Best Fantasy Writing Prompts in 2024: 200+ Ideas to Create Magic

Fantasy writing prompts can be incredibly thrilling and fun.

Crafting fantasy stories requires a high level of imagination and creativity, as it involves building an entirely new world where the laws of physics and limitations of reality no longer apply.

In the business of fantasy, anything is possible – from unique locations and extraordinary actions to entirely new species.

However, the challenge of writer’s block can be especially frustrating in the fantasy genre.

Every writer experiences periods of creative stagnation, but during these times, fantasy writing prompts can be invaluable.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a new novel or looking to enhance an existing story, these prompts can help reignite your creativity.

Fantasy writing is versatile and can blend with various genres, such as supernatural romance, horror, or crime dramas featuring mythical creatures.

Squibler is a fantastic tool for visual storytelling and is particularly useful for writing fantasy.

If you have ever wanted a good number of ideas to choose from to create a world of fantasy, we have got you covered.

Our list of 200 fantasy writing prompts will help spark the creativity in you.

What is Fantasy?

Fantasy isn’t just an escape from reality; it’s a mirror reflecting our deepest dreams, fears, and wonders. It’s a genre that invites us to question the impossible and redefine the possible.

Through dragons, elves, and distant planets, we explore the depths of human emotion, conflict, and desire. Why do we gravitate towards fantasy?

Because it offers us a canvas as vast as our imagination, a place where we can construct our myths and legends.

Types of Writing Prompts

There are many different types of writing prompts, categorized by various aspects like purpose, theme, and format. Here’s a breakdown of some common types:

By Purpose:

  • Story starters: These prompts provide a basic setting, character, or conflict to kickstart a narrative. They can be simple (“Write about a character who can talk to animals”) or more complex (“A spaceship crash-lands on a mysterious planet. What secrets does it hold?”).
  • Character development: Designed to help you flesh out your characters, these prompts might ask about their motivations, fears, or backstories. They can be specific (“Describe your character’s most prized possession”) or open-ended (“Write a letter from your character to their future self”).
  • Worldbuilding: Prompts aimed at creating a vivid and believable setting for your story. They can focus on specific elements like geography, culture, or history, or be more general (“Describe the sights, sounds, and smells of your fictional city”).
  • Genre-specific: Tailored to a particular genre like fantasy, mystery, or romance. These prompts nudge you to explore the conventions and tropes of the genre while still allowing for your own creativity.
  • Theme exploration: Focus on specific themes like love, loss, or self-discovery. These prompts can be thought-provoking and encourage you to delve deeper into the emotional core of your story.

By Theme:

  • Emotional: Prompts that evoke specific emotions, like joy, fear, or nostalgia. They can be based on personal experiences or fictional scenarios.
  • Philosophical: Encourage you to explore big questions about life, the universe, and everything. They can be open-ended (“What is the meaning of life?”) or specific (“Would you choose happiness or knowledge?”).
  • Humorous: Designed to make you laugh and write lighthearted stories. They might involve funny situations, characters, or dialogue.
  • Dark: Explore darker themes like death, violence, or betrayal. They can be challenging but also cathartic to write.
  • Historical: Prompts based on real historical events or figures. They can ask you to reimagine history from a different perspective or create fictional stories within a historical setting.

By Format:

  • Sentence starters: Begin with a specific sentence to jumpstart your writing. For example, “I woke up to find…” or “The last words they ever spoke were…”
  • Image prompts: Use a picture or photograph to inspire your writing. Describe the scene, imagine a story behind it, or write from the perspective of someone in the image.
  • First lines or last lines: Start writing with just the first or last line of your story, then build around it.
  • Object prompts: Write about a specific object, its history, its significance to a character, or its role in a story.
  • Quotes: Use a famous quote or saying as a starting point for your writing. Explore its meaning, rephrase it, or write a story inspired by it.

Writing prompts can come in many forms:

  • A vague and general idea
  • A question
  • A random thought
  • A line of dialogue
  • An object
  • A new type of world
  • A new form of government (usually oppressive in some way)

Best Fantasy Writing Prompts in 2024: 200+ Ideas to Create Magic

These fantasy writing prompts are designed to get you into future thoughts and possibilities

