Ultimate Guide to Hire a Freelance Finance Writer

Finance writing is one of the most sensitive and hardest types of writing.  And if you need a finance writer to help you write your finances to secure the funding for your next project, you’d really need to pay close attention to certain details to carefully select the very best.

Writing finance articles and blog posts that readers find engaging, clear, and captivating takes a knowledgeable finance writer who knows the financial industry and has the writing ideas to do the job well.

This article will guide you on how to hire a freelance finance writer. So, we implore you to sit tight as you read through this article.

Who Is A Freelance Finance Writer?

A finance writer crafts a story around money management guidance from blogs, books, apps, and financial planning services.

Also, they create compelling content marketing to expand your digital footprint, attract more traffic to your site, and turn readers into customers.

They create content about budgeting and offer practical and specific solutions to help readers gain control over their budgets.

What Does A Freelance Finance Writer Do?

According to Investopedia, a freelance finance writer creates captivating educational content and market commentary for digital and print publications.

Commentary pieces, social media posts, and blog posts often allow the writer to provide their personal opinion on recent business news or corporate governance issues, such as earnings releases or trends in executive compensation.

While, educational content can range from articles on various financial topics to comprehensive learning guides, or textbooks that might become assigned reading for students in a college course.

Why Should You Hire A Freelance Finance Writer

Every finance-related business deserves to hire a freelance finance writer who helps the business gain tracks on the web.

Finance writers must be able to speak to professionals and amateurs. They ensure that your website gains visibility in search and drive quality traffic to your site.

Also, they can craft engaging, quality blog posts your readers will benefit from and enjoy. A finance writer creates content that matches the financial requirements of a writer.

So, hiring a freelance finance writer in your business will bring more growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Freelance Finance Writer?

We live in the age of the “attention economy”. So,  you need to publish articles and blog posts that are well-written, engaging, and meet the needs of your audience, if you want people to read, share, and take action from your content.

When you hire a freelance finance writer, you can feel confident that your content marketing objectives will be executed professionally.

An experienced finance writer can take care of everything from selecting topics, conducting research, utilizing SEO best practices, and more.

Furthermore, a finance writer can outsource the entire content marketing process from beginning to end.  They create high-quality original content for use on your blog and other platforms, While you focus on other aspects of your business.

Ultimate Guide On How To Hire A Freelance Finance Writer

The first step in hiring a freelance finance writer is to find someone with all the right qualities and qualifications because creating great content or finance content simply isn’t possible without a great writer.

So, here is a guide on how to hire a freelance finance writer.

#1. Ask For Recommendation

If you know other business owners who work with freelance writers on their blogs, You can ask them who they’ve worked with. Also, be sure to ask why they’re recommending that person. This can help you get a better knowledge of who it is that you’re speaking to.

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#2. Industrial Experience/Knowledge

Before selecting a writer, find out whether he/she has experience writing in your industry, and feel free to ask for writing samples for your industry to assess whether the writer understands industry jargon and commands a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of your business.

For example, any finance writer can tackle a general article about financial products/problems or choose the right financial plan, creating content that provides information about and analyzes financial markets, the economy, and all things money-related. 

The same goes for more technical and instructive content in industries like beauty, law, medical, education, and more.

So, choosing a writer with the right level of knowledge and industry experience will result in accurate, credible, and successful content.

#3. Marketing Know-How 

The purpose of content marketing is to help you reach goals like increasing brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. For this reason, it’s best to look for a finance writer with at least some marketing know-how.

Finding a content writer with SEO skills and a thorough understanding of inbound marketing is also one of the ways how you can hire a freelance finance writer.

Content developers who have an understanding of content marketing and its goals will be able to create the type of content that drives traffic to your website or directly helps you achieve other related marketing goals using things like keywords, backlinks, and calls to action

#4. Post Your Request On A Job Board

There are different job boards created specifically for finding freelance writers and bloggers, examples are the ProBlogger Job Board and the PloggingPro Job Board. You can post your request to hire a finance writer on the above-mentioned job board or other regular job boards.

#5. You Can Use Freelancer Marketplace

Freelancer marketplaces are a place for connecting freelance professionals with businesses at all levels. You can either search their collection of freelance writers’ portfolios or post a job and let writers bid. Examples of freelancer marketplaces are UpWork, Fiverr, etc.

FAQs On Freelance Finance Writer

What is a freelance finance writer?

A freelance finance writer is a self-employed professional who specializes in creating written content related to finance. They often work on a project basis, providing articles, blog posts, reports, and other materials for clients in the finance industry.

What types of projects do freelance finance writers typically work on?

Freelance finance writers work on a variety of projects, including creating content for financial websites, writing articles on investment strategies, preparing reports on market trends, developing financial guides, and producing marketing materials for financial institutions.

How do freelance finance writers manage deadlines and workload?

Effective time management is crucial for freelance finance writers to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects. Clear communication with clients, setting realistic timelines, and prioritizing tasks are key to success in managing workload.


Writing finance articles and blog posts that readers find engaging, clear, and captivating takes a knowledgeable finance writer who knows the financial industry and has the writing ideas to do the job well.