7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Copywriting in Africa

Copies are meant to be convincing. They have a persuasive nature that should trigger readers to an action. This is the need of every business that needs the services of a copywriter.

Since most businesses do not have the requisite knowledge to write their copies because they have a high conversion rate goal, it is only expedient to hire a professional.

These websites are the best to hire freelancers for copywriting. 

7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Copywriting in Africa

#1 WritersGig

If you are looking for a copywriter, the best place to start your search is on WritersGig.  You will find a vast pool of freelance copywriters who have worked in different industries and have a track record of success. 

How does it work?

On WritersGig, when you post an available job, qualified writers will bid for the job by sending proposals and their portfolios. When you receive them, review their profiles and choose the best man for the job.  

What you see is what there is when it comes to reviews. 

Bear in mind that the system charges a 10% maintenance fee from the buyer and 10% from the writer when he receives a pay. However, the platform doesn’t charge a dime to join, hire, and work.

Copies are meant to be clear, concise and error-free. As a result, WritersGig has Grammarly integrated into its database. Once the writer or buyer has a Grammarly subscription, he can correct his work on the platform’s interface.

If you’re posting the copy to a website, the text editor on WritersGig is the same as the WordPress interface. All you have to do is copy the text and paste it to your website, and all the formatting is retained. 

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#2 Scripted

The freelance site Scripted focuses on copywriting. To assist companies write a variety of material, including newsletters, social media posts, and blog entries, Scripted links them with independent copywriters.

To writers, Scripted is like Upwork. With Scripted, there is a monthly membership cost, unlike with Upwork. Once that’s done, you can use their database of independent copywriters whenever.

Copywriters at Scripted work in many different industries. To find the ideal match for your needs, you can sort copywriters according to experience, reviews, and other criteria.

#3 Writers’ Access

WriterAccess is a writers’ marketplace with more than 15,000 copywriters, editors, translators, and designers. They have stellar evaluations and are a well-known, reliable business.

Hire copywriters only when you have registered with WriterAccess. Using your deadlines, copy type, and budget as guides, its AI engine will then pair you with the top copywriters for your project. Access to the site requires a monthly membership beyond the initial free 30-day trial.

Work directly with copywriters to save time, or upgrade to a premium membership package that comes with a dedicated client manager.

#4 PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a recognized freelance website for hire copywriters. They focus on technical and artistic skills, including copywriting. 

It has project management tools, a secure payment processing system, and a user-friendly interface. 

PeoplePerHour allows you to input job specifications, set a budget, and receive proposals from freelance copywriters. Before hiring a freelancer, study their profiles, consider their skills and experience, and read client testimonials. 

PeoplePerHour charges a commission fee on freelancers’ income. Buyers must pay a project listing charge and a payment handling fee. 

#5 Guru 

Guru, like Upwork and Fiverr, is a freelance platform that offers a wide range of services, including copywriting. 

It is a global marketplace with a large consumer base. 

Rates are totally up to you, and client testimonials help you build a reputation. Project management tools are also offered to help clients work more effectively. 

Guru is a well-known freelance platform that focuses on IT and web development projects. it. However, it provides several copywriting freelancers. 

The platform offers services for dispute resolution.

#6 Contently 

Contently is a content marketing freelance website that links organizations with freelancers, filmmakers, and other content creators. Their area of expertise is creating strategic, high-quality content. 

The platform works with well-known companies, giving you the chance to work on high-profile projects and build your portfolio. 

Contently gives fair pay to freelancer copywriters. 

The user-friendly platform enables project contact, approvals, and payments. 

Because Contently’s application process is competitive, being accepted gives prospective clients an idea of your qualifications. 

Contently uses a screening process to verify that all of its freelancers are qualified copywriters who meet their high standards. 

Contently offers more than just writing services; they also help formulate content strategy and ensure that the material fits with marketing objectives. 

#7 ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a content marketing website that connects companies with freelancers, authors, and other content creators. 

ClearVoice’s large brand connections will provide freelancers with opportunities to work on popular projects. Their rates are competitive.

The platform completely screens all of its freelancers, so you know you’re working with skilled copywriters. Furthermore, they offer several tools and resources to help you manage your content marketing campaigns. 

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What Does a Freelancer Copywriter Charge?

Here is a breakdown of how copywriters charge.

Word rates: According to Writersgig, you should budget between $0.05 and $0.20 for each word. 

Hourly rates: In South Africa, for instance, hourly rates range from ZAR 209 (about $12) to ZAR 300 (about $17), depending on experience.

How to Hire Freelance Copywriters

#1 Decide on the kind of writer you want to hire.

