Freelance Writing Jobs for Newbies: Determine Your Rates

Are you looking to break into the world of freelance writing but feeling overwhelmed by all the options and information out there? Starting a career in freelance writing can be intimidating, especially for beginners who are just starting out in the industry.

The freelance writing market is constantly evolving, with new opportunities emerging every day. With the rise of online platforms and digital media, there are now more ways than ever to find freelance writing jobs. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to stand out from the competition.

For those new to the world of freelance writing, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the industry and how to navigate it successfully. From finding the right job opportunities to building a strong portfolio, there are key steps that newbies can take to break into the world of freelance writing. This article will provide valuable insights and tips for beginners looking to kickstart their freelance writing career.

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is a form of self-employment where individuals, known as freelance writers, offer their writing services to clients on a project-by-project basis. Instead of being employed by a single company, freelance writers work independently and often have the flexibility to choose their projects, clients, and work schedules.

Freelance writing covers a broad spectrum of writing tasks, including creating content for websites, blogs, articles, social media, marketing materials, and more. Writers may specialize in various niches, such as technology, health, finance, travel, or any other field based on their expertise and interests.

Clients seeking freelance writers can range from businesses and marketing agencies to individual entrepreneurs and online publications. Freelancers may be hired for one-time assignments, ongoing projects, or even on a retainer basis.

Where Can I Get Freelance Writing Jobs?

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Freelance Writing Jobs for Newbies

Below is a list of freelance writing jobs you can start as a newbie:

1. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters are hired to write online content for organizations, business brands, entrepreneurs, or magazines. They write journalistic works, speeches, or any other content that will be used to benefit an organization.

As much as you may not require too much skill to be a ghostwriter, you must have an excellent command of the English language and be able to edit your work by eliminating grammatical, typos, and plagiarism.

A ghostwriter can earn $4 to $40 per page depending on the organization and the site they get the job.

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2. Article Writing

Article writing is an ideal starting point for novice freelance writers. It essentially involves selecting topics of interest and initiating writing projects for businesses, publications, and online platforms, contributing valuable educational content.

At times, article writers may need to conduct interviews to ensure the accuracy of the information they include in their content. A noteworthy aspect of this job is its remote nature, allowing individuals to earn between $.05 and $1 per word when beginning their journey in article writing.

As one accumulates more proficiency in freelance article writing, it is advisable to consider specializing in a particular niche. This specialization not only enhances one’s knowledge but also provides the opportunity to command higher rates from clients with increasing experience.

3. Technical Writing

As a beginner freelance writer, you could earn a living as a technical writer. Technical writers are hired to write how-to articles.

For instance, you could be hired to prepare instruction manuals, technical guides and handbooks, how-to guides, journal articles, evaluation reports, and research reports.

A technical writer can earn between $20 and $45 per hour.

4. B2C Writing

Organizations enlist B2C writers to generate content about their products, connecting businesses directly with consumers. This content may encompass elements such as buying guides and tutorials.

This role is well-suited for freelancers initiating their writing career, as it maintains a relaxed, conversational, and enjoyable tone, requiring a creative approach.

In essence, B2C writers are responsible for crafting content that influences consumers to consider and ultimately purchase specific products or services from a particular business.

5. B2B Writing

Unlike B2C writers who create content from a business to consumers, B2B writers craft content from a company to sell it to another business. Their work involves developing articles, emails, and white papers that provide information to encourage other businesses to make purchases within a specific industry.

This role demands a combination of writing and marketing skills. It is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the product offered by a business before creating content intended for distribution to potential buyer businesses.

B2B writers earn an average of $37.48 per hour, making it $77,963 per year.

6. Email Marketing 

An email marketing writer is hired to develop an email marketing copy intended to persuade or encourage subscribers to take action. You will be responsible for creating sales funnels, opt-in funnels, engaging newsletters, email headings, and emails to subscribers.

Email content should effectively convey the most recent deals and products, aiming to boost sales and engage customers.

For beginners, it’s essential to develop certain skills. For instance, the ability to succinctly summarize lengthy stories is crucial, as recipients typically don’t read through entire emails unless they find them important and appealing.

An email marketing writer earns an annual pay of $75,869.

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7. Magazine Writing

Magazine writers craft thoroughly researched narratives on topics designed to capture readers’ interest.

If you secure a position as a magazine writer, you’ll be required to produce content that is not only accurate and verifiable but also to pay meticulous attention to details. Adherence to the journalistic rules and guidelines provided with assigned tasks is essential.

The average annual income for magazine writers is around $50,000 or more, contingent on the employing company and individual experience. Typically, approval of your stories is a prerequisite for payment in most instances.

8. Social Media Writer

Social media writers collaborate with organizations to create marketing messages, which they then publish on the organization’s social media platforms in various forms such as hashtags, phrases, or longer posts.

Essentially, their role involves transforming the company’s concepts into effective marketing strategies, aiming to increase online followership and raise awareness about the organization’s products and services.

Beyond crafting and posting advertising content on social media, you might also be tasked with writing and editing blog posts. Your services become particularly valuable in organizations where individuals are too occupied to manage their social media platforms effectively.

Beginner social media writers could earn as low as $13,000. However, as you gain experience, you could also apply to work as a blogger, community manager, social media strategist, online customer representative, or search engine marketing associate and charge more for your services.

9. Resume Writers

Resume writers are hired to write professional summary documents highlighting a client’s education, skills, experience, and accomplishments. You will be helping others land their dream jobs.

You will be surprised by the number of people seeking help to perfect their resumes, and you can actually make some cash by providing such a service.

