7 Best Websites To Hire Freelancers For Calligraphy Writing In Africa

Are you looking for talented calligraphy writers to enhance your projects or business? With the rise of freelance platforms, it’s easier than ever to connect with skilled professionals from across the continent. But with so many options available, how do you know which websites are the best for hiring calligraphy writers in Africa?

Calligraphy writing is a beautiful art form that requires precision and creativity. Across Africa, some talented individuals specialize in this unique craft. Whether you need elegant wedding invitations, custom branding for your business, or personalized gifts, hiring a calligraphy writer can add a special touch to your projects.

In this article, we will explore the seven best websites for hiring freelance calligraphy writers. So whether you’re a business owner, event planner, or individual looking for calligraphy services, read on to discover the top websites to find talented freelancers in Africa.

Who Is A Calligrapher?

A calligrapher is an artist skilled in the art of decorative handwriting. The visual art of calligraphy involves carefully planning and arranging strokes to create elegant and melodic letterforms. To create visually attractive compositions, calligraphers use a variety of writing devices, such as brushes, pens, or quills, and apply a range of styles and scripts.

Calligraphy is a centuries-old art form that is ingrained in many different cultural traditions worldwide. In their work, calligraphers endeavor to attain equilibrium, cadence, and elegance, paying close attention to minute aspects like line weight, spacing, and proportions. Their creations may span a wide range of uses, including manuscripts, certifications, invitations, signage, logos, and artworks.

You may be wondering whether you can hire calligraphy writers on freelance platforms, yes, you can. While these platforms are primarily known for connecting writers with clients, many of them also cater to a wide range of creative services, including calligraphy. Keep reading to find out the 7 best websites to hire freelancers for calligraphy writing

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Types of Calligraphers

There are several types of calligraphers, each specializing in different aspects of calligraphy. Here are a few common types:

1. Traditional Calligraphers

Traditional calligraphers study and practice historical calligraphic scripts and styles. With great attention to detail and respect for historical techniques, they work to imitate and maintain classic writing systems, such as Gothic, Italic, Uncial, or Copperplate. Conventional calligraphers frequently produce manuscripts, diplomas, or creative works that are influenced by historical eras and cultural customs.

2. Typography/Lettering Artists

These types of artists combine calligraphy with graphic design principles to create custom lettering, typographic designs, and logotypes. They possess a solid understanding of letterforms, composition, and type design, and often work digitally to create scalable and versatile lettering styles. Typography artists can work on digital and print projects that demand expressive and visually attractive writing, as well as design bespoke fonts, book covers, and branding aspects.

3. Modern/Contemporary Calligraphers

This type of calligraphers experiments with new methods of calligraphy while embracing personal expression. They might combine classic letters with modern design components to create one-of-a-kind creations that push the limits of calligraphy as an artistic medium.

Contemporary calligraphers frequently experiment with various tools, materials, and processes to create visually arresting and unusual pieces, generally exploring abstract or emotive letterforms.

4. Brush Calligraphers

Brush calligraphers are specialists in calligraphy executed with brushes, typically using ink or watercolors. They often draw inspiration from East Asian calligraphy traditions, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean styles. Brush calligraphers enjoy the expressive qualities of the brushstroke and the harmonious flow of ink, creating dynamic and visually captivating compositions.

5. Illumination Calligraphers

Illumination calligraphers focus on fusing calligraphy with elaborate pictures, ornamental borders, and other embellishments. They frequently work on projects like manuscripts in the style of the Middle Ages, diplomas, or memorial papers where the calligraphy is complemented with intricate artwork.

6. Digital Calligraphers

Digital calligraphers create calligraphy using digital tools and software. They may use digital pens or tablets to simulate the experience of writing with traditional tools.

Alternatively, they can employ vector-based software to produce accurate and scalable calligraphic designs. Digital calligraphers frequently work on projects that need to be integrated with digital platforms or reproduced using electronic data.

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What To Consider When Looking To Hire A Calligraphy Writer

When looking to hire a freelance songwriter, there are specific features to look out for. The features will aid your decision-making and help streamline the songwriters in order of abilities.

  • Fees: Some sites come with expensive monthly subscriptions or high fees attached to them. I looked at those that don’t require yearly memberships or upfront payments to use their services.
  • A wide range of musicians: Always choose freelance platforms offering different kinds of artistic services, including singers and instrumentalists, so you can find precisely what you’re looking for.
  • Freelancer portfolios: Before you hire a freelance songwriter, ensure you request their portfolio which comprises their work samples and previews. That way you can easily evaluate the ones that are qualified for the job.
  • Client protection: I only recommend platforms that protect your interests by playing an active role when there’s a dispute between you and the freelancer.

