21 Best Online Grant Writing Classes for Beginners

21 Best Online Grant Writing Classes for Beginners

For those who want to be changemakers, writing grants can be a powerful tool that opens doors to opportunities and resources.

Truth is, investigating the field of grant writing may be beneficial and effective for anybody, whether you work for a non-profit organization, are an entrepreneur with a social impact emphasis, or are just looking to improve your writing abilities while doing good deeds.

This is where taking online grant writing classes comes into play. With grant writing courses either online or onsite, you gain advanced knowledge and technicality involved in writing a professional grant.

We’ve put up a list of the Top 21 Online Grant Writing Courses for beginners to assist you in getting started on your grant-writing adventure.

These courses include thorough instructions, useful resources, and professional viewpoints to give you the information and abilities you need to successfully negotiate the cutthroat world of grant funding.

Why Take Online Grant Writing Classes?

Take advantage of this special opportunity to master vital skills from the comfort of your home with online grant writing programs.

Participants can contact industry specialists and acquire useful knowledge on obtaining finance for different projects by using interactive online platforms.

These classes offer an adaptable learning environment that fits into hectic schedules and enables students to advance their grant-writing skills at their own speed.

Additionally, enrolling in online grant writing courses opens up a world of opportunities for professional development and job success.

These courses can help you improve your ability to write strong grant proposals, regardless of whether you are a nonprofit organization searching for money or an individual trying to pick up useful skills.

By taking part in online courses, you can keep up with industry trends and have access to tools that can help you successfully apply for funding for significant projects.

21 Best Online Grant Writing Classes for Beginners

Here are the best grant writing online courses for beginners:

1. Grant Writing for Beginners (Udemy)

First on our list of best online grant writing classes is Grant Writing for Beginners on Udemy. This course is designed for those who are unfamiliar with grant writing and offers a basic introduction to the subject. 

Participants get an understanding of the fundamentals of locating funding sources, creating strong applications, and navigating the grant application process through a series of interesting lectures and hands-on activities.

To learn more about this course, click the link below:

Check out this Course

2. Grant Writing Certification – Technical Writer HQ

Next on our list of The term “Grant Writing Certification – Technical Writer HQ” is a grant writing-focused certification program that is provided by Technical Writer HQ. 

It is likely the goal of this certification program to give people credentials and specialized training in grant writing, which is an essential skill set for obtaining money for different projects and activities. 

Instruction in grant writing concepts, proposal creation, budgeting, and other crucial parts of the grant-seeking process may be provided to participants in this program. 

Participants may obtain a degree that certifies their competency and expertise in grant writing upon completing the certification program, which will increase their credibility and open up more job options in the industry.

Duration: 20 hours

Price: $199

Check out this course

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    3. Introduction to Grant Writing (Coursera): 

    Among the best online grant writing courses is the Introduction to Grant Writing course. This course is taught by seasoned grant writers and provides a thorough review of the fundamentals of grant writing.

    Participants explore subjects like budgeting, proposal development, prospect research, and evaluation. Peer interactions and interactive assignments improve learning and skill development.

    Check out this course

    3. Grant Writing Certificate (Grant Central USA): 

    The comprehensive curriculum of this certification program covers every facet of grant writing, from the basics to sophisticated strategies. 

    Through a sequence of virtual classes, seminars, and tasks, participants develop their proficiency in grant prospecting, proposal composition, and grant administration.

    Their Certificate in Grant Writing training program equips participants with the in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to write winning grant proposals.

    Their excellent teachers give students the confidence and fundamental knowledge they need to build a successful career in grant writing. 

    Check out this course

    4. Grant Writing for Nonprofits and Freelance Writers

    Duration: 2.5 hours on-demand video

    Among the educational grant writing online classes in the Udemy platform is Grant Writing for Nonprofits and freelance writers. 

    This course is intended for nonprofit organizations who wish to improve not just their proposal writing skills but also their ability to investigate and apply for funding from foundations and the government. 

    Grant writers and freelance writers who wish to provide their clients with a more thorough approach to grant writing can also enrol in the course.

    Check out thic course

    5. Coursera: Development & Fundraising Foundations

    Next on our list of best online granting writing classes is the Fundraising and Development Foundations course. Although you can audit the entire course for free, there is a charge to take the course and receive a certificate.

    This course is a four-module course that will help grant writers gain vital context for understanding how grant financing fits into the larger picture of running a nonprofit organization.

