10 Best Apps for Managing a Team of Remote Workers

With the rise of remote work, managing a team of remote workers has become a crucial aspect of business. How can you effectively oversee your team and ensure productivity and success? The answer lies in the right technology.

In today’s digital age, there is an abundance of apps and tools designed to streamline and optimize remote team management. These apps provide a range of features and functionalities that can help you stay organized, communicate effectively, track progress, and foster collaboration among your remote workers.

So, if you are looking for a way to improve your team’s efficiency while working at home, keep reading to find out the apps for managing a team of remote workers.

How To Choose The Right Apps for Managing a Team of Remote Workers?

Good remote working apps should help you ensure your remote employees are on track, assisting them in reaching their top performance levels, and keeping the company culture alive. Although remote working tools are all slightly different, the best technology for working remotely will include:

  • project & task management
  • time management & calendar
  • file sharing & collaboration
  • resource management

10 Best Apps for Managing a Team of Remote Workers

Here are the 10 best apps for managing a team of remote workers, arranged in no particular order.

#1. Canva


If you are a web designer or graphics designer or you generally work with designs alongside your team members, then Canva is the perfect tool for you.

Canva has modified its features to include team design management. It retains all essential features and adds this extra feature to it. This means that your entire team can use one Canva account to work on a design project together without having to bother about scheduling design meetings.

Additionally, it makes design team collaboration easier because you can easily access controls, and share designs together.

More so, you can add as many team members as you like. This means that you can create presentations, proposals, and media graphics and keep your creativity flowing together with this tool.

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#2. Zoom


As a team manager, most especially if you’re in charge of a remote team, there are times when issues would arise that would require a video call. In such a situation, the best tool to use is Zoom.

Zoom stands out from other video call tools because it allows you to record the video calls you make. This means that you can have a record of all your meetings in your archive and go through them whenever there is a need.

Additionally, it allows you to have many participants on a call. This explains why a lot of big firms and corporations prefer to use Zoom. In this pandemic period where life has to move on regardless, Zoom brings your team together to achieve productivity at work.

Firms use it to conduct webinars, online events, financial meetings, and even stock trading.

More so, employees have access to the video data, and anyone who’s unavailable at the point of the meeting can have access to details of the meetings.

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#3. Google Products (Drive, Hangouts, Meet)


Google is a household name for anyone who has an internet-enabled device. Even better, the company has a variety of tools that can be useful for you and your team members. In fact, you can say that Google exists with remote workers in mind. How else can you explain their wide range of products that are suitable for any situation?

From Google Drive to Meet, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Hangouts, and other tools designed by this robust body, you can allow your team members to work with these tools.

Even better, they are combined in one package that allows you to connect with colleagues, create presentations, and text files, share documents, and manage files and users.

Then the best part is that all of these can be accessed using one email sign-in.

#4. Slack


What’s the whole point of having a remote team if you all can’t chat at the same time?

Slack offers a solution to this problem and is even better. It has a unique and user-friendly interface that allows team members to come together in a place to chat and exchange ideas.

It allows you to create a workspace for you and your team members, that is ideal for team communication, sharing ideas, and solving issues.

Additionally, your team members can be a part of channels that interest them, and they can easily avoid those that may be too distracting for their productivity.

The best part is, that there’s a snooze option that stops the notifications, giving you time to focus on your productivity for the day. Who doesn’t love that?!

#5. Time Doctor


The next most important thing to consider when working with remote team members is time management. This is because, if your team members fail to properly manage their time, it’d reflect in their level of productivity.

So, one way to keep track of your time at work is to use the Time Doctor tool. This tool helps you to determine the most and least time consuming tasks, to help you keep track of your time.

This software produces individual time logs, screenshots, chat monitoring, and lots of other details that show you what you do during working hours. You can also decide to use the alerting feature to avoid distractions and focus during work.

This tool includes desktop software, a mobile version (compatible with both iOS and Android devices), and even a Chrome app.

You know time management is paramount to your productivity. So, get this tool by clicking the button below.

