How to Write Security Guard Application Letter With No Experience: Nigerians Most Ultimate Guide

Personnel or security guards are without a doubt among of the most important employees in any firm. Every organization works for the safety of its employees, equipment, and goods.

Without the support of security personnel, houses, businesses, and other institutions cannot secure the protection of their residents and property.

Organizations not only need security staff, but they also want to hire competent personnel who understand the hazards connected with the job.

Given the high need for security officials, you can be confident that if you are a trained security officer, you will find work. In addition to the strong need for skilled security guards, Nigeria has a huge number of competent security guards seeking work.

In this article, we will show you how to write an application letter for a security guard job in Nigeria.

How to Write a Letter of Application for a Security Guard Job in Nigeria

It is important to provide all relevant information in your security guard application letter in Nigeria so that the organization can choose you.

Employers want to ensure that candidates for security jobs have the necessary training and skills before hiring them. Employers value skills such as monitoring and attention to detail.

Employers want to recruit trained security people as well as those that possess the relevant skills. Thus, your trainings will determine if you are suitable.

As a result, it is a good idea to include in your application letter any training you have taken that qualifies you for the position.

Steps on How to Write an Application letter for Security Job Application

Date and contact information

When writing an application letter for a security job in Nigeria, you must provide your date and contact information at the beginning.

Both your contact information and the company’s information should usually be found in the upper left corner of the letter. You should also put a date at the end of the contact information.


In the body of the letter, begin by greeting the person to whom you are writing before discussing your qualifications and expertise. You can send a professional greeting by adding MR or MRS to the recipient’s last name.

State why you are writing this letter

Once you’ve extended a formal greeting to the recipient, state why you’re writing the letter. Simply state that you want to apply to work for their company as a security officer.

The first paragraph

Once the you’ve written the aim of the letter, you can outline why you believe you are the best applicant for the position.

The letter’s second paragraph

In the second paragraph of your security guard application letter, you describe your background as a security officer, as well as a few relevant degrees and certifications that may help to strengthen the organization’s security.

The third paragraph of your letter of application

In the third paragraph of your application letter, you describe your qualifications, experience, and certifications that qualify you for the position.

The last paragraph of your letter of application

In the fourth paragraph of your application letter, mention how thrilled you are for the interview. Furthermore, you can describe how you want to follow up on the message and how long you will wait for a response.

The final part

In the closing sentence of your application letter, express gratitude to the reader for reviewing your application.

How to Write an Application letter for a Security Guard Job  

We have talked about the structure, now we’ll walk you through the process of writing one.

Make sure to include all of the information requested by the company, recruiter, or HR manager in your application letter.

In this section, we’ll go over the many types of information you should include in your application letter.

Provide information about the position and the company

You must provide some background information about the company and its mission in your application letter. By doing so, you show the recruiter that you are interested in the role and have done your study.

Begin your application letter by describing your interest

It is no secret that recruiters and businesses look forward to finding candidates who are interested in the position. You should declare your interest in the role right away.

It’s a good thing you provided both the job title you’re looking for and how you spotted the opening. To show the recruiter how passionate and eager you are about the job, describe the things that pique your interest.

You should also include your qualifications, experience, and other qualities that make you the best candidate for the position. It is critical to capture the recruiter’s attention right away in your application letter, as they will read the first paragraph.

Describe your experience and qualifications

Following the introduction to the position you’re applying for in the first paragraph, the remaining paragraphs should summarize your job experience and qualifications.

Employers want to hire someone with the right skills to do the job properly, and also those who are enthusiastic about the role. You must present your experience and qualifications in a way that aligns with the company’s mission and vision.

Include a little bit about yourself in your application letter.

Employers and recruiters want to know more about potential candidates than just their degrees and work experience. Ultimately, the employer will be working with a person rather than a collection of qualifications and competencies.

While expressing part of your personality is acceptable, make sure it helps the organization understand why you are the best candidate.

Show appreciation

Before closing the letter, thank the recruiter for taking the time to go through your application and consider you for the job.

Expressing gratitude for the recruiter’s time spent reading your letter is a polite and professional approach to end it.

Close the letter

To end the letter, use a formal signature like “sincerely,” etc. Your full name should be next, followed by your signature. Your contact information should be included in your email application letter.

Sending Your Application letter

The format of your application letter will be decided by how you approach it. If you choose to email the letter rather than submit a paper copy, the structure will change.

