7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Objective Writing in Africa

In this age of information overload, objective and unambiguous writing is king. Whether you’re writing a research paper, business report, or educational content for a website, neutrality is crucial. If you cannot find the time and knowledge, this article is actually a lifesaver.  

The best websites for hiring freelancers for objective writing are covered in detail in this article. These knowledgeable experts can turn your concepts into comprehensible, factual information that appeals to your target audience. 

What is Objective Writing?

Objective writing is defined as providing information in an impartial, factual, and neutral manner. The purpose is to inform or explain a subject without injecting personal biases, feelings, or beliefs. 

This type of writing is based on facts, evidence, and logical reasoning to communicate information accurately and objectively.

Types of Objective Writing

Scientific writing

It takes several forms, including research papers, lab reports, and scientific publications. This type of writing communicates knowledge using data, evidence, and repeatable results.

Journalistic writing 

This refers to news articles and reports in which the author gives objective facts about events without biases or personal opinions.

Technical writing

It includes clear and concise explanations of techniques, systems, or products in manuals, user manuals, and technical documentation.

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Academic writing

 Comprises essays, theses, and dissertations, all of which must be supported by references to credible sources and evidence-based arguments.

Business writing

It includes white papers and business proposals that deliver information and analysis in a detached, factual manner.

Types of Works that require Objective Writing

  • News stories 
  • Academic articles 
  • Technical reports 
  • Business reports 
  • Policy papers 
  • Encyclopedia entries
  • Instructional manuals 
  • Expository essays 
  • Analytic essays 
  • Causes and effects
  • Descriptive essays 

Characteristics of Objective Writing

  • Impartial Tone
  • Factual Information: Uses verified facts, numbers, and evidence to back up claims.
  • Clear Structure: The data is organized carefully and logically.
  • Formal Language: Avoids slang and informal language by employing formal, precise vocabulary.
  • Evidence-based: Each piece of information is supported by credible sources and facts.

7 Best Website to Hire Freelancers for Objective Writing

These are the best website to hire freelancers for objective writing. They are;

#1 WritersGig

If you are looking for an objective writer, the best place to start your search is on WritersGig. You will find a vast pool of freelance copywriters who have worked in different industries and have a track record of success. 

How does it work?

On WritersGig, when you post an available job, qualified writers will bid for the job by sending proposals and their portfolios. Review their profiles and choose the best man for the job when you receive them.  

What you see is what there is when it comes to reviews. 

Bear in mind that the system charges a 10% maintenance fee to the buyer and writer. However, it is free to join, hire, and work.

Copies are meant to be clear, concise, and error-free. As a result, WritersGig has Grammarly integrated into its database. Once the writer or buyer has a Grammarly subscription, he can correct his work on the platform’s interface.

If you’re posting the copy to a website, the text editor on WritersGig is the same as the WordPress interface. All you have to do is copy the text and paste it to your website, and all the formatting is retained.

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#2 Twine

This is a freelance website based in Nigeria. It solely caters to the Nigerian market. It has a user-friendly interface with a modern look.

Their customer support is on Fleek 247.

One of the features I find most endearing is the freelancer search by city. Basically, you can search and filter writers based on the state in which they reside in Nigeria. If you are a buyer who seeks freelancers from a particular part of the country, twine is your go-to guy.

Their specialty is creative writing, of which objective writing is part of, development, and marketing. Music and web development are all what they specialize in.

#3 WriterHire

This is a premier freelance website where you hire expert writers in objective writing, ghostwriting, script and academic writing, web, and marketing. 

They focus on connecting professionals with the best writers who suit their company and project requirements. They have a specialized matching system. So, all the steps to hire a good objective writer are already eliminated by the system.

You’ll love the experience from WriteHire; both for the writer and the client. They also have project management tools where you can track project progress with a transparent pricing scheme. 

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#4 Hirewriters

This freelance website for objective writing prides itself on affordable jobs. One of its strong writing niches is story writing and academic writing.

It is free to become a member and buyers only pay for the articles when they’re satisfied with it. Essentially, you are not guaranteed payment as stated in a LinkedIn review I read. They have thousands of writers so the competition is real. However, the interface is quite easy to use. It is one of those websites you wouldn’t believe their eligibility by seeing the interface but it is legit.

#5 Terawork

On Terawork, you will find and hire the right freelancer for all writing including objective writing. A review on Glassdoor reveals that the pay is good, on time and they offer freelancer training.

In case you didn’t know, Terawork is a free online marketplace that connects people with freelancers. To find the right freelancer, create a job post with an accurate description of your need, and deadline and you’ll receive quotes from interested freelancers. Their support service is available every hour.

#6 Writers.ng

They have some of the most reputable writers in the industry. Their top talents are some of the best freelancers for objective writing.

Quick delivery time is one of their strong points with unlimited revisions. A buyer should be assured that their work is original. There are thousands of writers working on their website from around the world, however, they are in Nigeria.

#7 Writers.ng

This is a professional Academic writing company in West Africa, that also offers objective writing.

The platform has an affinity for high-quality services and content 

Writers at Writers.ng can produce 250-750 words per hour if the work has a limited deadline.

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Objective writing is important in situations that require correct, unbiased information. 

It is commonly used in the academic, scientific, technological, and journalistic fields to ensure that the information provided is reliable and supported by facts rather than subjective opinions.

The website listed in this article are the best to hire freelancers for objective writing.


  • Diggity Marketing – best website to hire freelancers for objective writing
  • Upwork – best website to hire freelancers for objective writing

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