1. You can write or describe a kingdom where the shadows whisper secrets of the past.

      2. Imagine writing about a forest that changes its layout with the moon’s phases.

      3. Create a story of a city built on the back of a slumbering giant.

      4. For the book lover, write about a library where each book is a portal to another world.

      5. Write about a small village where everyone can manipulate one of the four elements, but using it comes at a cost.

      6. You can write about a mirror that shows your true self, monsters included.

      7. An ancient tree whose roots connect different dimensions.

      8. A world where dreams and reality are seamlessly intertwined.

      9. A potion that allows you to steal someone’s talent for a day.

      10. A necklace that grants the wearer the ability to understand animals.

      11. A society where your social status is determined by the number of stars you can control.

      12. A cave filled with crystals that can store memories.

      13. An underground city that has never seen the sun but is illuminated by glowing plants.

      14. A world where music is the source of magic.

      15. A book that writes a new fairy tale every time it’s opened.

      16. An island that appears only to those who are truly lost.

      17. A fountain that ages you backward with each sip.

      18. A market where one can buy bottled emotions.

      19. A pair of glasses that reveal the hidden magic around you.

      20. A door that only opens on the leap year, leading to a place of untold wonders.

      21. A compass that doesn’t show directions but leads you to what you most desire.

      22. A tapestry that shows the future but changes as decisions are made.

      23. A flower that blooms only under the light of a blue moon and grants eternal life.

      24. A world where shadows live separate lives from their owners.

      25. A mountain that grows taller with every secret it’s told.

      26. A watch that can pause time, but only for a moment.

      27. A pen that makes whatever is drawn with it come to life.

      28. A world divided by day and night, with different creatures ruling each.

      29. A spell that allows you to exchange lives with someone else for a day.

      30. A garden where plants grow instant solutions to any problem.

      31. A bracelet that allows you to walk through walls.

      32. An academy for the magically gifted where the curriculum is based on ancient spells and combat against dark creatures.

