7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Mirror Writing in Africa

Does your child write in reverse?

Or, did you write in reverse as a kid?

Little did we know that this could become a niche.

Use these websites to hire the best freelancers for mirror writing.

What is Mirror Writing?

Mirror writing refers to writing in the opposite direction of a language’s natural flow. It seems normal when reflected in a mirror. It can occasionally be used as a very simple type of cipher.

The phrase “AMBULANCE” is usually printed in large mirrored letters on the front of ambulances, which is a popular use of mirror writing in modern times. This enables drivers to see the word in their rearview mirror in the proper manner

Some people can write mirrored text by hand.

When learning how to mirror write, use reference material like an alphabetical chart, reverse text generators, or practice sentences. Practice as often as you can until you master the technique. With some diligence and patience, you can easily mirror write.

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7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Mirror Writing in Africa

#1 WritersGig

WritersGig is the haven for freelancers for mirror writing.

The freelancers admitted to the platform are vetted.

Buyers can find and hire freelancers in two ways: directly by gigs or through proposals.  You can hire writers based on pricing categories in their gig.

They can also hire writers based on categories. 

This is an excellent option that enables the buyer to hire mirror writers within his budget. 

One thing you should know as a buyer is that hiring from a gig means you accept to pay the amount stated on the writer’s gig. If you are not comfortable, negotiate and have the writer edit his gig. Otherwise, if you hire, WritersGig automatically creates the invoice and the writer cannot edit it. This will give you a bad image, even as a genuine buyer.

The messaging section is simple and fast for interactions. Once you hire a writer, the system automatically sends the writer a message informing them of the hire. This will begin communication between buyers and writers.

Here, you can explain all your requirements and the writer can contact you before making a tweak if it will be better from a professional standpoint.

They boast of an escrow payment system.

For mirror writing, freelancers can earn between ₦3500 and ₦20000 per gig.

Visit WritersGig

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#2 Upwork

This is a popular freelance website that you can hire for mirror writing.

It has a vast pool of writers, from beginners to experts. You may have to search through a pile of applicants to find the best mirror writer for your business.

To find the best writers on this platform, conduct a thorough portfolio screening and review their past client feedback.

There is also the option for a flexible project term and payment options.


#3 Fiverr

Fiverr works with gigs.

It offers a convenient marketplace for small, one-off projects for writers.

Clients browse gigs and create custom requests to hire high-quality writers.

You’ll find affordable writers on Fiverr.

Some of the prevalent gigs on Fiverr are for SEO writers, copywriters, social media managers, and lots more.

    #4 Guru

    Guru is another highly-rated freelance website to hire mirror writers.  They emphasize building a lasting relationship between clients and freelancers. 

    On the platform are an escrow payment system, project management tools, and established relationships for long-term projects.

    On Guru, you’ll find a plethora of experienced writers.

    #5 FreelanceWriting.com

    FreelanceWriting.comis a niche-based freelance website where you can specifically hire writers in all categories. 

    This is an advantage because it allows the client to find only the best freelance writer available to work with.

    Clients can post projects, browse through writer profiles, and interview candidates before hiring.

    The only downside is that it has a smaller pool of writers compared to the ones that have already been listed. 

    #6 We Work Remotely

    This is one of the biggest freelance websites that hire mirror writers.

    They boast of over 4.5 million visitors.

    There is no type of job listing you won’t find on this platform.

    Advisable is the job search by categories. Clients can just use this to weave through the website since it has a vast pool of freelancers fighting for the numerous jobs available.

    Visit website

    #7 Flex jobs

    As the name suggests, it is a freelance platform that focuses on flexibility and remote work opportunities.

    You’ll find numerous job offers, from project management to content writing and mirror writing to contract jobs for developers.

     Flexjobscan be filtered through flexibility, work schedules, and travel requirements.

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    Mirror writing is the result of a mix of factors that show how our mind and body adapt to writing.  

    The most common form of mirror-writing happens in childhood. Look at a child’s first spelling book, and you’ll see how letters and numbers are written back to front, or even a whole name written backward.

    In all honesty, can you become a mirror writer?


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