    It will offer an in-depth background on nonprofit fundraising and development. Even while not all of the information is specifically relevant to grant writing, you will still learn:

    • Fundraising and nonprofit jargon
    • The procedure for nonprofit fundraising
    • How to create a case for assistance—a crucial ability for grant writers!
    • Issues and developments in the field of fundraising today
    • The ideal candidates for this course are those who wish to learn more about the specific, technical facets of the nonprofit sector and who already have a general understanding of grant writing.

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    6. Grant Writing Fundamentals (The Grantsmanship Center)

    The principles of grant writing are thoroughly explored in this extensive online course. Participants acquire a thorough understanding of important ideas and recommended procedures in grant writing through interactive courses, tests, and case studies. 

    Prospecting for grants, developing proposals, budgeting, and evaluating are among the subjects covered. 

    Additionally, participants can reinforce their mastery of grant writing procedures and principles by applying what they have learned through hands-on exercises and assignments.

    Check out this course

    7. Writing Grant Proposals – Coursera 

    Duration: Close to 18 hours to complete

    Price: $49

    Interestingly, this year’s top online grant writing course on Coursera is the Writing Grant Proposals course.

     The course covers the fundamentals of crafting stronger proposals and making them stand out from the competition in a four-week, self-paced format.

    It can be difficult to remain on top of deadlines when there are graded quizzes and tasks, especially if you have obligations outside of work. 

    However, students can be certain that they will receive insightful advice to make the necessary adjustments thanks to its precise feedback, based on the kind of funder or audience you’re targeting.

    To give you a more accurate understanding of what your business can and cannot accomplish, you will learn how to identify its advantages and disadvantages.

    Check out this course.

    8. University of Georgia: Foundations of Grant Writing

    Duration: 24 hours

    Price: $159

    The University of Georgia is offering this course in collaboration with Education to Go and the Center for Continuing Education. It offers you a thorough overview of the fundraising industry and tips on how to craft winning proposals.

    There are two sections to the course: introduction, which goes over everything from the components of a successful proposal to the many stages of its creation to finding communities that would suit the initiative.

     The second section goes into great length on how to draft specific proposals and goes over several strategies that authors should take into account when composing these kinds of documents.

    Because the course is offered online and lasts for a full day, you can access the material whenever it’s convenient for you.

    Additionally, it offers insights into winning proposals based on the instructor’s experiences; the instructor has a long history in the sector. 

    To register yourself for this course, please go to the University of Georgia.

    9. Grant Writing Professional Certificate, San Diego State University

    Duration:  3–4 hours per week (8–10 weeks total)

    Two 25-hour online courses make up this curriculum, which is intended for people who have never written a grant proposal. It focuses on crafting winning proposals for tax-exempt establishments and nonprofits. 

    The foundations of grant writing are covered in the first course, “Introduction to Grants and Funding Research,” which includes locating funding options, comprehending submission standards, and crafting an engaging story. 

    In the second session, “Grant Proposal Development,” students write various sections of grant proposals by hand and receive feedback from a knowledgeable instructor. For each course, about 3–4 hours per week (8–10 weeks total).

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    10. Online Classes for Professional Grant Writers – Harvard Extension School

    varies based on the course

    This program provides a range of online courses on various areas of grant writing, ranging from fundamental themes like proposal writing to more complex subjects like grant budgeting and evaluation. 

    Classes can be taken on an individual basis or as part of a certificate program, and they are instructed by qualified professionals.

    Courses such as “Grant Writing Basics,” “Advanced Grant Proposal Writing,” “Grant Budgeting and Financial Management,” as well as “Grant Evaluation and Reporting.”

    11. Writing Academic and Professional Proposals (Thompson Rivers University)

    Duration: 30 weeks

    Pricing: $760 – $1419

    The principles of drafting proposals for academic and professional contexts are covered in this online course. 

    It covers things like finding funding sources, formulating a research subject, crafting an engaging story, and making a workable budget.

    Introduction to Proposal Writing, Developing Your Proposal, Writing Your Proposal, and Submitting Your Proposal are the four modules that make up the course. Every module consists of readings, tasks, and video lectures.

    Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of writing proposals for a range of applications, such as commercial, grant, and research funding bids.

    12. Fundamentals of Grant Writing for Beginners (Skillshare)

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Pricing: $165 annual subscription

    The principles of grant writing are covered in this free online course from Skillshare. Learn how to locate funds, create strong bids, and monitor your progress. 

