7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Grant Writing in Africa

Being an African business owner or non-profit executive and getting grant funding will be essential to your success. It will require strong proposals, which many entrepreneurs do not know how to write.

Thankfully, there are many knowledgeable freelancers whose specialty is grant writing.  Employ their services and you’ll have your best grant proposals drawn up in the shortest time possible.

In this article, we will explain the best websites to hire freelancers for grant writing who solely serve the African market.

7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Grant Writing in Africa

The best websites to search for and hire African freelancers who do grant writing are listed here. Some of them were started by Africans and all serve African audiences:

#1 WritersGig

WritersGig has a plethora of grant writers who are knowledgeable about how the African landscape works.

One of the best ways to win a grant through a proposal is to ensure your proposal satisfies the needs of the very audience to whom the business is expected to cater.

On WritersGig, many vetted freelancers understand the rudiments of grant writing. You have the liberty to hire a grant writer who is from your locality.

It is our top pick because the website has many perks that the owner will find useful.

Because of the credibility of the platform, you do not have to worry about getting quality proposals. The freelancers are screened before being allowed to work on the website. The platform provides a medium through which you can peruse the proposals submitted, and request submissions to ensure you get near-perfect work. Then, payment is made only after the proposal has been accepted.

Just ensure the grant writer is top-rated in the category and can provide some previous work experience that you consider true to your needs.

Visit WritersGig

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#2 PeoplePerHour

It is a major force in the global freelance sector in Africa. PeoplePerHour was founded in 2009 in South Africa. 

They let you search freelancer profiles according to their qualifications and experience. However, it is not exclusive to African writers, so, you will have to search to find African writers on the website.

Because of its global reach, it is one of the best websites to find freelance grant writers.

Visit PeoplePerHour

#3 AfriBlocks

Their slogan is quality of work done on a budget, on point, and on time.

AfriBlocks is a pan-African marketplace that started in Zimbabwe in 2020.  They are known for gathering a pool of vetted freelance professionals. Although their specialty is tech and design talents, they have expanded their talent pool.

They boast of providing the world with African talents who have a growing demand for their expertise. Their pricing is affordable.

Here, you’ll find the right freelancers that match your needs.

Visit AfriBlocks Website

#4 Afrilance

Created in 2014, Afrilance is another pan-African freelance marketplace that provides grant writing, among other services. 

They provide safe escrow payments and let clients submit assessments for freelancers.

Their user-friendly platform offers ease of use, their vetting process is rigorous but easy, and as such, they have carefully selected talents to join their team. 

Visit Afrilance 

#5 GIGL.com

This is one of the best website to hire freelancers for grant writing.

GIGL was founded in Kenya in 2014 to connect businesses in East and Central Africa with experienced freelancers like grant writers. 

They distinguish themselves by providing secure in-platform payments and prioritizing the development of freelancer and customer trust. 

Another advantage is that their focus on the region ensures a large pool of skilled grant writers from East and Central Africa. So, their talents are limited to these regions. They may not have as much reach as other pan-African platforms as a result. But our focus is on the best freelance websites for grant writing and they are highly recommended.

Visit GIGL

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#6 FreelancingGig

This is another recommended website to hire freelancers for grant writing. One of the features I love about the platform is the ability to search by country. You can search for freelancers from a particular locality to hire.

They provide affordable writing options. Your funds are protected. According to the website, If there’s ever an issue, we’ll help you fix it.

Visit FreelancingGig

#7 Guru

The modern and user-friendly website makes it simple to create a profile that emphasizes your freelance experience and places you in the pool to connect with potential employers for remote assignments that they have available.

Although Guru charges a membership fee, they have a large number of free applications that are sent annually.

The disadvantage of Guru is reports of potential fraudulent clients, therefore, independent contractors must exercise vigilance to prevent becoming victims.

Visit Website 

What is Grant writing?

Grant writing is the skill of creating compelling proposals used to obtain money for projects, programs, or research. Usually, the following organizations receive these grant proposals:

Governmental agencies: They fund initiatives that advance their declared public goals.

Corporations: Many businesses budget for grants to assist causes associated with their sector or social responsibility objectives.

Foundations and Trusts: Founded by philanthropists, these organizations provide grant funding for initiatives that further their charity goals.

Who is a Grant Writer?

A grant writer is an expert in the field of writing winning grant applications.  

These are some of the key duties of a freelance grant writer:

Grant writers stay current on grant programs and find ones that align with the goals of their project and the top priorities of the donor.

They craft engaging proposals that emphasize the problem your project aims to address, the solution you suggest, and the advantages it will provide.

Handling grant proposals’ budgets: Grant writers make sure your budget is precise, reasonable, and up to donor expectations.

Putting together supporting materials: They gather and arrange any other documents, like project schedules or endorsement letters, that the grant application might need.

Grant writers make sure all proposals adhere to the structure, deadlines, and requirements set out by the funder by following submission requirements.

A grant writer basically speaks for you by turning your concepts into an interesting proposal that convinces the donor to fund your project.

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How Much Does A Grant Writer Earn In Africa?

Grant writers in South Africa might make an average of R203,800, or about $11,700, yearly, according to a PayScale study from 2024. 

Freelancers: Usually based on an hourly rate, which can be from ZAR 209 (about $12) to ZAR 300 (about $17) depending on experience.

In Nigeria, according to Payscale, the average rate for grant writers in Nigeria in 2023 is around ₦2,500/hour.

Grant writers in the United States make, on average, $75,287 a year as of April 2024, according to income.com. It is between $67,602 to $84,684.

Goodfunding reports that the price range for freelance grant writers is dependent on experience. For instance, a beginner would charge $25 per hour, while an experienced writer with a track record might ask $150 or more.

Why Choose Freelance African Grant Writers?

Local Expertise: African grant writers are aware of the unique financial environment and challenges that African organizations face.

Cultural Nuances: They can tweak proposals to make them more appealing to African donors and cultures.

Cost-Effectiveness: African freelancers may provide pricing similar to those of foreign freelancers.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Grant Writer

  • Not looking at reviews and references in detail.
  • Focusing cheap prices above experience
  • Not asking thorough questions  
  • Not reviewing the previous work and portfolio writing of grant applications.
  • Lack of a comprehensive contract covering all services expected.
  • Not making sure they know your industry and location
  • Quickly finishing the hiring process  
  • Putting a clever sales pitch ahead of real information
  • Assuming the general writer will be competent enough
  • Find the proper person and do your homework well to prevent regrets.

Frequently Asked Questions on the best website to hire freelancers for grant writing

Why hire a grant writer?

Engaging a professional grant writer guarantees that your application is thorough, well-written, and tailored to the particular needs of the donor, which raises your chances of being awarded money.

Can I write my grant application?

Yes, you can, but hiring skilled grant writers is better for crafting engaging stories that appeal to the requirements of funding agencies.

How much would hiring a grant writer cost?

The price depends on the platform and level of experience. While some could bill by the hour, others might take a cut of the grant, should it be awarded.

What makes a successful grant proposal?

Strong grant proposals are simple, direct, and engaging. It should both emphasize the uniqueness of your project or concept and fit the goals of the donor.


When hiring a freelancer, give priority to experience with grants, effective communication, and a proven track record of success.

Find the top African freelance grant writer using the best website to hire freelancers for grant writing to get the money you need for your project.


  • Technical HQ – best website to hire freelancers for grant writing
  • Writing Studio – best website to hire freelancers for grant writing

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