier to build from there.


To hire the best technical writer services for your products, it is expedient you go through this article as it will save you a lot of damages.

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