      33. A cloak that renders the wearer invisible when under the stars.

      34. A tournament where magical beings compete in disguising themselves as humans.

      35. A map that shows the location of lost things.

      36. A diary that records not just thoughts and events, but entire days, reliving them as if in a dream.

      37. A village where once a year, the dead return to visit the living.

      38. A spell that can bring illustrations to life, escaping the pages they were drawn on.

      39. A realm where the weather reflects the mood of its ruler.

      40. A tower that reaches the clouds, is rumored to be the entrance to the realm of the gods.

      41. An ancient artifact that can control the elements but corrupts the user with power.

      42. A world where your birthmark signifies which mythical creature you can transform into.

      43. A society where every citizen must pass a test to discover their magic type at a certain age.

      44. A bridge that connects two entirely different worlds, only visible at sunset.

      45. A family heirloom that allows communication with ancestors.

      46. A potion that makes you invisible to everyone except your true love.

      47. A realm where time flows differently, and visitors may return younger or older.

      48. A sword that only reveals its true power when wielded by a worthy hero.

      49. A land where the sun never sets, and the inhabitants never sleep.

      50. A festival where magical creatures from all over gather to trade spells and artifacts.

      51. An enchanted forest where the trees are sentient and can move at will.

      52. A necklace that allows the wearer to swap places with their reflection.

      53. A world where art creates reality, and artists are the most powerful beings.

      54. A spell that allows you to read the thoughts of those around you.

      55. An ancient curse that traps the entire kingdom in an endless winter.

      56. A pair of boots that can take you to wherever you imagine.

      57. A world where every person has a unique power, but using it shortens their lifespan.

      58. A locket that stores a single memory perfectly, to be relived at any time.

      59. A tournament where the prize is a wish granted by the gods.

      60. A village where every full moon, the inhabitants swap bodies with each other.

      61. A city where technology and magic are intertwined, powering each other.

      62. A spell that can erase any memory, but at a great cost.

      63. A forest where the leaves are made of metal and the trees forge weapons.

      64. A world where every person’s shadow has a different magical ability.

      65. A ring that allows the wearer to speak and understand any language.

      66. A book that can absorb any story told near it, becoming a never-ending source of tales.

      67. An ocean where the water is as thick as air, allowing one to swim through the sky.

      68. A castle hidden in the clouds, accessible only by those who can fly.

      69. A school where students learn to harness the power of their nightmares.

      70. A world where magical creatures are normal, and humans are the myth.

      71. A spell that allows you to weave light into solid objects.

      72. A desert with sands that change color based on the time of day.

      73. A potion that lets you hear the thoughts of plants.

      74. A realm where the stars are within reach, and people live among them.

      75. A mirror that shows the viewer’s deepest desire.

      76. A world where each person is born with a twin creature, protector, and companion.

      77. A city built beneath the sea, protected by a magical dome.

      78. A spell that turns tears into pearls.

      79. A kingdom cursed to experience the four seasons in a single day.

      80. A cloak made of shadows, offering protection from the unseen.

      81. A competition where magicians create new worlds, judged by gods.

      82. A world where music is the key to casting spells.

      83. A village where every house is alive and has its personality.

      84. A potion that allows you to travel through dreams.

      85. A world where every person is connected to a celestial body, granting them unique powers.

      86. A book that tells the story of your life up to the present, with blank pages for the future.

      87. A forest where the trees whisper secrets of the universe to those who listen.

      88. A spell that allows you to steal the appearance of another.

      89. An island where the day and night are split, with creatures unique to each.

      90. A world where magic is fueled by emotion, the stronger the feeling, the more powerful the spell.

      91. A marketplace where one can buy lost time, but at a steep price.

      92. A society where magic is banned, and a group of rebels seeks to overthrow this law.

      93. A watch that can rewind time, but only for a few seconds.

      94. A pair of dice that can alter chance, making the impossible possible.

      95. A world where your name determines your destiny, and changing it can alter your path in life.

      96. A city that moves, never in the same place twice, hidden from the outside world by powerful enchantments.

      97. A mirror that does not reflect appearances but reveals the viewer’s innermost truth.

      98. A garden where each plant represents a different emotion, and their care affects the world’s balance.

      99. A potion that grants the drinker the ability to walk through dreams, altering them or extracting secrets.

      100. An ancient scroll that can summon mythical beasts, but each summoning comes with a high price.

      101. A world where each individual’s shadow is a guardian spirit, offering advice and protection.

      102. A necklace that changes color based on the wearer’s mood, revealing their true emotions.

      103. A library with books that can trap readers inside their stories, living them as if they were real.

      104. A spell that allows the caster to swap places with anyone else in the world for a day.

      105. A ring that grants the ability to speak with animals, understanding their thoughts and feelings.

      106. A world where rain is made of light, nourishing the soul as well as the earth.

      107. A box that contains a different universe, accessible only by opening it in a specific way.

      108. A spell that creates a protective aura, rendering the protection invisible to enemies.

      109. A forest where the night sky is always visible, filled with constellations that tell the future.

      110. A cloak that can transform into any garment, adapting to the wearer’s needs and desires.

      111. A mountain that only appears to those who are pure of heart, filled with untold treasures and ancient magic.

      112. A potion that can transfer one’s consciousness into a different body for a brief period.

      113. A village where every inhabitant is born with wings, learning to fly before they can walk.

      114. A world where every human has a mythical creature as their counterpart, bound together in destiny.

      115. A spell that allows one to weave illusions, creating complex scenarios indistinguishable from reality.

      116. A pair of boots that leave no tracks, perfect for thieves or spies.

      117. A world where magic is powered by the sound of one’s voice, with spells cast through song.

      118. A bracelet that slows time for the wearer, allowing them to move through the world unseen.

      119. A spell that turns the caster’s skin to stone, granting invulnerability but at the risk of becoming permanently petrified.

      120. A realm where the sea and sky swap places every thousand years, altering the world completely.

      121. A mirror that can store a single day’s memories, replaying them for the viewer.

      122. A world where the stars are alive, offering guidance to those who know how to listen.

      123. A potion that allows one to breathe underwater, exploring the depths without fear.

      124. An enchanted forest where the trees dance under the full moon, revealing hidden paths to ancient magic.

      125. A spell that binds two souls together, sharing pain and joy no matter the distance.

      126. A world where one’s strength is determined by the clarity of their heart, with pure intentions granting unimaginable power.

      127. A ring that can turn back time, but only for a few moments, offering a chance to change a single action.

      128. A cloak made of the night sky, blending the wearer into the shadows and stars.

      129. A world where every person has a doppelganger, and meeting yours can either bring great fortune or doom.

      130. A potion that reveals the future, but the visions are cryptic and open to interpretation.

      131. A city built within the branches of an enormous tree, its inhabitants adept in arboreal magic.

      132. A book that can absorb and neutralize any spell cast near it, protecting its holder from magical harm.

      133. A spell that allows one to summon a storm, controlling its fury and direction.

      134. A world where one’s shadow grows more powerful at night, capable of acting independently.

      135. A necklace that bestows the ability to see through illusions, revealing the truth hidden beneath.

      136. An ancient tome that teaches the language of dragons, granting power over these mighty beasts.

      137. A potion that changes the drinker’s appearance at will, allowing them to adopt any guise.

      138. A realm where magic is alive, wandering the land and bonding with those it deems worthy.

      139. A spell that weaves a barrier of silence, making it impossible for others to hear anything within its bounds.

      140. A garden where each flower represents a different star, and arranging them in certain patterns can unlock cosmic secrets.

