75+ Gifts for Writers: Clever Ideas for All Types of Writers & Authors  

One time I wanted to present gifts to my fellow writers, but I was out of ideas because of whatever I thought she already had.

Can you guess the gift I eventually settled for?

I had to include it in this piece but I would want you to give a wild guess.

These are thoughtful gifs writers will love to the moon and back if they receive any as an anniversary, birthday or even “I thought about you” present. 

You will love the gift ideas contained here.

75+ Gifts for Writers: Clever Ideas for All Types of Writers & Authors  

These are the gift ideas you should present to a writer friend.

Noise-canceling headphones

When you’re stressed out from hearing your neighbors’ coffee makers, hearing kids scream in the backyard, or background crying, wireless Bluetooth headphones can assist. If you’re a writer living among other family members, silence is uncommon. 

Noise-canceling headphones have kept me, as a freelance writer, on task and on time at busy coffee shops, airports, public transit, and even at my home office while the neighbor mows the lawn. They are most definitely worth the money.

The headphone is one of the most needed gifts for writers.


Every writer needs a headshot for their website. A good option is to have a photo shoot, particularly for authors who need a current picture for a conference or book launch or who want to update their social media accounts. Writers might get an invitation to an online conference, and the flier will need a headshot, so have one handy. 

Get your writer friend the unforgettable gift of a local photographer.

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Stunning writing pens from Tom Dixon

Practically any pen can be used by authors. A gorgeous writing pen, nevertheless, elevates the experience. I really like the COG pens made by Tom Dixon. 

It is also not expensive. I bought a few of these amazing pens for myself and gave one to each staff of my team.

Writer’s Clock

Ideas for your writing project may occasionally come from the most unlikely locations. A Zazzle writer’s clock is funny and realistically depicts the writing process. 

Your writer can laugh their way through the day using anything from “cry” to “revise” to “wait”.

This is a thoughtful gift idea for writers. 

A quality water jug

Though it may seem absurd to those who are not writers, we writers must remember to drink enough water! It is much too simple to forget to drink water when you are totally concentrated and in the creative zone. Send a water bottle to your favorite writer as a thank you for their work. 

I carry about a cheap Ikea water pitcher and a tin camping cup. Should they enjoy drinking filtered water, think about purchasing them a Brita water pitcher. Even smart water bottles tell us when it’s time to sip more. 

When it comes to thoughtful, this right here stands out as a gift idea for writers.

‍Charging Stand

Many writers use their phones to shoot pictures or videos for stories, jot down notes and poetry, record interviews, and post on social media. Particularly, if you’re rushing to get thoughts down on paper, make sure your writer’s phone can last the whole writing journey. It’s quite impressive that a charging stand can charge several gadgets at once.

A fancy Pomodoro timer

Using the Pomodoro Technique is one way writers stay focused and productive. With the timer set to run for 25 minutes at a time, writers can take a five-minute break, write for a few more minutes, and then take another lengthier break. 

You can use this tactic by merely putting a timer on your phone. But wouldn’t a more sophisticated timer like Datexx’s Miracle Cube Timer be far better? 

Think about getting this gift for your writer friend.

Adjustable desk lamps

Despite what you may have seen in movies, writers should not write by candlelight. It seriously damages one’s eyes. Better still are movable lamps that can be adjusted to the location and time of day your writer likes to work. 

Smart lighting can be managed using the app on your phone. Look through these Phillips Hue selections and less expensive ones on Amazon.

Blank Journals

You can never have enough blank journals—they are the best writing tools! Opening a new journal excites me to write in its pages and feels like a new beginning. 

Soothi has such lovely leather-bound diaries. Add initials or a specific message to make these diaries more intimate. A writer will treasure this gift both before and after they have written on it.

Posture-friendly ergonomic furniture

While not a recognized term, “Writer Hunchback Syndrome” ought to be. We spend far too much time seated at computers and writing in notebooks. We thus get worse posture and health. 

