How to Preview a Submitted Content on WritersGig


WriterGig is a freelance marketplace where writers with in-depth knowledge and skills can earn money by offering writing services to thousands of great clients.

Once you sign-up on as either a buyer or a writer, searching for a project and having your work done is simple especially if you know how the platform works.

In this article, we will guide you on how to successfully preview submitted content on WriterGig.

Before you preview content on WriterGig, it is assumed that you’re registered on the platform as either a buyer or a seller.

The registration system for both the buyers and writers is simple and easy to navigate around. See how to register as a buyer or Writer on Writersgig and learn the tips.

Now, let’s head on to the reason why you are here.

How to Preview a Submitted Content on WritersGig

Preview is an opportunity for a buyer and a writer to view a job(content) before it is acquired.

Below are pictorial illustrations explaining how you can preview your submitted content as either a buyer or a seller on Writersgig.

#1. Create a Gig or Find a buyer on WritersGig

There are two ways sellers can find buyers on WritersGig. A seller or writer can send a buyer proposal on an offer they’ve created. On the other hand, a buyer can contact a seller if they are interested in the service the seller created.

To gain in-depth knowledge on how to create a gig or find a buyer on our platform, Read our article on either How to Create a High Converting Gigs on WritersGigs or How to View your Submitted Proposals on WritersGig

Once a buyer hires a seller, the next thing the seller does is to create an invoice for the buyer. The invoice is based on the number of units and the amount you’re charging per unit.

The invoice carries the total amount the buyer will pay you. The seller is usually expected to send a buyer the payment invoice after the seller has generated it. A page as shown below is what you will see on your screen.

#2. Do your Project(Write)

WritersGig online other freelance platforms require that you do your project(write) on the text editor. As seen in the picture below, the text editor is like a Microsoft word that allows you to create professional-quality copies, documents, and reports. You can correct your spelling errors all in one go, to ensure you haven’t left any stone unturned.

#3. Complete your Project

Once you’ve completed your project, you click on the “Save” button. After saving and going through your work, you can go ahead and click on “Submit”.

Once you save your work, click on “view contents link”, a page showing the Edit, Dispute, and Preview options will pop up as seen on the image below.

  • Edit: When the writer wants to make changes to the text editor.
  • Dispute: Clicking on the dispute button takes you to the support ticket where you complain to the admin.
  • Preview: This option indicates that the writer has sent a completed job to the buyer for review.

#4. Preview

As earlier mentioned, Preview is an opportunity for the buyer and the seller to view a content on the text editor before it is acquired.

Keep in mind that the buyer has already paid for the job, and the money is on the seller’s ledger balance.

The buyer has the right to further approve, reject or go to dispute where they can create a support ticket and talk to the admin.

To qualify as a seller on WriterGig, you have to undergo training and take a Quiz. Learn How To Pass In WritersGig Assessments In Lesser Time.

We hope you find this article useful. If you missed any step, you can go back and read so that you don’t miss out on projects you’re a great fit for.

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