      141. A world where emotions manifest physically, with joy lighting up the skies and sadness raining down.

      142. A bracelet that increases one’s empathy, feeling the emotions of those around you as if they were your own.

      143. A city that exists in perpetual twilight, its magic strongest in the balance between day and night.

      144. A book that records every word spoken near it, keeping secrets and conversations for eternity.

      145. A spell that allows the caster to take on the form of any creature, experiencing the world through their senses.

      146. A world where plants communicate with humans, offering wisdom and secrets of the natural world.

      147. A potion that grants the ability to fly, but each use shortens the drinker’s lifespan.

      148. An enchanted tapestry that shows the history of the world, with threads that can be rearranged to alter events.

      150. A spell that creates a double of the caster, able to perform tasks but with no will of its own.

      151. A realm where the moon is a source of immense power, granting abilities to those who worship it.

      152. A mirror that swaps the bodies of those who look into it together, offering a chance to live another’s life.

      153. A world where one’s age can be traded, sold, or stolen, with youth being the most valuable currency.

      154. A potion that allows the drinker to understand and speak any language for a short time.

      155. An enchanted glade where time stands still, preserving anything or anyone within its bounds.

      156. A spell that turns any object into gold, but the transformed object is forever lost to its original form.

      157. A world where each person is assigned a guardian spirit at birth, guiding and protecting them throughout their life.

      158. A ring that allows the wearer to walk in another’s dreams, influencing or observing as they wish.

      159. A city where every building is alive, with architecture that adapts and grows to meet the inhabitants’ needs.

      160. A book that contains the secret to immortality, but at a great cost to those who seek it.

      161. A spell that can open a doorway to any location, but the destination is not always under the caster’s control.

      162. A world where magic is drawn from ancient runes, with power depending on the skill of the rune crafter.

      163. A potion that reveals the true nature of anyone who drinks it, stripping away lies and pretenses.

      164. An enchanted forest where the trees are guardians of ancient knowledge, sharing it with those who respect the woods.

      165. A spell that binds the caster to the land, gaining strength from its health but suffering from its ailments.

      166. A world where every person has a unique magical talent, but discovering it requires a journey of self-discovery.

      167. A ring that can store sunlight, releasing its warmth and light in the darkest places.

      168. A city suspended in the sky, accessible only by those who can fly or summon creatures to carry them.

      169. A book that can predict the future, but each prophecy comes with a riddle that must be solved.

      170. A spell that allows one to walk through walls, but each use takes a toll on the user’s health.

      171. A world where shadows are doorways to another realm, with creatures that can cross over if not carefully watched.

      172. A necklace that allows the wearer to remember everything perfectly, but also makes forgetting impossible.

      173. An ancient staff that can control the weather, summoning storms or clearing skies at will.

      174. A potion that grants eternal youth, but at the cost of never being able to leave a certain place.

      175. A realm where the stars are reflections of people’s souls, and astronomers can read fates in the night sky.

      176. A spell that creates an unbreakable bond between two people, sharing pain and happiness alike.

      177. A world where music is the source of magic, with instruments that can heal or destroy.

      178. A ring that grants the power to understand the language of nature, communicating with trees, rivers, and winds.

      179. A city built beneath the sea, protected by a magical barrier that keeps the water at bay.

      180. A book that can absorb any spell cast against it, becoming more powerful with each absorption.

      181. A spell that can erase memories, used carefully to heal traumatic experiences but with the risk of abuse.

      182. A world where the heart’s desires are visible as auras, making true intentions known to all.

      183. A potion that allows one to enter paintings, exploring the worlds created by artists.

      184. An enchanted grove where the fruit grants different magical abilities, but each comes with a price.

      185. A spell that turns the caster into a beacon of light, guiding the lost and warding off darkness.

      186. A world where every drop of water holds a memory, and drinking from certain streams can bestow ancient knowledge.

      187. A ring that makes the wearer invisible to magical detection, allowing them to move unseen by spells or creatures.

      188. A city where the dead can be spoken to for a single night each year, offering closure or revealing secrets.

      189. A book that writes the story of its reader’s life, changing as they make choices and forge their path.

      190. A spell that allows one to control machines, bringing technology to life or calming rogue devices.

      191. A world where one’s shadow can detach and act independently, serving as a spy or protector.

      192. A necklace that changes its weight based on the truthfulness of the wearer’s words, becoming heavier with lies.

      193. An ancient tome that can transport the reader to any location described within its pages.

      194. A potion that makes the drinker imperceptible to one specific person, hiding from them completely.

      195. A realm where dreams and reality merge, with dreamwalkers able to manipulate both.

      196. A spell that can freeze time for everyone but the caster, offering moments of stillness in chaos.

      197. A world where mirrors act as gateways to parallel dimensions, each reflecting a different possibility.

      199. A ring that allows the wearer to feel the emotions of those they touch, understanding their deepest feelings.

      200. A city built in the clouds, constantly moving with the winds and hidden from the world below.


      This list of fantasy writing prompts will eventually help you in crafting a good article or story on fantasy. It is going to spark inspiration for you to begin or continue your writing journey.

      Even the most straightforward ideas can be transformed into something extraordinary with a touch of creative imagination.

      Feel free to think creatively and add your own unique spin to these prompts.

      Lastly, ensure you modify them to your liking and make them uniquely yours!