How To View Your Draft In WritersGig [PHOTOS]

WritersGig is a market hub where buyers of all forms of content come to look for gigs that suit their preferences. As a writer who is a first time user on the platform, you may find the processes too cumbersome but, this article is a complete guide to how you can view your draft in WritersGig.

A draft is a place where the writer puts his thoughts together and further develops them. The aim of the text editor is to enable the writer to edit his work for the buyer and not to replace the Microsoft Word for any reason.

Follow the pictorial guides below and conquer the fear of losing your data.

What is Draft In WritersGig

Draft is a feature or place within the platform where writers can create initial versions of their work before finalizing and submitting it for review or publication.

It’s common in writing platforms or content management systems for writers to have the ability to save their progress as drafts, allowing them to work on their pieces over time and revise them before completion.

In addition, this feature helps writers expand upon, clarify, and modify their initial plans and ideas, also it helps them organize their work into a meaningful flow which help clients or editors edit more effectively.

Importance of Drafting

  • Drafting provides a platform for writers for generating and exploring of ideas freely. This encourages cretivity and restructuring of their work.
  • Drafting is important for structuring your work. it help writers to organize their thought and establish an orderly structure of their work, Making their ideas come out read-friendly
  • By drafting your work, you have the opportunity to revise your work like sentences, paragraphs, making your expression and language clear and easy to understanding. Also, choosing the right phase or sentence that rightly convey the information.
  • Breaking down the writing process into different stages in your draft help you manage your time effectively and avoid last minute rush. Also, it help you have an organize approach of writing.
  • Drafting help writers to identify and rectify errors easily before the final write-up, like correcting grammatical mistakes, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies early in the process. in other words, it reduces error.
  • In addition, drafting is a powerful tool for writers. It helps them put their ideas/creativity together to have a good flow during the process. Also, it help writer break through mental barriers while drafting.

How To View Your Draft In WritersGig

These are steps on how to view your draft on Writersgig:

#1 View the Buyer’s Offer to Send a Proposal

As a writer who wants to be hired, you can create gigs and also check out for offers matching your skills. When you find one, click on send a proposal to send one to the buyer while you await the approval.

If your proposal appeals the buyer, you will get hired.

#2 Generate an Invoice for the Buyer who Hired your Services

To commence your work, you must generate an invoice so the buyer can make payment. WritersGig is a fair platform where there are no dubious acts to arouse suspicions within users.

We designed the system in such a way neither the buyer nor the writer fears losing their money.

See how to How to Create an Offer on WritersGig

#3 Start Writing your Contents

Once you verify the payment, you can source for resources to write your contents. Ensure you make the customer satisfaction your priority.

Customer satisfaction does not only earn you excellent reviews, it also lands you better gigs.

#4 Save your Draft

While your writing is still ongoing, you can save your work. The essence of saving your work is to enable you to re-visit and effect changes where necessary before submitting it.

Remember, this feature does not replace the functionality of the Microsoft Word in any way. It is only there to help you organise your thoughts.

It is important to note that the platform does not have an autosave system. So, you are advised to do your work on the Microsoft Word environment and then copy to the platform before you can finally save.

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#5 Click on View Content List

To view your draft in WritersGig, click on the view content lists below the save button. That is where your draft is saved till you are ready to submit the gig.

It is also that you can add to the content already written or re-arrange to suit the buyer’s description.


What is Draft

Draft is a feature within the platform where writers can create initial versions of their work before finalizing and submitting it for review or publication.

How can i view my draft in WritersGig

– View the buyer’s offer to send a proposal
– Generate an invoice for the buyer who hired your services
– Start writing your contents
– Save your draft
– Click on view content list.

Can I access my drafts from multiple devices?

Yes, WritersGig is accessible from any device with an internet connection, allowing you to view and edit drafts on the go.


These pictorial representations simplify how you can view your draft on WritersGig. What are you waiting for? Get started already!