7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Medical Writing in Africa

Are you a busy medical professional who needs some articles for a medical journal or your blog?

The health niche is not one you can saddle its writing responsibility to amateur writers. The information they put out is consumed by the public, who will make life-altering decisions off them. 

Some time ago, I experienced some symptoms and I ran a Google search. I became so frightened by the diseases I was seeing that I could have died out of panic. 

Finally, I found a website that gave me some hope, and the doctors I later consulted diagnosed a similar cause.

Don’t just hire anyone to write medical articles, search out the best freelancers for medical writing using any of these websites. 

What is Medical Writing?

According to NCBI, medical writing involves writing scientific documents, including research documents, disease educational work, and publication articles for healthcare websites and journals.

The information in these documents should be written in a comprehensible manner suitable to the target audience.

Medical writers should have an understanding of medical terms, be keen on research skills, present data, and document review, editing, and publishing.

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Types of Medical Writing

Medical Journalism

These are newspaper and magazine articles aimed at enlightening the layman or general public. Therefore, it is written in simple non-technical terms.

Medical Education

It is written for patients as educational material and for physicians in the form of textbooks, programs, e-learning modules, etc.


These are documents, Abstracts, journal articles, manuscripts for research articles, case reports, review articles, posters, and presentations for meetings and conferences.

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Research Documents

This can be research proposals, study reports, consent documents, or clinical trial protocols.

Research document

Who Requires Medical Writers?

  • Contract research organizations
  • Functional service providers
  • Health websites and blogs
  • Media and publishing companies
  • Medical journals and medical societies
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare product companies 
  • Medical device companies

7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Medical Writing in Africa

These are the best website to hire freelancers for medical writing.

#1 WritersGig

You’ll find the best medical writers on WritersGig. 

It is a freelance website to hire some of the best medical writers ever.

Most buyers who need medical writers publish them on their blogs. The buyer can optimize articles on the WritersGig interface. The text editor is the same as the WordPress interface. 

You must inform your writers to optimize headings, internal linking, meta descriptions, featured images, etc. You must copy the text and paste it to your website while maintaining all the formatting.  

A freelance medical writer can earn an average of NGN 100,000 per month.

As a writer, the platform doesn’t allow you to create a gig below #1500. Basically, they cannot even allow you to earn below minimum wage.

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#2 Writing Studio

Writing Studio is a content writing company that started as a medical writing company but has since expanded its skillset.

You’ll find writers with medical degrees and medical science graduates. Their lifeblood is medical writing.

This website provides a managed service that gives you access to competent freelance medical writers with experience in the medical field.

#3 Express Writers

Express Writers is a freelance content creation company that divides writers into the following categories; general, expert, specialist, and authority. These categories have different experience levels and pay rates.

The website offers medical content writing services.

Clients can order medical content from the website by creating an account. The order will be assigned to a writer who will write your content.

Basically, the website matches orders to writers. 

#4 ContentWriters

ContentWriters is another place to find freelance medical writers for hire. The website states that it employs a variety of licensed medical experts, MDs, and RNs. By doing this, you can be confident that the content you order is thoroughly researched and fact-checked, both of which will raise its search engine ranking. 

You have two options for ordering healthcare content: browse their topic marketplace or order a specific piece of content. You can select from pre-pitched topics in the marketplace. 

In either case, you will create an account.  You can ask for a managed account and be assigned a dedicated content manager if you intend to order a lot of content.

#5 WriterGirl

WriterGirl is a specialist healthcare writing agency.

The writers on this website work with hospitals, healthcare charities, medical supplies companies, and other healthcare organizations to create high-impact content. 

Go to the WriterGirl website and request an initial consultation. One of their content managers will reach out to you to get a better grasp of your content goals. 

If you like what they propose, sign up as a client.

#6 Verblio

Verblio is a full-service content writing agency.

It is a fantastic option if you want to work with medical writers who have undergone extensive training and testing by an agency.  

There are over 200 medical writers who are all qualified and experienced in writing about medical topics. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of this website is their charges are so high. 

#7 WriterAccess

Working with WriterAccess you will have access to a group of skilled freelance medical writers. 

Additionally, clients will have access to several tools that will let them oversee every step of the writing, editing, and publication process. They are therefore a fantastic option if you want to manage every aspect of your content marketing campaign from a single platform.

Create an account on the company’s website to work with it. After that, you’ll purchase materials, request revisions, and place orders. The subscription fees you have to pay in addition to the content prices are the largest drawback of using WriterAccess. 

This is not the best website for clients who want to order a small quantity of content in a month. 

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Those listed above are the best website to hire freelancers for medical writing. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an untrained medical professional, because the information he will provide may land you in trouble.


  • NCBI – best website to hire freelancers for medical writing
  • AMWA – best website to hire freelancers for medical writing

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