Gifts of ergonomic furniture can keep your writers active. Still, it can get really expensive. Here are a few ideas to encourage your desk-bound writing friends to get up and move around: 

Ikea sit-stand desks 

You can get anti-fatigue mats at Fully, Amazon, and Costco. ‍

Posture-improving devices

This is uncommon, I know, but please bear with me. I write a lot on posture since I suffer from back and neck discomfort all the time. Depending on your rapport with your writer, you might get a posture-correcting present. Still, I can assure you that it is a present that will enhance their general well-being. 

Wearing a harness helps me to maintain better posture as I work on the computer. Though it can be taxing on my shoulders, I’m upgrading to the Upright Go posture trainer. It is placed on your back and tracks your posture all day long, nudging you when your posture needs to be corrected.

A bitchy literary insults poster

Inspired by the well-known remark of Winston Churchill, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip,” this sarcastic literary insult poster is perfect for the writer in your life who enjoys a good one-liner.

A Philosophical Pencil Set

Apart from dad jokes, if your writer prefers to write by hand, this Philosophical Pencil Set would look fantastic in their workspace. When not writing lengthy formats, they can use the key philosophical phrases found on each pencil to explore the meaning of life in great detail.

An Emotional Baggage tote

Give your writer friend the gift of  The School of Life’s Emotional Baggage Tote so they may carry their metaphorical baggage—and a great pun—close to their breast.

GFDA posters

If your writer Paddy needs more motivation to believe in himself, give them the GFDA Classic Advice Print—there’s a lot of cursing. 

However, there is another, family-friendly, profanity-free version if that is more your style.

Candles that inspire focus

Being a writer, I genuinely enjoy having a candle in my home office. What’s going on with them, though, is beyond me. Being a frugal minimalist, I usually stick to Ikea’s inexpensive options. But you might find a decent scented candle at a fair price at Winners, HomeSense, or these Amazon choices.

Gifts to help with their professional development

If the writer in you wants to be the next J.K. No, Rowling, it makes no difference. Rowling, one of the most well-known names in copywriting, never stops learning. Get them a gift that will help them grow in their work.

MasterClass writing courses

Several of the most well-known writers offer online writing courses through MasterClass. Even though the classes mostly offer advanced help, I’ve found that every one of them offers at least a few professional writing advice and ideas, which makes it valuable. 

You can purchase either a yearly membership or a one-month as a gift for your writer friend.

Some MasterClass courses you can consider include: 

  • Malcolm Gladwell, Judy Blume, & James Patterson: writing
  • Shonda Rhimes: writing for television
  • David Mamet: dramatic writing
  • Margaret Atwood: creative writing
  • David Baldacci: mystery and thriller writing
  • Aaron Sorkin: screenwriting
  • Neil Gaiman: the art of storytelling
  • Joyce Carol Oates: short story writing
  • Billy Collins: reading and poetry writing
  • Dan Brown: writing thrillers
  • R.L. Stine: writing for young audiences

Membership in a writing guild, union, or club

Publishers’ Association, Editors’ League, Romance Writers in America. Any specialty your writer chooses to work in, I promise, has a guild, union, or club. Look it up online and check if your writer would be eligible. 

Give it to him as a gift.  

Contribute to their health insurance

Freelance writers tend to forgo health insurance while they’re building up a steady income. If your budget permits, help them out with a contribution to their insurance plan and make sure they get that dental checkup each year. The Freelancers Union has a good breakdown of the options and plans available in the United States.

‍A Hotel Room For The Weekend

Author of Wild, Cheryl Strayed, usually spends days in a hotel room writing. 

While staying in a hotel, the writer is freed from domestic duties and obligations. It allows the writer time to complete a book or make notes for a memoir. 

The uninterrupted time is invaluable even if it is only for a day. Look through websites like Kayak.com for hotel discounts in the USA. 

