Alternative to Barefoot Writer: Get the Best Freelance Writing Jobs

The Barefoot Writer, part of American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), is a subscription magazine online that claims to help people like you become highly paid and sought-after writers.

We said these were claims, you will understand better after reading this article. We will then leave you to make the decision if they are claims or not.

What is Barefoot Writer?

Barefoot Writer is a Club that her aim is to assist individuals in earning money via freelance writing.

Their goal is to provide information on the best writing jobs now accessible to both novice and seasoned writers, as well as to give exclusive tips and strategies to help you succeed quickly.

At Barefoot, you will discover clear-cut, useful tools, strategies, and guidance on how to build a comfortable, even dream, lifestyle for yourself as a professional writer.

How Barefoot Writer Works

Barefoot Writer Club members learn things like:

  • How to become a freelance writer.
  • The easiest careers for writers to break into and which ones pay the most.
  • How to get well-paid writing gigs and start earning good money, fast.
  • What skills you need to get paid to write (no school required!)
  • How to find real writing jobs with clients who will value your skills.
  • How to market yourself and nail your writing assignments so companies love you and call on you again and again.

Other member perks Barefoot Writer offers 

  • They offer digital magazines loaded with new information each month to help you achieve your dreams. You’ll enjoy interviews with established writers who share their tips and insights plus feature articles on becoming a better writer, thinking like a writer, and the best writing tools. All of this gives you an edge so you can compete for and win the best freelance writing gigs. 
  • An insider’s look at the skills you need for success in the best writing opportunities, how to get clients, and how to make sure your projects go smoothly.
  • Access to their membership Facebook group, where you’ll get real-time answers to your questions, additional tips and information, and an opportunity to network with other writers. 
  • A chance to build your portfolio and earn writing fees by writing for Barefoot Writer magazine.  
  • Discounts on other AWAI learning programs

Understanding how Barefoot writer works will help you know which platform will be the best alternative.

What kinds of writing can I do as a Barefoot Writer?

All and every kind of writing.

How do you get paid as a Barefoot Writer?

It depends on what you want.

The majority of Barefoot Writers work as freelance writers and are paid by checks or electronic money transfers.

A few Barefoot Writers decide to write in-house for clients in order to get paid.

Others arrange retainer contracts with their customers in order to benefit from continuous payment and consistent writing assignments.

And yet some write for themselves, making enormous profits!

Lke we earlier stated, it depends on what you want.

Do I have to be a Barefoot Writer Club Member to write for the magazine?

If you are not a member, you are still welcome to submit ideas for articles. However, if you do decide to join the Barefoot Writer Club, you’ll have a clear edge since you’ll get complete access to the whole library of helpful and career-launching information.

This implies that you will have more control over the kind of content they release. Additionally, you’ll be more likely to understand their chosen writing tone, needs and style.

Furthermore, the payment you get for writing for Barefoot will be more than enough to cover the cost of your subscription.

Alternative to Barefoot Writer

#1. WritersGig

WriterGig is one of the alternatives to Barefoot writer. It is a freelance platform where writers offer writing services. The platform aim at being the No1 platform where buyers can easily get writers for their work in the coming years.

While it cost $49 a month or $108 a year to join Barefoot writer, it cost nothing to register on WriterGig.

All you do is sign up, take a test, create a gig and wait to be hired. Alternatively, you can search for available gigs on the platform once you’re signed in, and send a proposal to a client. Visit www. and sign up.

#2. VOX First Person

Vox First Person is another Barefoot writer alternative. If you are a skilled writer, you can post content and get paid.

Writers can earn money through the Partner Program and include their stories in a publication at the same time.

To submit an article on Vox, you have to email 1–2 paragraphs of what you want to write about, why you’re qualified, and points you’d make in your piece. The platform also reviews completed drafts. Visit and render your services.

#3. Medium Partner Program

Medium has a Partner Program that rewards its writers for engaging content.

As a Medium Partner, when you publish a post you’ll have the option to put that post behind a paywall. When members read your content, you’ll receive a part of their monthly subscription fee. You can make over $25,000 per month on Medium depending on your activity.