#6. Trello


Trello is one of the most popular project management tools. It provides a clear, and easy-to-understand interface for project management.

It uses the Kanban board concept that simplifies project management and makes it very easy and convenient to monitor project progress.

This is suitable for your team members as you all can share crucial information, and enter details about what level of the project is done, and what is left to be completed.

More so, its compatibility with other devices and software makes it easy for you to manage your projects from anywhere across the globe.

So, feel like easing the stress of project management? Get started with Trello!

#7. Asana


Another really effective project management tool to use with your team members is Asana. It allows you to manage tasks simply and easily, while also providing easy ways for you and your team members to communicate and collaborate.

Asana presents a visual dashboard with fields that look like “post-it notes divided into sections, depending on the stage of your tasks. This makes it easy for your team to focus on tasks currently at hand, and define each stage of work to see what’s important and where things are getting stuck.

Asana is very versatile and can be used by designers, engineers, sales professionals, HR managers, product planners, and even students to manage projects from start to finish.

Conversely, Asana works alongside Jira. While Asana deals with easy tasks and projects, Jira accommodates complex stuff due to its Kanban boards.

Jira is suitable for large teams with different project levels working together. A good example is a software development team.

While Jira is not straightforward to use, it provides online guides that teach you how to find your way through the tool when you decide to use it.

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#8. ProofHub


ProofHub is another project management tool that is used by a lot of professionals around the world.

As a matter of fact, team members who work remotely love to use ProofHub because of its superior collaboration features.

Outstanding features of ProofHub include its in-built chat app that allows team members to have a seamless interaction with one another, Kanban boards, Online proofing, Gantt Chart, Custom reports, and Multiple views.

This tool is an all-in-one remote project management software and is a must-have for teams whose projects require a higher level of management.

Does that sound like your team? Get started with ProofHub right now by clicking the button below.

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#9. 10to8


10to8 is an amazing scheduling software that helps remote teams organize appointments/meetings such as cross-department meetings, daily stand-ups, weekly report meetings, and lots more.

More so, if your team members differ by time zone, you wouldn’t have to convert to the appropriate time ones, 10to8 does all that for you.

10to8 has a 2-way calendar sync that helps prevent double-booking. Also, its two-way chat, automated email, and text reminders help to ensure that every team member shows up for the meeting.

Thus, allowing you to quickly organize and manage meetings with your clients as well as your remote team. The ability to customize its features to suit your team makes it the perfect tool for businesses with complicated scheduling needs.

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#10. Screen Leap


Rounding up my list of best apps for managing your team of remote workers is Screen Leap. It is an easy tool for screen sharing that doesn’t require the installation of plug-ins, apps, or sign-ups.

Additionally, it allows your screen to be visible from any device with a browser. You are assured of having a clear screen with exactly what you have on your screen being displayed to your team members.

More so, it’s important for team managers who quickly need to pass information that affects the project without account creation.

Sounds like something you need right? Yup, get started by clicking the button below.

BONUS TIP: Here are some free tips for you when managing your team of remote workers.

  • Maximize the free trial periods of these apps. Get to know all about the app.
  • Try out all of them and discover which one works best for you.
  • Don’t be reluctant to introduce new team managing apps to your remote workers. Show them its benefits and how it makes your work easier.

Yeah! You are welcome.

In Summary

Remote work becomes less of a thing to worry about when you have the best apps to manage your team.

So, check out all the apps listed here and find which best suits you.

All the best!

FAQs On Apps for Managing a Team of Remote Workers

What features should I look for in a team management app?

Key features include task assignment and tracking, file sharing, real-time communication tools (such as chat or video conferencing), project timelines, and integration capabilities with other productivity tools. Look for apps that suit your team’s specific needs.

Why should I use a team management app for remote teams?

Using a team management app enhances communication, boosts collaboration, and ensures better organization within remote teams. It helps track progress, manage tasks, and foster a sense of connectivity among team members.

Can I use multiple team management apps simultaneously?

While it’s possible, it’s generally more efficient to choose a comprehensive team management app that integrates multiple features.

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