The hotel room serves as a peaceful, cozy workstation where the writer can do their best job.

Software and apps for writers

Is the writer you want to gift tech-savvy? With these resources and software subscriptions, you will produce high-quality written work, faster.

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Time Tracking Software

Copywriters who want to bill clients correctly need to log their hours. I think that to monitor how much time they spend on each job, all professional writers should use time-tracking software. It helps us to better understand how long a job takes to complete and how our fees fit into the overall time required. 

One can easily find online time-tracking software. For my part, I use Toggl. It offers all the features I need in time-tracking software together with a tidy dashboard and an intuitive user interface. 

For people who have never written before, the free plan is perfect. 

A membership to Toggl’s premium plans (Starter at $9/month; Premium at $18/month) would be a great gift if your writer friend needs time-tracking assistance to expand their business.

Grammarly Premium

Grammarly is like a second pair of eyes that quietly checks your writing for grammatical errors. Feedback on word choice, vocabulary, and readability is also available with the Grammarly Premium subscription. It also analyzes your work to 16 billion websites to be sure there is no plagiarism.

You can check out ProWriting Aid if you want a less-priced option.

Scrivener software for writing manuscripts

Writers of all niches will find Scrivener to be an amazing tool. On the interface is a typewriter, a scrapbook, and your research. 

When you’re through writing, Scrivener gathers all of your work into a single document that you can print, self-publish, or export to Word, PDF, Final Draft, or plain text, among other widely used formats.

Final Draft for writing scripts

Does your writer friend like movies and hope to become a screenwriter? The Scrivener for writers of screenplays is the Final Draft. 

The program helps with writing, editing, and plot mapping and is generally regarded as the industry standard for working screenwriters and filmmakers. It makes group cooperation in real-time possible as well. 

Once finished, Final Draft makes sure your screenplay is correctly organized before it is sent to Hollywood.

Professional dictation software

Writing can be sped up with voice typing. Besides, most new laptops come with basic dictation software, including Google Docs. These free solutions should be plenty to do the work most of the time. 

Use the paid diction software if your writing makes use of complex jargon. 

Give Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Dragon Legal some thought if your writer specializes in law or medicine.

Subscriptions to keep them reading

Print magazines usually have good annual subscription offers. Online, unlimited memberships are becoming more and more common. 

Gift your writer a membership if they read a lot so they can keep reading the magazines and authors they like. 

If there is one magazine your writer will always love, get them an annual subscription. 

Before paying, consider all your options because print publications often have cheap annual subscription costs. To find any offers, search through “(name of publication) subscription”. Then visit a nearby newsstand and check the magazine. 

Wired, for instance, charges $10 a year for print and internet access. But before the year is out, remember to turn off auto-renew since the yearly subscription renews for $49.99.

Digital magazine library subscription

Hooray for subscription services! If your writer likes to read, joining a digital magazine service makes perfect sense. Which one to pick is the sole problem. 

More than 200 magazines are available to Apple News+ members, including Time, Wired, and The Atlantic. Access beyond a seven-day trial is $9.99 a month. Everyone in the family sharing group of your writer automatically has an Apple News+ subscription.

Kindle Unlimited subscription

In his book On Writing, Stephen King is quoted as saying, “You learn best by reading and writing a lot, and the most valuable lessons of all are those you teach yourself.” 

In other words, being a successful writer necessitates extensive reading. Give the writer in your life access to a nearly limitless library of books by gifting them a Kindle Unlimited subscription. 

A Kindle Unlimited membership costs $120 per year and provides users with almost limitless access to ebooks. 

Not all ebooks can be read using Kindle Unlimited. However, any avid reader who subscribes will not be disappointed, as they will have access to over a million novels. 

This is the perfect gift for your writers.

A distraction-free e-reader

For Kindle memberships, the writer will need a device to browse through all of those e-books. You can read an ebook on your tablet or phone while unwinding, but the constant notifications from apps and messages, combined with the glare from the bright screen, can completely ruin the reading experience. E-readers give a distraction-free reading experience, in contrast to phones or tablets. 

