7 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers for Child Writing in Africa

Have you seen a child’s book? The scribbling and drawing that wants to make you go back to the childhood age.

I read through one recently and was in awe of the creativity of the authors. 

If you love to begin a freelance career in child writing, this article is a good place to start your career as you’ll find websites to market your expertise. 

What is Child Writing?

Child writing refers to the early stages of writing development in young children.  

It is the initial attempt children make to express themselves in writing where they start scribbling, drawing letters, and writing simple sentences.  This developmental process is an important aspect of literacy and language acquisition. It helps children learn about spoken words and their relationship with written language. Additionally, it helps develop motor skills and enhances creativity and cognitive growth.

As we already know, freelancers who offer child writing, take on projects that foster the reading of children. Kid writing embeds the love for writing, reading, and creativity in their young minds. 

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What Can Be Found in Children’s Book?

You’ll find these in a child’s book.

Scribbling and Drawing

This is what is found in the books of children in their earliest stages. Here, children experiment with marks on their paper. Freelance child writers scribble and draw things that children understand are the foundation for the development of hand-to-eye coordination and motor skills. 

Letter-Like Forms and Random Letters

Child writers here create shapes that look like letters. They write shapes and letter-like-looking drawings to mimic the writing they see in their environment. These may not be actual words but they look like words. They can even be added to make an actual letter.  

Invented Spelling

This is the writing stage where the freelancer writes words as they sound. For example, you write cat as kat. This builds an understanding of phonetics. It creates an awareness of the letter-sound relationship with your child-reader. 

What is the Importance of Child Writing?

These are the importance of child writing;

Language Development

It helps children understand language structure. They learn sentence construction, grammar, and vocabulary.

Cognitive Growth

This enhances cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and logical thinking in children. 

Creativity and Expression

Child writing creates room for creative expression where children can share their ideas, emotions, and imaginations. This can boost their confidence and encourage an interest in reading and writing.

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7 Best Website to hire freelancers for Child Writing in Africa

These are the best website to hire freelancers for child writing;

#1 WritersGig

WritersGig has a plethora of child writers who are knowledgeable about how the African landscape works.

One of the best ways to become a successful child writer is to learn how to appeal to children. Essentially, be a lover of children and you can understand how they think.

On WritersGig, many vetted freelancers understand the rudiments of child writing. You have the liberty to hire a child writer who is from your locality.

It is our top pick because the website has many perks that the owner will find useful.

Because of the credibility of the platform, you do not have to worry about getting quality proposals. The freelancers are screened before being allowed to work on the website. The platform provides a medium through which you can peruse the proposals submitted, and request submissions to ensure you get near-perfect work. Then, payment is made only after the proposal has been accepted.

Just ensure the grant writer is top-rated in the category and can provide some previous work experience that you consider true to your needs.

#2 Guru

Guru.com is the leading website for employers and children’s book-writing freelancers to connect, work together, and get projects done. They have a network of over 9409 children’s book-writing gurus who will bring to life your projects. 

It has a modern feel and this user-friendly website makes it easy to create a profile. Emphasize your freelance experience in your profile. Although Guru is a paid membership platform, they have a large number of free applications that are sent annually.

#3 Truelancer

Truelancer is a freelance marketplace with thousands of top-rated child writers in Nigeria. On Truelancer you will find & hire freelance experts offering their expertise in various freelance child writing Services to businesses.

#4 PeoplePerHour

This freelance website to hire freelancers for child writing markets itself as the guru when it comes to matching vetted freelancers with businesses that require their service.

PeoplePerHour is the best website that will eliminate the time wasted searching for the right fit.

It uses AI to bring them together. It is your duty as the client to explain your demands to the freelancer.

#5 The Writer Finder

This is a freelance website that connects businesses to professional freelance child writers.

The platform sifts the thousands of vetted writers and matches you to a freelancer who suits your business demands. The Writer Finder website has one of the easiest ways to hire freelancers for child writing.

It is a paid website for buyers of content.

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#6 WriterAccess

WriterAcess is another freelance website where you can find and hire freelancers for child writing. 

There are two ways to get on board this freelance website; the free version still gives you access to freelance writers. The second option is to pay a deposit.

#7 Freelancer

Freelancer is a well-known freelancing website that allows people to sample their skills and find new clients. Freelancers can create their profiles, highlighting their experience, education, and portfolio. The site lets freelancers bid on projects posted by clients and communicate with them directly through the platform.

Freelancer.com provides freelancers with a flexible and convenient way to find new clients and grow their businesses.

In Conclusion

Child writing is essential in early childhood development because it lays a foundation for literacy and effective communication. These websites allow you to become that hero who helps children in their early developmental stages. 


  • WritersGig – best website to hire freelancers for child writing
  • Guru – best website to hire freelancers for child writing

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