How To Accept A Buyer’s Offer From Your Gig

How To Accept A Buyer's Offer From Your Gig

WriterGig is a unique freelance marketplace where writers with in-depth knowledge and skill can earn money by offering writing services to thousands of great clients.

Whether you are finding it difficult to accept a buyer’s offer, or you’re stuck at some point, this post will walk you through the process of accepting a buyer’s offer on writersGig without stress.

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Step By Step Process of How To Accept A Buyer’s Offer From Your Gig

Signing up on WritersGig is an amazing thing to do, knowing how to accept a buyer’s offer from your gig is much more fulfilling.

With most of you asking, how to accept a buyer’s offer from your gig, this guide will work you through the process, step by step with pictorial representations.

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Step 1 – Log in to your writersGig Account and Click on My Gig

Once you log on to writersGig, hover your cursor around MY GIGS, when it toggles down, click on view my gigs and wait for the page to load. When the page loads, it brings to your MANAGE GIG page, where you can find the total number of offers.

Step 2 – Click on total number of offers

Once you get to the MANAGE GIG page, all you have to do is click on total number of offers to see available offers from buyers.


Each of the offers comes with an option to either accept or reject it. To accept the buyer’s offer, you now have to click on ACCEPT button. Once you’ve accepted the offer, you then create a payment invoice.

You can also click on Offer Details button to see the nature of the offer. Moreso, you can choose to chat with us to share your experience.

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What Happens After Your Proposal Has Been Accepted?

After you’ve been hired by a buyer, the next to do is to create an invoice. Here you input the number of units and the amount you’re charging per unit. The invoice carries the total amount the buyer will pay you. You are usually expected to send the buyer the payment invoice after you’ve generated it.

Please note: it is very important to always generate this invoice, as it will stand as evidence of how much you have agreed with your buyer and what units of gig you are to deliver.

Once, you’ve created the invoice and sent to the buyer, the system automatically credits your ledger balance which can withdraw after 5 days.

Bottom Line

Getting to know that your proposal is accepted on WritersGig is proof that your expertise is worth people’s money. Good luck!

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