The popular e-reader choices are the Nook, Kobo, and Kindle Paperwhite.

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Audible subscription

Audible users receive one free audiobook per month for roughly $15. Any device can be used to listen to audiobooks. Members can also save 30% off the advertised price when purchasing extra audiobooks. 

Give your writer an annual Audible Gold membership, and they will receive two Audible Originals each month from a carefully chosen selection and twelve audiobooks in total. 

In addition, this package saves $30 on membership charges when compared to the usual month-to-month plan.

Spotify Premium

J.K. Rowling has stated that she likes to write in loud cafes. 

When I’m writing, editing, or reading, I like to use music and noise-canceling headphones to reduce distractions. 

Give your writer a Spotify Premium membership if they are more like me and less like J.K. Rowling. This gift is music to their ears as far as presents go.

Books to keep them inspired

It is impossible to mention all the excellent books for writers because there are so many of them. These are my personal favorites that have improved my writing. They are also reasonably priced and are excellent, low-cost presents for authors.

Booksare one of the Gifts for Writers which they’ll appreciate.

Stephen King’s On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition

Every writer on the earth should read On Writing if only to read Stephen King’s candid guidance on honing the craft.

“Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.”

King provides an honest perspective on writing craft mastery along with the fundamental tools of the trade that all successful writers must possess. His approach is a combination of memoir and master class. It’s an excellent resource for beginning writers and a motivational review for seasoned writers.

Gift the hardback edition to your writer. They will always treasure it, I promise.

Best American Writing Anthologies

For writers, reading works of exceptional writing is not only enjoyable and motivating. It’s also instructive. Some of the best writing in the world is collected into one exquisite book by the “Best American” anthologies. Each year, I read these and heartily suggest them to my writer friends.

  • The Best American Food Writing
  • Best American Essays
  • The Best American Science & Nature Writing
  • Best American Travel Writing
  • The Best American Sports Writing
  • The Book of Bookmarks

In a technical sense, this present is a book of things that will improve reading, rather than a book for reading itself.

Scrabble — Themed Editions

Yes, a timeless piece! 

 Purchase the official Scrabble dictionary to assist settle any contentious and, let’s face it, inevitable “That’s not a word!” disputes. Bonus points for disagreements as they come up.

Since Scrabble has been around for ages, get your writer a themed edition to keep it interesting.

Scrabble: Linen Book Edition, Harry Potter Edition, Deluxe Edition with Rotating Board, Retro 1949 Edition

Magnetic Poetry Kits

These kits are amazing! It’s a lot of fun for guests to experiment and come up with new terms with them. Additionally, they serve as a useful diversion from my writing tasks when I’m lounging around my kitchen. For almost everything, a magnetic word kit is available. Select the option best fitting the personality of your writer.

Some of them are;

Original Magnetic Word Kit, Happiness Kit, F-word Kit, Little Box of Smut Kit, Obscenities Kit, Bananagrams

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The Game of Things

All ages can enjoy playing the word association game The Game of Things. Your writer would definitely enjoy The Game of Nasty Things more if their sense of humor tends toward the “NSFW” category.


Choose a few cards from the Storymatic deck, then create a story with them using your creativity. You can explore about 6 trillion possible narrative prompt combinations with 540 cards. It’s a safe game for children, families, and writers. It’s also an enjoyable method of igniting the creative spark and conquering writer’s block.

Gift this to writers who always complain of writing block.

Coffee mugs that don’t suck

As long as it’s of high quality, I adore a good coffee cup. Avoid purchasing that inferior “World’s Greatest Editor!” mug purchased on eBay. Instead, give your writer a superior coffee mug.

This is one of the Gifts for Writers.


The list of gift ideas to give writers is endless. We hope you can draw some insight from this article. 


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