All great copywriters have a specialty, much like doctors.

If you don’t know what kind of writer you want, you can find yourself drowning in necessary resumes. It will also be a wild guess who you will choose to hire.

To find the writer you need, use the following four criteria:

Niche: You should hire a writer who specializes in the area you are seeking. For instance, business, coaching, real estate, money, parenting, pets, weight loss, and nutrition.

Writing style: Select the writing style that best fits your brand—sardonic, authoritative, educational, or playful.

Type of Copy: Are content writers or copywriters what you need? Will they write emails, sales pages, video scripts, social media postings, or all of the above?

Skill Level: The amount you’ll pay the freelancer should be synonymous with their level of talent. If you are just starting, haven’t made any money yet, have a tight budget, and don’t want to create your copy, I suggest you start with a greener copywriter who can grow with your business.

If you have an offer already made and a quality that has to be met, hire a more experienced writer. 

#2 Write a VERY Comprehensive Job Description

Finding a brilliant copywriter is dependent on having a compelling job description; you should have one before you even start looking.

Quality should come before quantity when hiring. As such, if you spend some time writing an excellent job description, you will attract the best applicants.

Include in your job description all the information in step 1, such as the kind, degree of experience, and area of expertise you need in a copywriter. This will help you to cut out the writers that aren’t right for you.

Give your job posting your whole self. Outline your company’s objective, vision, and ethos. Passion and charisma drive copywriters!

The most important thing to remember during this phase is to set extremely exact application deadlines.

If you don’t do this, you’ll have a ton of unqualified leads and more work to spend weeding through applications.

Always ask candidates for a cover letter explaining why they think they would be a great fit for your team and their objectives for working with you. Additionally, ask to see a writing sample or portfolio of work.

Another item I like to put in a brief instruction like “Send in your application with the subject line: Copywriter Application – Your Name”.

This will come in handy later on when you are vetting applications and want to know who actually read your job description and followed the instructions.

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#3: Find Prospects

Naturally, getting referrals for copywriters from friends or colleagues never hurts. Starting there is a smart move. 

To find recent English major graduates looking for work, post on campus or local job boards.

There are also open copywriting communities on Facebook where writers are actively looking for clients.

One other popular hiring tool is LinkedIn. Just type “copywriter” or “freelance writer” into a keyword search, then add a link to your job offering in your communications.

I’ve also found several writers by searching Instagram for hashtags like #writersofIG or #Freelancewriter. Being unconventional could let you find a diamond when others aren’t searching.

Also, use freelance websites that we have mentioned earlier in this article. 

# 4 Filter Candidates

Put on your reading glasses now and get to work narrowing down the list of applicants to the top 5. I firmly believe that first impressions count here. 

The easiest way to start is by going through applications with the right subject line and removing those that didn’t follow instructions. In this way, you can turn down about 90% of applicants without them even opening the email or message.

Go through only the cover letters of applicants who followed the instructions. Had they not included cover letters, they would have screened. And if they write a badly phrased cover letter, good luck. 

Go over the applications, and call for an interview to find out their personality and creativity. Go over the list of interviewed applicants and choose the best 5. 

#5 Hire Them All

Yes, I know you’re most likely just looking to hire one writer, but at this point, it’s nearly impossible to tell which one would work best with your brand and company without a test.

So come up with a short, easy copywriting project and HIRING THEM ALL to finish it. Give them all detailed instructions together with deadlines.

I once worked with five writers at once to develop a five-email sequence for a customer that involved cart abandonment.

Though each writer had a different cost, we did test them out, but ultimately, one writer truly stood out from the rest, and I now have an amazing writer on staff!

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#6 Hire the Best Friend

Choosing a payment plan and working out terms of employment come next after you’ve decided on the writer you want to work with.

I suggest giving them a monthly retainer or project-based payment rather than hourly. This benefits the writer who is looking for steady work as well as the business owner who can budget and plan appropriately.

I also advise against paying commissions as a percentage of sales because they are hard to manage alone and sales may be unpredictable.

Paying writers fairly for their work is good and reduces the chance that your writer may become upset over having guaranteed a portion of sales—a factor that is completely out of their control—should you not immediately see interest in the offer.

Copy conversion rate is also greatly influenced by other factors such as design, website load speed, traffic quality, shopping cart conversion, etc.

If the writer you hire proves to be an essential team player and a key component of your brand and company, you should have a bonus plan based on sales.


As you look for the best copywriters, remember to look in the right places. The best freelance websites to hire copywriters have been explained here. 

We wish you all the best!


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