Top 10 Websites Looking for Writers in 2022

websites looking for writers
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Did you know you can get paid to write anything! Just name what niche you write in and you’ll marvel at the number of websites looking for writers in 2022.

Working as a freelancer is one job opportunity people look out for because you have to do your job from the comfort of your home and at your own pace!

Every day, lots of websites that pay freelance writers spring up with every bit of modification you can think of.

While skimming through the long list of websites that are looking for writers, you can choose to work with the very best. Hence, the need to hone your writing skill.

How do I Meet the Requirements on these Websites?

#1 Enhance Your Writing Skills

If you must write for a website, you must possess something that gives you an edge over other applicants. So, it is important to hone and sharpen your writing skill.

It is in developing your skill that you grow the right attitude towards writing while being expectant of the many possibilities that come with being a writer.

Have you heard that writing is evergreen? To be a good fit for these websites that will pay you to write, learn the nitty-gritty of writing, and place much value on yourself.

#3 Take Short Courses on Writing

Personally, I never knew there was more to just writing till I got inducted into the system. Leverage on short writing courses where you can learn how to organize your thoughts and pass your message across to your audience.

Top 10 Websites Looking for Writers

#1. WritersGig

WritersGig is a unique website looking to hire the services of professional writers from any part of the world to deliver quality content to buyers who need them.

The categories of writing they have on their website range from technical writing, UX writing, scriptwriting, and SEO writing.

It fashions all these in a way to suit your niche and you have the advantage to set your pricing scale the most interesting feature about this website is that the payment process is very seamless.

Just like every other website looking for writers, WritersGig has its pros and cons.

#2. Fiverr

This freelance website is a platform where you get to do quality jobs as a writer.

It charges you as the writer 20% for every transaction and pays you within 2 weeks.

So, this is one website that seeks writers in 2022.

#3. Upwork

Upwork is one of the renowned websites where writers can do some freelancing jobs and get paid.

Although it is always difficult for writers who are newbies in the system to get immediate gigs but with patience and consistency, it sure pays off when you finally do.

One thing you must consider when fixing your rates on Upwork is the fact they give you a 20% fee charge off your rates but this is until you make about $500. Then, it reduces to 10%.

If you want to know the websites that are looking for writers, check out Upwork.

#4. iWriter

Before you can join this freelance writing website, you will need to fill out a form and complete a 250-word writer promptly.

If you scale that evaluation stage, you will choose from the array of writing jobs available on the platform and get paid for them.

Here, the more you advance in your writing skill, the more money you stand to earn while on the platform.

#5. Textbroker

With text broker on your list, your search for a website that is looking for freelance writers has ended.

For content across a wide range of topics, you can write for buyers on the platform and get paid too.

The process is seamless and when you meet the demands of the buyer; you land better ratings and get even more writing jobs.

That way, you don’t join the bandwagon of others who lament about unemployment.

Interestingly, you can have access to tools that can help you improve your writing skill.

#6. Guru

This is another marketplace for writers to make tons of money. All you need to do to earn is to create a writing profile and reference works you have done in the past.

This process gives you visibility and gives you an appearance in searches relating to finding eligible writers.

#7. Craigslist

This might not be your everyday website where writers are highly sought-after. Rather, it is a place to build a portfolio and expand the knowledge you have on writing.

On Craigslist, the opportunities available are scarce. So, you have to scout and sift through dubious writing jobs and low-paying ones.

#8. The Writer Finder

This website works just like WritersGig where buyers and business owners connect with writers to provide them with content that suits them.

As a writer on this platform, you can sign up and join the writer database of this website.

The Writer Finder is always on the lookout for writers at all levels and presents them with ideal writing opportunities.

#9. FlexJobs

This is an online website that grants you as a professional writer the opportunity to find writing gigs.

To become a writer on this platform, you must go through the screening and evaluation process.

The only disadvantage of using this platform is the need for you to subscribe to gain access to job details available on the platform.


The last in the list of websites looking for writers is It operates similarly just like Upwork.

Although the gigs you get here are one-time stuff but they are very attractive gigs.

There is a feedback and evaluation system where you get more ratings and recommendations if you are proficient in what you do.

Final Thoughts

There are a thousand and one websites looking for writers willing to render their writing services and get paid for the same.

These websites are great options if you want to work remotely and as a freelancer too.



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