Preparing For Your First Interview As A Freelance Writer

First Interview as a Freelance Writer

Interviews are usually nerve-racking and they can get very uncomfortable, especially if it’s your first rodeo in a new line of work. They thought of talking to some stranger and the pressure to impress them can actually trip you up. However, this article looks at the first Interview as a Freelance Writer, and questions you’re expected to ask.

This notwithstanding, interviews have become a process anyone wishing to be employed must go through. It’s like a line of passage that you must pass through – it is the necessary evil for every job seeker out there, and freelancers are not left out.

While there’s no perfect guide as to how to prepare for your first interview as a Freelance Writer, you must have a plan. This plan should include the possible lines of questions you’d get from your interviewer and how best to answer them. Your plan should also include a few questions you’d like to ask your clients.

Yes! You should have your own questions. This will help you understand your client better, know what exactly he or she wants from you, and how best to go about it.

To help newbie freelance writers, we’ve put together a few things you must do as you prepare for your first interview as a Freelance writer.

The article will help you understand what content buyers are expecting from you in an interview and how best to give a response to their questions.

There’s no doubt that you would make some research about your client – to know more about their business and how they operate, and also to know the best ways to pose your questions.

If you have that’s commendable, if not you still have time to do so before you take that interview.

Be sure to write down something you find about your client, let it form part of your talking points. Let it also serve as a reminder when you eventually take the interview. It’s important you write things down – this does not suggest that committing things to memory doesn’t work.

However, to avoid a scenario where your mind plays a trick on you, you write your points down. This said, below are some of the questions you might need to ask your clients.

#1 How Long Have You Been in Business?

This is one of the most important freelancer questions and answers, or questions freelancers should ask to help them understand the business needs of their clients. It should form part of your First Interview question as a Freelance Writer.

While the response to this question might not seem necessary, it’s relevant. You need to understand how long your client has been in this industry as it will help you evaluate their commitment and productivity.

This will greatly influence your decision on whether to work with or for them or to pass-on on their offer.

#2. What Does Your Business Do?

This is yet another important freelancer questions and answers, or questions freelancers should ask to help them understand the content and business needs of their clients.

Understanding what a business does helps you see what their goals are and how it aligns with yours. It’s an easy way to know once again if it’s your time and energy and if it’s something that can fit in your portfolio.

It’s understandable that you’re new to the Freelance “game”, nonetheless, you must not sell yourself short. Yes, your bargaining chips might not be so many, but you cannot afford to start settling for just any gig or business.

#3. What’s The Budget For Your Project?

Always ask to know what a client’s budget for a project is. This inversely shows you how much importance the client attaches to the work.

It’s also a way to know how much value the client attaches to content. Additionally, it helps you understand if a client can afford your services or not.

It’s an important freelancer questions and answers, or questions freelancers should ask to help them understand the content and business needs of their clients.

Therefore ask the question and, do not forget, who can’t afford your services isn’t right for you.

#4. Ask To Know Who Your Target Audience

Just like we said in the second number that you should know the business of your client, you should also know your target audience. If you make it a duty to get to know your clients’ business, you will have an idea of who your target audience is.

Understanding your target audience helps you know how they are likely to think, and then decipher how best to structure content that will appeal to them.

Know your audience includes knowing their demo and psychographic makeup. As earlier said, this helps you know how best to address them.

#5. What Is The Tone Of Your Article Or Blog Post?

As a freelance writer, you must understand the tone the brand you’re writing for wishes to interact with their customers.

While some clients might want an easy-to-read tone or as we call it a conversational tone, others may not.

The onus is on the writer to find out the tone the client prefers to speak to his customers with – if or she likes a more technical approach, you will have to write in such a manner.

This is why it’s important you ask this question, cause you can only know if you ask. Don’t assume you know, ask!

#6. Do You Want Social Media Optimized or Search Engine Optimized Content?

It is your duty to educate your clients on the benefits of each of these writing styles are. This will help them identify which best suits their business.

If you find that your client relies heavily on SEO tactics, then you know that keyword density is a focus in each article or blog post you will write for them.

On the other hand, if your client values SMO tactics, then you know gaining social media attention is their main objective.

This is yet another important freelancer questions and answers, or questions freelancers should ask to help them understand the content and business needs of their clients.

Feel free to ask them.

#7. Will It Be Ghost Written Or Would You Have A Byline?

If you’re one who is really interested in seeing your name on your projects, then you must always ask this question – even after you have gained your ground as a freelance writer.

So ensure you ask this question before taking on a new client. Ascertaining this would also help you know how much you’d charge on a project. It’s important this forms part of your First Interview questions as a Freelance Writer.

#8. How Often Does The Client Need Content?

This is freelancer questions and answers and the answer to this question should help you decide whether to take on a client or not. It’s important you know how much content your client might need. This will help you plan your schedule, so you don’t burn up trying to meet multiple deadlines.

Additionally, this will help you know if you should take other clients or not.

#9. How Many Words Are Needed?

Article and press releases, blog posts, and white papers all have different numbers of words required. So in your interview, ask to know the number of words that are expected on the work. This will also help you know how much to charge per word.

This is one of the most important freelancer questions and answers, or questions freelancers should ask to help them understand the content needs of their clients.

#10. Do You Have An Editor On Staff?

This another important first Interview as a Freelance Writer question you must ask.

It’s important you ask this question especially if you’re not working in a magazine or print business. This is because there won’t be an editor to look through your work before it’s published.

Therefore, it’s important that you re-read your work as many times as possible to ensure that they are void of errors.

Run your work through multiple grammar site and use spell checkers if you must.


Remember that the business needs your help, and not the other way round. So when next you schedule a meeting on Google Meet or Zoom or whatever platform you prefer be in charge!

Remember that the person is as nervous as you are in the interview, and is trying to play the upper-hand. All you need is to be credible in your field and to understand marketing, ranking, and social media as it relates to a prospects’ business.

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