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7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers For Calligraphy Writing in Africa

Here’s a list of the best websites to hire freelancers for calligraphy writing in Africa:

1. WritersGig

The search icon on WritersGig allows you to filter writers based on select categories. To find calligraphers, choose the artistic writing category and you’ll find the best calligraphers for your project.

With WritersGig, you’ll experience seamless collaboration through our user-friendly platform. From initial briefings to revisions, our unique interface makes every process easy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – achieving your song goals.

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2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the leading online workplaces, home to thousands of top-rated Calligraphers. To find calligraphy writers all you need to do is post your job and get personalized bids.

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3. Guru

Guru.com is the leading online space where you can hire freelance calligraphy writers. With over 766 calligraphy designing experts online, you are sure to find the artist that meets your requirements.

Guru gives you access to the best songwriters that match your demands.

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4. Truelancer

Truelancer is another one of the top freelancing sites in Nigeria that connects calligraphers with employers. On the platform, you can hire expert calligraphy freelancers skilled in using the latest calligraphy tools and techniques to deliver excellent results.

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5. Fiverr

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly calligraphy writer, Fiverr is the go-to place. The marketplace for freelancers on Fiverr is huge, so you can easily find experts in calligraphy.

On Fiverr, you can find the most talented calligraphers that will bring your ideas to life. Once you get on Fiverr filter the sellers using the word calligraphy.

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6. Freelancer

Freelancer is a freelance platform that allows you to hire expert calligraphy writers for any job.

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7. PeoplePerHour

On PeoplePerHour you will find quality calligraphers who know the job. Here, freelancers complete work quickly and at a set price by buying a pre-packaged offer from one of our talented freelancers.

On PeoplePerHour, you can search by “talent” using the search bar and the appropriate filters, or by project.

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What Skills Are Required To Become A Calligraphy Writer?

Calligraphers require a certain set of artistic and transferrable skills, such as the following:

  • Knowledge of ink, tools, and paper: Calligraphers use their knowledge of various tools and materials to select the right ones for their projects. Having this knowledge can help them present clients with quality calligraphy.
  • Artistic ability: As a calligrapher, it’s important to have a talent for creating artistic works such as this expressive writing style. A strong artistic ability lets you use your imagination to create something unique and beautiful.
  • Communication skills: Calligraphers use their communication skills to speak with clients and understand their vision and specifications for certain projects. Their communication skills help them ensure that they’re creating the best style of writing based on client needs.
  • Manual dexterity: Calligraphers use their hands skillfully to create precise movements. Manual dexterity also helps you manipulate tools and objects.
  • Marketing skills: If you plan on becoming a self-employed calligrapher, it’s important to have strong marketing skills so you can sell yourself and your abilities to prospective clients. The greater your marketing skills as a self-employed calligrapher, the greater chance you have of landing a client and launching a successful freelance business.

FAQs On Freelancers For Calligraphy Writing

What is calligraphy writing?

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing, often characterized by careful and decorative lettering. It involves the use of specialized pens or brushes to create aesthetically pleasing letterforms.

What types of projects can I hire a calligraphy freelancer for?

You can hire a calligraphy writer for projects like wedding invitations, event signage, logo design, personalized gifts, certificates, book covers, and much more.

What should I look for when hiring a calligraphy freelancer?

When hiring a calligraphy freelancer, consider factors such as portfolio, experience, style, turnaround time, pricing, and client reviews. Look for a freelancer whose style aligns with your project needs and who has a track record of delivering high-quality work.

Do calligraphy freelancers provide digital or physical deliverables?

Calligraphy freelancers can provide both digital and physical deliverables, depending on your preferences and the nature of the project. They may deliver digital files for print or web use, or they may send physical items such as handwritten cards, invitations, or artwork via mail.


When it comes to hiring freelancers for calligraphy writing, it’s important to choose a platform that not only connects you with talented calligraphers but also provides a safe and secure environment for transactions. The websites mentioned in this article have been carefully curated to ensure that you find the best calligraphers for your project. Whether you’re looking for digital calligraphers, brush calligraphers, or illumination calligraphers, these platforms have got you covered. So why wait? Start exploring these websites today.


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