7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Expository Writing in Africa

Many writing assignments students will be given are expository writing.

You’ll be required to present facts clearly and logically.

  The objective is to present facts that are free of bias and personal opinions. If you can leave your emotions aside in any piece of writing, then you can do well as an expository writer.

In addition to explaining the concepts, we will list the best websites to hire freelancers for expository writing.

What is expository writing?

Expository writing involves using data to show or explain a subject. Expository writing includes a thesis statement, supporting details, illustrative paragraphs, and a content summary. 

As a result, the primary goal of expository writing is to give objective, factual information that is free of bias or personal opinion. Instead, these writings review verifiable material about a topic so that the reader can reach their well-informed conclusions. 

It is typical to assume that readers of expository writing have little to no knowledge of the subject. It is the writer’s responsibility and goal to provide as much accurate data as possible on the issue without influencing the reader to take a side or feel a specific way. 

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What type of Writing Requires Expository Writing?

Works that use expository writing are:

  • Essays
  • Newspapers
  • Magazine articles
  • Instruction manuals
  • Encyclopedias
  • School textbooks

Types of expository writing

These are the ways to present expository writing in works;

Compare and contrast. In a compare-and-contrast, you explore the similarities and contrasts between two or more subjects. 

Definition. This expository writing defines a subject.

Classification. When writing a classification article, you discuss the characteristics of various subjects that belong to the same category. You could, for example, write a blog article describing the many types of expository writing. In that blog post, you define each type of expository writing, including its benefits and drawbacks.

Problem and solution. A problem and solution essay describes a current issue and then discusses the best strategy to fix it. This approach is also used in persuasive writing, but it is more commonly used in troubleshooting guides and to discuss how specific problems were solved.

Process. You describe the process step by step, providing the reader with as much detail as necessary for each stage when describing how a process works or the steps required to produce something or complete another task.

Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Expository Writing

These are the best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Expository Writing.

#1 WritersGig

If you are looking for where to hire an expository writer, the best place to start your search is on WritersGig.

The pool for academic writing is vast and you can easily find one who does expository writing. 

Since you are on the lookout, post a job ad and watch writers clamor for your attention through proposals. Go through the proposals and their profiles before making a choice. 

On the platform, the buyer can optimize works straight on the WritersGig interface. The text editor is the same as the WordPress interface. Just copy the text and paste it to your website, and all the formatting is retained. Remember to inform your worker to format the work in the way you deem necessary.

The least amount a writer can charge for expository writing on WritersGig is #1500. However, the average amount per word is from ₦20 to ₦100.

Depending on your level of experience, you can charge as high as #15,000 for one expository writing.

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#2 Nairalance

This Nigerian freelance website provides opportunities to hire freelancers specializing in different niches including expository writing.

Freelancers are at liberty to advertise their expertise and their service charge.

Their talent pool is quite vast and many freelancers get jobs done here quite frequently.

Writers post their services and the amount charged on the website, they then advertise to potential buyers on social media. Buyers who make orders are messaged on the Nairalance messages where u discuss the details of their job requirements. 

The writer ensures the buyer has created an escrow payment on the platform before accepting the offer.

When the work is delivered within the agreed time, the writer asks the buyer to release the escrow payment. Once he does so, the payment is credited to the writer’s account.

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#3 PeoplePerHour

You can hire freelance expository writers on PeoplePerHour. PeoplePerHour is a platform that connects freelancers with clients seeking various services, including expository writing.

Once you get to the platform, use the search function to find freelance expository writers. You can search for specific keywords like “expository writer” and then browse through the profiles of available freelancers.

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#4 Guru

Guru.com is a leading online space for academic freelancers to find work posted by employers, manage projects, and get paid. It won’t be difficult to get an academic writer who specializes in expository writing. 

Simply create your profile and define the services you want to offer for hire.

Guru gives you access to the best freelancers that match your demands.

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#5 Freelancer.com

This freelance website specializes in connecting clients with freelancers in branding, photography, sales, marketing writing, and communication niches, and every niche you can think about.

Freelancer.com has a vast pool of talents who are willing to take on jobs once they are posted.

Clients meet professionals who take on their jobs, while freelancers are hired by those who need their services.

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#6 Writely.ng

Hire vetted Nigerian writers to bring flavor to that piece of art. They deliver the best-written dissertations, essays, assignments, research papers, proposals, and business reports.

This is an outsourcing platform where freelancers can find jobs.

The website connects qualified African youths to entrepreneurs and businesses who require their services. Expository writing is classified under academic writing and this freelance website specializes in it.

The ideal freelancers working here are experts in different fields who have garnered experience over time.

For expository writing, I recommend this platform. The platform has won multiple awards and this writing agency works 365 days a year.

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#7 Writers.ng

This is a professional Academic writing company in West Africa.

They have an affinity for high-quality services and content 

Writers at Writers.ng can produce 250-750 words per hour if the work has a limited deadline.

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#8 Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can easily find the best expository writers for any topic you wish to write about. The marketplace for freelancers on Fiverr is huge, so you can easily find experts in expository writing, essays, textbook writing and what have you.

Use the advanced search feature to screen the outcomes and only hire the crème de la crème. Once you find a good fit, you can check out the qualifications and customer reviews on their profile.

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How to do expository writing effectively

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re completing expository writing assignments:

Work through the entire writing process

Brainstorming your topic is the first step in writing a superb essay, not typing words on a screen. 

When writing other forms of writing, such as narrative or persuasive writing, you may know exactly what you want to write as soon as you receive your assignment, allowing you to bypass a few stages of the writing process. 

However, because you’re working with data and a strategy for presenting it in a logical, appealing manner, you’ll need to schedule time to thoroughly outline, research, brainstorm, and develop your work.

Be creative, but constrained

Your expository writing can be fun at times, but it will not be a carnival on paper. 

Similes and juxtaposition are examples of literary devices that should be used sparingly and to help the reader understand the facts.

Always check the facts

Expository writing focuses on the facts. While conducting research, you may come across contradictory sources. If this happens, investigate the contradictory evidence to find the truth. 

This can be performed by researching the specific fact, reading what other academic sources have to say about it, and reviewing the publications of the two opposing sources.

 When comparing a personal blog to an item from a.edu or a.gov website, the latter is likely more objective.

Share the facts with style

Expository writing does not need to be dry; it can be reasoned and factual. It really should not be. However, presenting data and facts engagingly is not always straightforward.

Grammarly can help. 

Our writing guidelines ensure that your sentences flow effortlessly and that you’re using engaging words. Grammarly’s tone detector also allows you to evaluate how well your writing connects with the reader immediately.

Grammarly can distinguish tones such as confident, friendly, straightforward, and informal.


Expository writing focuses on writing unbiased facts. Make sure to understand all it takes before delving into expository writing.

You don’t have to do it on your own, check the best websites to hire freelancers for expository writing.


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