How To Sign Up And Take The Assessment Test On WritersGig


Welcome to, The Unique Marketplace for Freelance Writers. If you are here, then you must be an amazing writer. So, if you are ready to write, let’s get started!

No! Really, click on the Get Started icon, and let us write!

You would be prompted to choose to register as a Writer or a Buyer. Of course, we are writers, so “Writer” it is.

The register page pops up after that and there’s a short form to fill. Choose a distinct username, a valid email address, and a password of at least 8 characters. Confirm the password by inputting the same password in the block.

The eye symbols by the side would reveal the characters you inputted so you’re sure it’s the same password.

After filling in this information, click on the register button.

You will immediately receive a verification email. If you do not get the email, you can click on the resend verification email.

As soon as you click on the verification link, you will be asked to either skip the training or proceed to be trained. It is most prudent that you click the proceed button to take the training.

Now, there are two available courses – Content Marketing and the Search Engine Optimization course. Take both courses ardently as you will have to take an assessment test.

There’s no need to fret. This test is to help us know just how good you are at Search Engine Optimization, as we are most concerned about providing our clients with top-notch services.

To take the test, follow the steps below:

  • Choose a topic from the list you are given and write a Search Engine Optimized content.
  • Try to insert the keyword in the first 100 words, and at least five times throughout the entire content.
  • Find relevant links from other websites that best explain the topic you are writing, and fix internal links.
  • Insert featured images and other important images with a file size less than 150kb
  • Click on submit

This assessment test is usually a research topic and will require well-detailed content. It should comprise an overview of the topic and an in-depth analysis on said topic.

There should be little or no grammatical or punctuation errors. And, ensure you fix your headings in relevant headers and discuss them extensively.

Note that this test should be written carefully and submitted within the next 48 hours.

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