How to Become an Education Writer in a Short time

how to become an educational writer
how to become an educational writer

An education writer is a newspaper reporter and freelance writer who focus on topics in education fields. Education writers majorly cover the education system at all levels – from preschool to postgraduate. 

A writer building a career around education writing works on preparing tutorial plans, textbooks, pamphlets, ebooks, and school articles.

As a specialized writer in this field, you must be able to ascertain the information appropriate to the learners’ knowledge base and convey that information in easy-to-understand language.

Aside from that, there are other qualifications and skills needed to perfect or become an expert in this field of writing. To that end, this article will walk you through the nicest pathway to becoming an education writer in a short time.

Who is an Education Writer?

Education writers are newspaper reporters and freelance writers who specialize in educational subjects. Education writers should provide coverage of the educational system at all stages, from preschool to postgraduate.

They report on the most recent educational developments and concerns affecting education stakeholders such as students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

In certain cases, they can conduct interviews, conduct investigations, and make observations in order to gather, evaluate, and report information about the educational system.

According to, An education writer enjoys a career developing lesson plans, producing articles and textbooks for students of all ages, and preparing materials for online informational sites, including e-books and pamphlets.

Types of Education Writers

As an education writer, there are different types of education writings you can specialize in. The three major type includes:

  • Education Reporters
  • Communication Officers
  • Curriculum Specialists

Curriculum Specialists focus on developing curriculum. They develop and prepare lesson plans and educational activities for classroom use.

Communication Officers develop materials that present the school in the best possible light to the community, parents, and other key stakeholders. They are similar to marketers and public relations specialists.

Education Reporters write about current events and developments in the field of education. They also compose profiles of notable teachers.

They can also talk about best practices for teachers and classrooms and discuss how recent legislation can impact schools.

What are the Roles of an Educational Writer?

An education writer has many duties to perform in any institution or organization he/she is needed.

First, as an educational writer, you will be responsible for developing educational material for teachers and students. You will also make lesson plans, and research material, and get sources to back up any claims in the content.

Moreso, you will be allowed to cover the education beat for a small-town newspaper or report for national newspapers and magazines.

Most educational content writers focus specifically on published material sold to schools or similar educational institutions, as well as research and study guides sold in bookstores.

Furthermore, you may also be expected to give a report about any violence in the school, teaching trends, and the school’s ranking.

How Much Does an Education Writer Make?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have data unique to education writers; however, it does state that reporters and correspondents, in general, hold approximately 43,000 positions in 2018 and earned a median annual salary of approximately $41,260.

Reporters and correspondents for newspapers, magazines, books, and directories paid an average of $35,860 a year.

In 2018, reporters and correspondents for journals, periodicals, books, and directory publishers earned $35,860, while writers in the same industry earned $59,290.

How Do I Become an Education Writer?

Just like every career field requires certain criteria so also is an educational writer. Meeting up these requirements qualifies you not only to be called a professional educational writer but also to earn higher in any industry or institution you find yourself in.

For the world to call you a professional education writer, you must meet up with the following criteria;

  • Completed a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Journalism, mathematics, literature, or technology.
  • Completed a minor in education
  • Have a teaching background.
  • Complete a state-approved bachelor’s degree in education
  • Have a teaching license if you want to work in the public sector.

In addition, assessors expect you have knowledge of newsworthy, interviewing, and writing.

How To Find Education Writing Jobs

You will find jobs as an education writer in a variety of ways. A local newspaper may have internship opportunities. You could transform the experience into a full-time position as a staff writer.

Clients may give you the option of focusing on a specific subject after you have demonstrated your expertise in the area.

You might also try your hand as a freelance education reporter. In that case, you will generate ideas for educational news stories and pitch them to various publications.



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