7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Persuasive Writing in Africa

Hiring a persuasive writer from one of the best freelance websites is the most effective way to persuade your target audience to believe in your political beliefs, social critique, or business pitch.

Are you finding it difficult to write that perfect pitch that can coarse your audience to take action? Hire a persuasive writer.

What is Persuasive writing?

Any written work that attempts to persuade the reader of the author’s point of view is referred to as persuasive writing. In addition to traditional writing strategies, a persuasive writer can persuade readers using anecdotes, argumentation, emotional appeals, and persuasive speeches.

Persuasive writing uses different methods and approaches than other types of writing: In a persuasive essay, you must not only enlighten the reader but also persuade them of the superiority of your point of view. Thus, it covers all of the essentials and provides examples of persuasive writing to help you get started.

Argumentative or persuasive writing refers to the process of writing business proposals and advertising campaigns to persuade readers of a specific viewpoint. It is frequently used in speeches by prominent personalities and political candidates who want to appeal to large crowds. 

A persuasive writer uses appropriate language and logical reasoning to achieve their writing goals. They use data, facts, and research findings to enhance the message’s authority and authenticity. 

Other articles that use persuasion to different extents include editorials, reviews, critiques, brochures, reaction papers, and editorials.

Why is Persuasive Writing Important?

To start with, the business world is constantly in need of persuasive writers. Persuasive writing is important in advertising, website content, and overall branding because it encourages readers to do business with a firm.

Persuasive essays have played an important part in many political and social movements since the invention of the printing press.

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Examples of persuasive writing and texts

  • Newspaper columns
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Reviews
  • Travel brochures
  • Essays
  • Speeches

Persuasive Writing Techniques

According to twinkl, these are the persuasive writing techniques; They are Appeals to…

  • Appeal to Authority -Important people, experts, and research can make your argument seem more reliable and convincing.
  • Reason -Facts, numbers, information, and logic can be very convincing.
  • Emotion -Getting people to feel happy, sad, or angry can help your argument.
  • Trust -If people believe and trust in you, you’re more likely to persuade them.
  • Normal People- Appeal to the average person by presenting yourself as an ‘everyday Joe’
  • Bandwagon -everyone is doing this (e.g. 9 out of 10 people believe…)
  • Rhetorical Questions- they can’t be answered, and seem to state the ‘obvious’.
  • Repetition- makes it memorable.

7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Persuasive Writing in Africa

These are the best website to hire freelancers for persuasive writing.

#1 WritersGig

WritersGig provides a list of well-screened persuasive writers with extensive experience that can bring to life any topic you’ll have them write.

You can be confident that every word in your articles was written by a professional writer. 

The user-friendly platform will make communicating on WritersGig a breeze. There is a UI explaining what each icon means. In addition, it has a video tutorial on how to navigate the platform in case you are having a difficult time. The seamless interface streamlines the entire process, making it easy.

Writers on the platform are quite polite. They even go as far as offering more revisions than was earlier agreed. Well, the approach of the writer plays a major role in this.

On WritersGig, this common scam experienced on other freelance website is averted. I mean, the scam of buyers hoarding the writers pay even after receiving their work. The platform operates an escrow payment option and it automatically pays the writer if the buyer fails to acknowledge the work submitted after a couple of days.

This is a way of ensuring that the creativity of the writer is adequately compensated.

An experienced persuasive writer can earn between ₦5,000 to ₦20,000 per job.

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#2 Guru

Guru.com is a website that connects freelancers and employers. It allows employers and freelancers to hire and finish jobs. It is recommended as one of the reputable websites that pays writers well for their efforts.

The website hopes to create a safe and secure environment where freelancers and buyers can converse about their professions. 

Except for the payment option, the website works like other freelance websites. Guru.com offers employers a variety of payment options: 

  • Fixed Price
  • Hourly based
  • Tasked Based
  • Recurring Payment

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#3 Twine 

Twine is a popular website for freelance writers. You won’t want to miss Twine’s diverse selection of possibilities or its pool of over 500,000 freelancers. 

Furthermore, it has a secure payment mechanism in place that requires clients to make an upfront deposit to protect the freelancer’s cash for their work. It also has 0% fees for freelancers. 

To stand out, create a powerful Twine portfolio that includes relevant work samples, client testimonials, and a well-written pitch. Key strategies for success on Twine include aggressively seeking out high-paying gigs, submitting personalized bids, and communicating in a timely and professional manner.

#4 Freelance Writing

Since its inception in 1997, Freelance Writing has helped freelancers start their writing careers by providing tools and services. The purpose is to create an environment in which writers of all skill levels, from amateurs to professionals, are welcomed with open arms. 

Also, Freelance Writing connects writers with businesses looking for freelancers to complete written jobs. It is a service that pays for article writing and serves as a one-stop shop for both employers and freelancers.

This is one of the best website to hire freelancers for persuasive writing.

#5 Truelancer

Truelancer is one of the websites that pay people to write articles, including persuasive writing. 

It links professionals with businesses to help them finish their tasks. It also provides freelancers with a platform where they can look for opportunities based on their skills and get paid for them. 

Truelancer’s main aim is to assist clients in finding hassle-free freelancers to finish their jobs, as well as to provide freelancers with interesting work.

#6 ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger Job Board is an excellent resource for writers looking for blogging and content writing jobs. There are plenty of writing opportunities on the ProBlogger Job Board, including product reviews, paid articles, and guest posts. 

To get the most out of the ProBlogger Job Board, create a professional application for each job that shows your expertise and understanding of the client’s industry. Additionally, keeping an eye on the job board and applying as soon as a job is posted may help you land high-paying positions.

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#7 WriterAccess

WriterAccess should be on your list if you’re seeking for a highly specialized, professional platform to find the best match for your writing needs. You should know the following: 

It is a resource available only to writers. This suggests that all of the authors applying for your post are directly competing with one another, making it easier to find the best writers. 

AI Resources: They offer various AI-enhanced tools to help you develop your content strategy, such as an idea generator, persona builder, and content generator. There is also an AI backlinking matcher that connects businesses for link building, which is quite effective for SEO.

Managed services: If you need help setting up, WriterAccess can lead you through the process.

This is one of the best website to hire freelancers for persuasive writing.


Did you know that persuasive writing is a type of article writing?

We hope you’ve learnt the best website to hire freelancers for persuasive writing.


  • Guru – best website to hire freelancers for persuasive writing
  • RemoteOK – best website to hire freelancers for persuasive writing

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