7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for GhostWriting in Africa

Confession time!

I started as a ghostwriter but I quickly became jealous because someone else took credit for all my hard work!

Funnily, I wasn’t provided materials like other ghostwriters. Because I had signed a secrecy clause, I couldn’t make a case. Besides, I was well aware of the contract terms before starting.

Enough about me!

These are the best websites to hire freelancers for ghostwriting if you want a writer from Africa who understands your brand voice and audience. 

7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Ghost Writing in Africa

These are the platforms to find the best ghost writing freelancers.

#1 WritersGig

WritersGig offers a safe and efficient way to find African writers who understand your target audience.

It is a platform specifically built for African freelancers, ensuring a strong understanding of the continent’s cultural nuances.

It has a robust content verification system that only allows Vetted writers to work on the platform and a Grammarly integration that guarantees high-quality content.

There is a secure escrow that protects both clients and freelancers during transactions. Writers are automatically paid for the jobs done by the platform.

How it Works:

Detail your requirements, budget, and deadline.

Receive Proposals: Writers submit proposals outlining their experience and approach.

Review & Choose: Select the writer that best suits your needs.

Secure Payment: Funds are held in escrow until project completion.

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#2 Writers.ng

Writers.ng is a more individualized method of accessing ghostwriters who have specialized industry knowledge.

Writers are filtered based on niche and industry experience.

You can browse through writers’ portfolios to ascertain their level of writing proficiency before hiring.

There are flexible options for calculating rates as opposed to the rigid fixed project cost. 

How it Works:

Sign up as a client and post your project details.

Search for writers based on skills and experience.

Discuss project requirements and agree on rates and deadlines directly with the writer.

Use the platform’s secure payment system for transactions.

This is one of the best websites to hire freelancers for ghostwriting.

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#3 AyibaRadio 

This is not a freelance website but a radio station. However, they focus on connecting African women with creative opportunities, including ghostwriting.

This is a unique option if you specifically want to work with a female African ghostwriter.

They connect qualified African women to creative jobs that become readily available. 

One of the cons is that they have a smaller pool of writers compared to general platforms.


#4 Afrilancer

Afrilancer is a 2014-founded pan-African marketplace that provides ghostwriting among other creative services. They take money securely through escrow and let customers provide reviews.

The platform is best for experienced writers and can spot a fake job offer in a flinch.

Afrilancer Website

#5 PenPoints

A Kenyan businessman launched this East African freelance translator, editor, and writer marketplace in 2018.  It is a digital marketing agency that offers ghostwriting services from experienced African writers.

It emphasizes trust between clients and freelancers with safe in-platform payment options.

The rates are a bit higher than other freelance platforms. Therefore, we’d advise on this if you need additional marketing services alongside ghostwriting.

This is one of the best websites to hire freelancers for ghostwriting.

#6 Guru

Earlier we mentioned that you need a robust budget if you must use PenPoints. Guru is the perfect answer since small company owners and individuals with tight budgets should use the platform. Because posting job advertising is free, it is easy to draw in talented independent informative writers without going over budget. 

Guru has integrated project management into its service. It makes project creation and document sharing easy so you can oversee your content marketing plan.

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#7 Upwork

Upwork is one of the most widely recognized freelance platforms for Africans. Here, e you can find writers who have different experience levels from beginners to advanced writers. 

One perk that gets me every single time is that you can search or filter writers based on experience and skill level as it is an important requirement for ghostwriting. 

You can search for writers based on how much they charge—including their fixed price and hourly rates.

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How Much Does a Ghostwriter in Africa Make?

Entry-Level Ghostwriters: New hires to the industry may make between $5 and $20 a job or hour. These charges are frequently less because the writer lacks experience and a portfolio.

Mid-Level Ghostwriters: Usually charging $20 to $50 per hour or project, ghostwriters with a solid portfolio and considerable experience can charge more.

High-rated freelance ghostwriters may charge between $50 and $100 per hour or job. Usually specializing in particular fields or industries, these writers can charge a premium for their services.

Who is a Ghostwriter?

Writers that create content but do not receive byline or credit for it. A good ghostwriter writes in the client’s voice for a project. 

After their draft, the work goes through a round of editing, and then the content is published in the name of the author who hired the ghostwriter. 

Ghostwriters can receive either hourly or a set fee.

Generally, ghostwriting is an agreement between two parties:

A ghostwriter is employed by an author (or organization) to write articles on their behalf. Whatever work the ghostwriter does, the author gets full credit.

The author hires and pays a ghostwriter, who does not claim ownership of their work.

Usually, to safeguard the privacy of the ghostwriter, an author-writer contract includes a secrecy clause.

What’s the difference between a ghostwriter and a co-author?

A co-author is a writer working with you on a book project, with whom you exchange ideas and share a vision. Since this is a joint work, the co-author is also an author. Imagine you and a partner co-founded a business and decided to work together on a book. You are the co-author and writer of the book with your co-founder. Authors or co-authors are not ghostwriters.

What exactly does a ghostwriter do?

A ghostwriter can write fiction or nonfiction books, literary or journalistic essays, blogs, podcast or video screenplays, ebooks, song lyrics, and more. 

Reputable ghostwriters are hired by celebrities often to write their autobiographies. Political leaders may also hire ghostwriters for written material including speeches, news articles, and magazine pieces.

Some authors hire ghostwriters, supply the content, and leave the ghostwriter to his craft. Authors of screenplays might pay a ghostwriter to revise or edit their work to raise the standard of the script.

One frequent place to run across ghosting is music. A lot of songwriters write songs and musical pieces through ghostwriting, they write lyrics to fit the performance style of the artist.


Ghostwriting is one of the most lucrative freelance writing styles. If you have the craft and are known for high-quality scandal-free work you are the next big thing.


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