Your contact information should appear at the end of an email application letter rather than at the beginning, as they would in a printed letter.

You should consider the subject line of your email while sending your application letter. The subject line of an email may influence a recruiter’s interest in opening and reading it, therefore, it is important.

Always make sure that the subject line of your application is succinct, respectful, professional, and relevant to the position for which you are applying.

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Example of Application Letter for a Security Guard Job

So far, we’ve covered both application letter structure and letter writing. We’ll now walk you through a security job application letter.

Sample 1: For an Experienced Applicant

Salami Chioma

Plot 3 in Ikeja, Airport Road, Lagos

080 (000) (0000)

January 24, 2022.

Dave Peters

Hiring Manager,

ABC Enterprises Group.

Main Street, 10 Ikeja, Lagos.

Dear Mr. Dave,


I’m writing in regard to your job posting for a security executive on I was quite thrilled when I saw the job advertisement for a security executive because I had over 4 years of experience as a security personnel. I will love to help the company achieve her goal by ensuring the safety of the staff and products.  

For the past four years, I’ve worked as a security executive for both large and small enterprises. In my previous post, I supported the administration of the company’s numerous security departments and worked directly with the Chief Security Officer.

I worked as a facilities manager before becoming a security executive. As a facility manager, I learned the importance of maintaining and supervising the organization’s equipment. I am convinced that my experience in facilities management will assist me in properly safeguarding the company’s assets.

I am really interested in safeguarding the safety of people and property because I believe that when people feel secure, they are more likely to give their all.

As a security professional, I’ve spent the bulk of my career working with small organizations, and I cherish the opportunity to take on a variety of jobs. It has also enabled me to work with other team members to achieve company objectives.

I’m an effective communicator, which is critical for a security operative to succeed. I also have a security and surveillance diploma from the Polytechnic in Lagos. Throughout my education and career, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from competent security professionals.

Effective interpersonal communication, excellent attention to detail, strong interpersonal skills, and a basic understanding of security software and systems are among my strongest qualities.

I appreciate you for taking the time to read my application letter. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon to discuss the next steps in the application process. If you require any information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Salami Chioma

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Sample Application Letter for Security Guard Without Experience

This is an example application letter for a position as a security guard in Nigeria for someone with no previous experience.

Sample 1

Chioma Salami


June 26, 2020

Mr. Mark,

Courge Security Sevices

Cresendo Chris Close, Sango Ogun State.

Dear Mr. Mark,

I’m writing to express my strong interest in the Security Guard position advertised on jiji As a responsible and highly motivated individual, I am confident that I have what it takes to thrive in this role and benefit your team.

Despite the fact that I do not have direct security guard experience, I am a strong candidate since I have the following capabilities and qualities:

Good work ethic: I am a committed individual who strives for perfection. I am eager to put in the effort required to succeed and am a quick study.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills: I can remain professional in potentially challenging situations while communicating with people from all walks of life.

Sharp observational skills: I pay close attention to detail and keep an eye on my surroundings. I have faith in my ability to detect and report any suspicious activities.

Physical stamina and fitness: I can stay focused for long periods of time and am in good physical form.

Collaboration and Flexibility: I am a cooperative individual who can quickly adapt to new situations and work effectively in a team.

Honesty and honesty: I have a strong sense of honesty and am a reliable and trustworthy individual.

I am willing to undergo any training necessary to become an invaluable member of your security team because I am a quick learner. I am confident in my ability to handle the responsibilities of this position and contribute to your company’s security.

My resume contains more information about my experience and qualifications. I am available for an interview whenever it is most convenient for you. I sincerely appreciate all of your time and consideration.


Chioma Salami

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Sample 2

Chioma Salami


June 26, 2020

Mr. Mark,

Courge Security Sevices

Cresendo Chris Close, Sango Ogun State.

Dear Mr. Mark,

I would like to be considered for a Security Guard position. I believe my skills and certifications meet the requirements for security guards.

I have extensive knowledge in public safety and dealing professionally with emergency situation. Being a security guard is a major responsibility for me, and I’m passionate about using my skills to the best of my ability to protect people and property.

I appreciate you considering me for the position and eagerly await your response.


Chioma Salami.


Enough has been said already about this position, now is the time to get to work. Write that application letter to work a security guard position and watch yourself fulfill your wish. Best of luck!


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