How to Create an Offer on WritersGig [PHOTOS]

WritersGig is one of the best freelancing platforms, with many writers who offer various writing services. Now, as a buyer who is new to the platform, getting the perfect writer for your requirements may seem daunting at first.

Not to worry, I will be giving you simple steps on how to create an offer as a buyer on WritersGig.

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Who can Create an Offer on WriterGig?

Only a buyer can create an offer. Writers cannot create an offer.

An offer is the job vacancy that the buyer puts out for intending workers to apply to.

How to Create an Offer on WritersGig

After signing up or logging in as a buyer on the platform, you must set up your profile to create an offer or hire a writer.

To set up your profile, you must provide your:

  • full name,
  • phone number,
  • date of birth,
  • profile picture,
  • tag line – a catchphrase or slogan that best describes your brand.

After setting up your profile, the next thing to do is to create an offer. (An offer is a job you put up for the writers as a buyer on WritersGig.)

Follow these steps to create an offer as a buyer on WritersGig:

Step 1: Click on My Offer

On the buyer’s homepage (that is after logging in), click on “My Offers”. It is at the top right of the page.

Step 2: Click on Create Offers

Once you’ve clicked on “My Offers”, you’ll see a dropdown. Now, select the “Create Offers” option.


Step 3: Create an Offer And Submit For Admin Review

After clicking on “Create Offers”, you’ll be brought to a new page where you create the offer (the job you want).

Create Offer Page on WritersGig

What to fill when creating an offer from create offer page

While creating your offer, ensure that you’ll fill up all the boxes and sections.

#1 Categories and SubCategories

Categories and SubCategories on WritersGig

First and foremost, for the category section, select from the list of categories the one that best suits your offer.

For the subcategory, also choose what suits your offer the most (if this option is available. If not, move on).

#2 Title

Now, for the title, choose your words. Always remember that the Buyer Offers section is reserved for Buyers who want to make purchases.  And as such, sellers are not allowed to use this section to promote their Gigs. 

This means that the wording in your offer should clearly show that you are a Buyer asking for services. 

Try to word your Offer title using the following guide:

  • I’m looking for…
  • I need someone who will…

Avoid sentences like:

  • I will…
  • I’m offering…
  • I can do…

Note: There is a hint on the page on how to do this.

#3 Description

Offer Description on WritersGig
Offer Description

While writing your description, be as concise as you can.

Although you have ample space to write what your needs are in the Offer description, a good rule of thumb is to keep to a couple of paragraphs with specific bullet points.

Also, ensure that you add links and examples to show what you are looking for and to help writers decide if it is something they can actually do.  

If you need to send a detailed brief, then attach a separate document so that the body of your offer is brief and concise for writers to see the key information. 

#4 Pricing/Number of Units/Delivery Time

Pricing, Number of Units, Delivery Time on WritersGig
Pricing, Number of Units, Delivery Time

After describing your offer, next step is to fill the pricing section.

These three are dependent on each other. Your number of units affects what you are paying and when you want the work delivered. Be fair.

Note: If you want more than one unit of work, make sure you specify it in your offer description.

#5 Submit Your Offer For Admin Review

After filling in all the section, the next step is to submit your created offer to the admin for review.

How Long Does it take for an Admin to Review an Offer?

Typically, it takes an admin 48 hours to review an offer.

The admin can either accept or reject the offer. If he rejects the offer, the reason for the rejection will be given to the buyer.

Extra Tips For Offer Creation

  • Do not share your contact. Sharing contact information to communicate off of WritersGig is not allowed by our Terms of Service.  This could lead to a sanction from the admin and/or also, cause your Buyer Offer to be rejected.  
    So, please do not include any contact information in your Offer or attachments.  
  • Show Respect. Showing respect is essential in a digital marketplace. And treating others with kindness and professionalism is what being part of the WritersGig community is all about.
  • Adhere to Set Standards. Make sure your Offer is aligned with WritersGig Terms of Service and Standards.

Additional Information For Buyers

As a buyer on WritersGig, you can hire writers without creating offers.

It’s quite simple.

Displayed on the Buyer’s homepage are the Gigs of the various writers on the platform. Click on “Hire” for the writer whose Gig meets your requirements.

In a situation where more than one writer meets your specification, you can also filter them by selecting the category or price range you want, then click on “APPLY FILTER”.

FAQS on How to Create an Offer on WritersGig

How do you create an offer on writersgig

Click on My Offer
Click on create offers
Create an Offer And Submit For Admin Review

what will I fill out in my offer?

Offer title
Categories and subcategories
Pricing/Number of Units/Delivery Time
Submit Your Offer For Admin Review

In Conclusion

Creating an offer on WritersGig is quite easy. Just follow the steps above to create that awesome offer you need to hire a writer.