“Prophecy” vs “Prophesy”: Main Differences & How to Use Both Correctly as a Writer

Did you know that only one letter separates prophecy from prophesy?

They actually have a close relationship and are derived from a shared world history.  Until 1700, the noun and the verb were spelled the same. 

Prophecy vs prophesy have some main differences. Learn how to use them correctly in this article.

What is a Prophecy?

A prophecy is an utterance or prediction from a prophet inspired by his god. 

To prophesy is to predict something or to utter something inspired by one’s god.

Prophecy is a noun. The last syllable of prophecy is pronounced “sea.”

A prophecy is knowledge of the future, usually from a divine source.

Prophecies is the plural of prophecy.

Example of sentences with prophecy

The prophet gave me a prophecy yesterday. 

On the last day of the class, we will study the prophecies of Nostradamus.

What is Prophesy

Prophesy is a verb. The last syllable of prophesy is pronounced “sigh.” 

To prophesy means to predict the future, usually with divine inspiration.

The past tense and the past participle are prophesied.

Example sentences with prophesy

I will prophesy about the great war between East and West. 

He prophesied that a flood would cover the street. 

Prophecy vs. Prophesy

The noun is spelled prophecy – with a c.

Prophecy is a noun that means prediction. It is a prediction usually given by a prophet and also other people. 

It carries more weight than everyday forecasts, predictions, and educated guesses.

Bear in mind; prophets can prophesy a prophecy, but they can’t prophecy a prophesy.

Prophesy, on the other hand, is a verb, It is the process of giving a prophetic declaration. 

Just like in the case of the noun, a prophet usually makes the declaration. 

The verb prophesy is spelled with an s. 

Prophesy can be written in these two forms; prophesies and prophesied.

Prophecy vs prophesy Examples

Here are a few examples

Correct: The president was worried over the prophecy about his leadership being overthrown. 

Incorrect: The president was worried over the prophesy about his leadership being overthrown.

Correct: She prophesied, “You will birth triplets.”

Incorrect: She prophecied, ” You will birth triplets.”


A prophecy is a revelation uttered to someone or a prediction of the future. It is a noun. While prophesy is a verb. To prophesy is to predict, to reveal by divine inspiration, or to speak as a prophet.

We hope this clears up this discussion of prophecy vs prophesy.