How to Change your Password on WritersGig


The basic security setting on WritersGig asides from SSL protection is your password and email. The mere loss of these can cause a catastrophic effect. Every subscriber, either a buyer or a writer on the WritersGig platform should know how to change their passwords.

As simple as a change of password may sound, it can be a hindrance to accessing your account.

WritersGig strongly recommends against sharing your password with anyone.

To eliminate any adverse effect from the loss of passwords, carefully read and review how to change your password on WritersGig.

Reasons Writers and Buyers need a Password

  • Access to WritersGig Dashboard: Subscribers cannot access the WritersGig platform without a functional email and password. If you forget your password, you cannot access the site either. A password is that important!
  • Personal Information Protection: Your personal information, including bank details, are on your WritersGig dashboard. A strong password is a necessary protection against the loss of this data.
  • Fund withdrawal Approval: You cannot withdraw your funds without login into the platform. Therefore, you need a password. Read How To Withdraw Your Money From Your WritersGig Dashboard.

Importance of Passwords Strength

Passwords are the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your WritersGig account and personal information. It is expedient for users to have a strong password.

Password strength turns from weak, good to excellent to show its degree. A typical excellent password on Writersgig contains a combination of upper and lowercase letters and numbers.

The stronger your password, the more protected your account will be.

Tips for Setting Up a Strong Password

Follow the tips below to set up a strong password and secure your information:

  • Use a unique password for WritersGig that is different from other platforms. This is for security.
  • Password length must be 8 characters or more. The characters must include uppercase, lower case, and numbers. A long password will offer more protection than a short password if it is properly constructed.
  • Don’t leave the password strength at weak or good, your account is not secured with that.
  • Use a combination of characters that you can easily remember.
  • Do not use personal information such as your name, age, date of birth, child’s name, pet’s name, or favorite color/song when constructing your password.
  • Make sure to save the password with a chrome password or write in a safe pad to avoid forgetting it. However, make sure the computer or device is personal. If it isn’t, select never when the browser asks to save your password.
  • Always log off/sign out after each activity. It just takes a few seconds to do and it’ll help ensure that no one uses your system for malicious purposes.

How to Change your Password/Reset while You’re logged in to WritersGig

The process to change a password on WritersGig is pretty straight forward.

Users should be informed that the process of changing passwords is the same for both buyers and writers.


Just follow the process described below.

  • From your dashboard, hover your cursor (for web users) or click on (mobile users) your profile icon( it shows your image, name, and tagline).
  • Navigate through the dropdown list to Account settings
  • Click on Account settings. A Change Password option will pop up.
  • Carefully input the last remembered password and the new password you desire.
  • Click on submit
  • You’ll receive a message which reads “password changed successfully”.

How to Change your Password on WritersGig when you can’t access the account

Whether you registered as a buyer or a writer, changing your password on WritersGig follows the same procedure. You don’t have to lose access to your account because your password was forgotten.


Do follow the process below.

  • From the login access point, click on forgot password.
  • Input your email address. The reset link will be sent there. Note: The email address must be the same one used during your registration.
  • Proceed to your email address inbox to access the email sent by WritersGig. Every email password reset link expires in 60 minutes. Therefore, it is expedient you use each link immediately.
  • Click on the Reset Password from email. This will bring you back to the WritersGig platform.
  • Input the password and confirm and click submit. The password is automatically changed.

How to Conduct Password Reset via Email

Typically, you’ll receive a password reset email from WritersGig by clicking the forgot password icon on the login page. Before the email is sent, you’ll input the exact email address used during registration. And the mail is sent to it.

Change Writersgig Password via SMS

At the moment, you cannot change your password through an SMS. We believe that email is the best communication channel for confidential information. From experience, we’ve realized that people rarely share their email passwords with strangers. Consequently, we do not use the SMS to change passwords on WritersGig.

What Happens After You Change Your Password?

After changing your password, you will not be required to re-login. However, whenever you log out from your account, there is a need to re-enter your password.

Additional information on Password Reset

Writergig does not send a password reset link if you didn’t request it. Therefore, if you clicked the change password in error, kindly ignore the message. The old password will still be active on WritersGig if you do not click on the reset password email.

If the change password email was sent by you in error, kindly ignore the email. This implies that your account may be under an attack. You can change your password to a strong password to avoid a hack. This is a security measure.

Bottom Line

It is extremely important to protect your account on WritersGig by learning how to change your password.

Whenever you notice any suspicious activity on your account, WritersGig advices you change your password.

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