You could advertise your services on social media or work under an agency. You can earn approximately $20.26 an hour or even more as you grow and gain more experience.

10. A Video Script Writer

Video script writing is fun; it does not require much experience apart from knowing what a content creator is all about before you offer your services to them.

However, before you get the job, you must prove your capability to write a script. Organizations that also need to turn their advertisement content into video need the services of a video script writer.

Identify bloggers, coaches who offer their services online, and entrepreneurs who create their content and post it in videos. Go through their videos, products, and services to familiarize yourself with the kind of content they produce.

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11.  Copywriter

Copywriting is writing content purposely meant for advertising or marketing. The written content is intended to drive traffic toward a specific organization’s website, increase awareness about its products and services, and prompt users to take action.

Copywriting involves developing marketing campaigns, landing pages call to action, and sales pages. Online platforms may not offer copywriting gigs often; however, if you land your first job, ensure you do a great job, and the organization may keep you in mind for future gigs.

To succeed as a newbie freelance writer, you must work under an established copywriter who will show them the climbing ropes before they can go out on their own.

For a start, you could earn as much as $29.16 per hour as a junior copywriter.

12. Grant Writers

Organizations hire grant writers to research, draft, and submit business proposals that will help the organizations receive grant funding from investors. The proposal often includes reasons for funding, the applicant’s overview, and their intentions for the money.

Beginners may find it challenging to start working as grant writers and might need guidance. You may begin your side hustle by working under another grant writer with much experience to guide you before you search for jobs on the internet.

A grant writer should be able to come up with an organization’s objectives that align with the grant’s specifications to have a higher winning chance.

Grant writers earn about $4,972/per month.

13. Book Writer

If you write books for fun, you could get paid for writing covers for your own books. There is also a possibility of being hired by organizations to write eBooks for their websites and businesses.

Not just organizations, you may also be hired by an individual to write a book about their life experience, their developing business, or the product they manufacture. This is especially people who barely have time to sit down and draft a story of their lives.

Occasionally, you may be required to interview them and come up with a book from the interview. In other cases, the book writing instructions are provided for you to follow the guidelines.

An eBook writer earns roughly $72,582 a year.

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Skills Required To Succeed As A Freelance Writer

Individuals looking to advance their freelance writing business must possess a diverse set of hard and soft skills, tailored to the specific services they offer and the industries they target. It’s crucial to recognize that freelance writers require skills distinct from those of graphic designers, video editors, or accountants.

To succeed as a freelance writer, you need to have the following skills:

1. Content Writing

To excel in writing content for clients, one must continually enhance skills in storytelling, organization, and formatting. Staying abreast of current content writing best practices, as well as SEO and digital marketing, is essential. A truly exceptional content writer seizes every opportunity to refine their abilities.

2. Proofreading and Editing

Freelance writers should consistently deliver their best work by thoroughly proofreading and editing content before submission. Utilizing trusted proofreading tools like Grammarly enhances content quality. Reading the work aloud helps identify areas that require editing for improved flow and natural sound.

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3. Social Media

Keeping up with the latest social media content creation practices enables writers to offer this service. Social media marketing is integral to digital marketing, especially in this age. Writers need to assist clients in leveraging social media to showcase brand personality, engage with clientele, and enhance customer service.

4. Word Processing

Though seemingly simple, typing quickly and accurately is a vital skill for freelance writers. Regular practice improves typing speed, and learning and applying best typing practices further enhance proficiency.

5. Content Management

Experience with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress is crucial for writers offering content management services. Additionally, developing skills in analytics, effective communication, and staying updated on industry trends sets a writer apart in content management.

6. Advanced Writing Skills

Expert writers must hone advanced skills such as tone, voice, concise language, analysis, and flow. Crafting attention-grabbing introductions, emulating a company’s brand voice, and tailoring content for the target audience is essential for professional writing.

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7. Grammar

Strong grammar skills are indispensable for any writer. Tools like Grammarly help identify and rectify common grammar issues. Regular reading, especially of the type of content written for clients, contributes to improving grammar.

8. Research

Research is a universal skill applicable across industries. Developing advanced research skills, including interviewing and using reliable sources, enhances the quality of content. Leveraging tools like BuzzSumo helps stay informed about key trends.

9. SEO Skills

Successful freelance writers possess a basic understanding of SEO, including keywords, meta descriptions, and formatting for SEO best practices. Continuous learning is vital as search engine algorithms evolve, making SEO an ongoing process rather than a one-time activity.

FAQs On Freelance Writing Jobs for Newbies

What types of writing projects can I expect as a freelancer?

The range of projects is vast and includes blog posts, articles, website content, copywriting, technical writing, social media content, email newsletters, whitepapers, and more. The specific type of writing you do will depend on your skills, interests, and client needs.

Do I need a portfolio or samples to start?

Having a portfolio or samples of your writing work can greatly enhance your chances of landing freelance gigs. If you’re just starting out, consider creating sample pieces on topics you’re knowledgeable about or interested in. You can also contribute to blogs or websites as a guest author to build your portfolio.

How do I manage my time effectively as a freelance writer?

Time management is crucial when working independently. Create a schedule that works for you, set realistic deadlines for your projects, and prioritize tasks based on their importance and deadlines. Using productivity tools and techniques like time blocking or the Pomodoro technique can also help you stay focused and organized.


Whether you choose to specialize in article writing, dive into B2C or B2B content, or explore the realms of social media writing, the key is to continuously refine your skills and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the industry. Embrace the learning curve, be open to diverse projects, and gradually carve out your niche.

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