Once you become a Medium writer, there are a few ways to get your content in front of Medium members:

  • Submit articles to a publication
  • Your article is chosen to be curated
  • Grow a following

The Partner Program is available to residents of 33 countries, and it’s quite easy to start. After you’re enrolled, you can set up your tax information and connect payment via Stripe. Visit to join this platform.

#4. Nomadic Matt

If you are a travel writer who wants to get your footprint on the map Nomadic Matt is a great place to pitch your story.

Contents you should post on Nomadic Matt include:

  • LGBT content: stories by transgender people, queer couples, and solo gay, lesbian, or bi travelers
  • Africa-related content (bonus points if it’s East or Central Africa)
  • Middle East-related content
  • Central Asia–related content
  • India-related content
  • China-related content
  • Technology- or gear-related content
  • Senior/Older travel
  • Family travel
  • Solo female travel travel

Visit to get started.

#5. IntrovertDear

Introvert Dear is an award-winning web publication for introverts. They look for personal, informative pieces that explore being an introvert. Pitching requirements for this platform include a full 1–000 to 1,500-word articles. The best articles are personal, go beneath the surface, and evoke a clear lesson for readers.

Visit to get started.

#6. Highly Sensitive Refuge

This publication, as the name suggests, is a place where hope is very sensitive, very sensitive people feel safe. The team also made the IntrovertDear post – you’ll see they are needed to fix similar things.

  • Mission: Prove that being highly sensitive can be strong.
  • Article Rate: $40 via PayPal
  • Pitching Requirements: Similar to IntrovertDear, send full, 1–000 to 1,500-word articles for consideration. The best articles are personal, go beneath the surface, and evoke a clear lesson for readers.

Visit to get started.

#7. Sun Magazine

The Sun is a nonprofit magazine that he runs, both personally and politically. The magazine challenges the status quo. Will not accept fiction, poetry, and thought-provoking conversations about personal freedom.

  • Mission: Celebrate life, but not in a way that ignores its complexity.
  • Article Rate: $300–2,000 for personal essays, fiction, and interviews
  • Pitching Requirements: Send your submission online by mail.

Visit to get started

#8. CopyHackers

CopyHackers helps companies write an example, owning a fast, of what should be fooling us. The aspect of writing a well-researched, growing, and self-employed blog post.

  • Mission: Helping great businesses build audiences with words.
  • Rate: $325
  • Pitching Requirements: Send high-quality, 2,000+ word articles via email. Articles must be written in the first person, well-researched and engaging. They are looking for articles that include your personal experience — whilst still being backed up with research. Ensure the article you submit has a good headline.


#9. BitchMedia

BitchMedia is another popular Barefoot Writer. They look for nonfiction essays that provide a feminist analysis of culture.

  • Mission: Provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.
  • Rate: $250 — $1,000
  • Pitching Requirements: Bitch is looking for well-researched, discussion-provoking nonfiction essays. Send either a full draft, outline or 150-word pitch via Submittable.

Visit, to get started.

#10. SELF

SELF is a health and wellness brand. Its main categories of health, business, food, beauty, love, and lifestyle.

  • Mission: Help people take care of themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.
  • Article Rate: $300+
  • Pitching Requirements: Send a working headline, a specific 1–2 paragraph description, and a word count estimate to the editor. It helps to include clips of relevant work you’ve done. See the list of topics and editors here.

Visit to get started.

FAQS on alternative to barefoot writer

Do barefoot writers get paid to write?

A few Barefoot Writers decide to write in-house for clients in order to receive compensation. Others arrange retainer contracts with their clients in order to benefit from continuous pay and consistent writing assignments. And yet some write for themselves, making huge profits!

What is a barefoot writer?

A club called The Barefoot Writer is dedicated to assisting writers from all backgrounds in realizing their aspirations and objectives in writing. You’ll find links, resources, and how-tos here for starting a successful writing job.

How much does barefoot writer cost?

For just $12, you can launch your future as a well-paid writer by subscribing to Barefoot Writer! You can expect more than forty pages of inspiration, motivation, and insight into living your best life as a writer every month from Barefoot Writer.