    For beginners who wish to acquire the fundamentals before spending money on a paid course, it’s a fantastic choice.

    Topics covered in the course include the definition of grants, where to look for grants, what goes into a grant submission, and advice on how to write a strong grant proposal.

    Check out this course

    13. WVDO Grant Writing Certificate

    The West Virginia Distance Learning Association (WVDO) offers an online certificate program that covers all aspects of grant writing, from finding funding sources to submitting your finished project. It is intended for both novices and seasoned professionals and comprises six classes.

    Topics including grant research, proposal writing, evaluation, budgeting, and fundraising ethics are covered throughout the curriculum.

    14. A to Z Grant Writing (Colorado Springs, University of Colorado)

    Duration: 9 weeks

    Pricing: $250 to $2000 (depending on criteria)

    The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) offers an online course that covers every facet of grant writing, from locating funding sources to submitting your completed proposal. It consists of readings, assignments, live Q&A sessions with the teacher, and video lectures.

    Grant research, proposal writing, budgeting, evaluation, and fundraising ethics are just a few of the subjects covered in the course.

    15. Grant Writing for Educators (GrantsWork):

    This course, which is designed especially for teachers and school administrators, provides useful advice and techniques for crafting winning grant applications that fund educational projects and activities. 

    Participants gain knowledge on how to locate funding opportunities that are pertinent to the field of education, create strong proposals that cater to the needs of their classrooms or schools, and persuade possible donors of the benefits of their initiatives. 

    The training gives teachers the instruments and materials they require to obtain funds to improve student learning.

    16. Grant Writing For Artists

    Price: $100

    Artists from all disciplines who have a project in progress and are prepared to begin the grant application process are welcome to participate in this four-part workshop, which will be facilitated by filmmaker Tracie Holder.

    During this four-week session, you will build a strong road map to start the process and acquire confidence in your fundraising and proposal writing skills.

    The tutor will go over the precise elements of a proposal, how to communicate ideas graphically, and how to blend the huge, overarching concepts with the minute details that really bring your project to life on paper.

    Additionally, she will discuss how to avoid the most frequent errors committed while drafting grant fundraising submissions. Artists will continue to work on their first draft proposal during the session.

    You ought to leave the workshop with a thorough proposal writing structure, a preliminary draft of your proposal, and the assurance and guidance you need to proceed.

    Check out this course

    17. Grant Writing for Non-profits and Freelance Writers (Udemy)

    Duration: 1 hour and 34 minutes

    Pricing: $29.99, possible discounts

    Udemy is well known for its infinite educational courses in a wide range of fields and specializations. This one-hour and thirty-four-minute grant writing certificate class is designed for novices who want to work as independent contractors or for nonprofit organizations.

    Before submitting an application for a government grant, it concentrates on improving their research and technical writing skills. As a professional grant writer with multiple multi-million dollar grant submissions under his resume, Tim Whitney created the course.

    There are several more benefits included with this training. Despite having a $24.99 suggested retail price, Udemy regularly runs promotions on all of its courses. You may be able to obtain an offer for less than $10, depending on the deal. Once enrolled, lifetime access is also granted.

    18. Grant Writing 101 (GrantWatch): 


    Among the top grant writing online classes worth taking is Grant Writing 101 at GrantWatch. 

    Designed for novices, this course provides a thorough overview of grant writing. Key ideas, methods, and tools are taught to participants to aid with their entry into the profession of grant writing. 

    Participants acquire the information and abilities necessary to start looking for funding sources, crafting strong grant submissions, and creating effective grant-seeking strategies through engaging lectures and hands-on activities.

    Check out this course

    19. Grant Writing Masterclass (LinkedIn Learning): 

    This workshop offers an immersive learning experience in advanced grant writing strategies, taught by industry specialists.

     Participants receive important insights and techniques to improve their grant writing abilities as they delve into topics including data visualization, storytelling, and project evaluation. 

    Participants gain knowledge on how to successfully articulate the impact of their projects, use statistics to support their proposals and assess the effectiveness of grant-funded initiatives through captivating lectures, case studies, and hands-on exercises.

    20. Grant Writing Basics (Grant Professionals Association): 

    Expanding upon the principles taught in the beginning course, this intermediate-level course explores more complex grant writing subjects. 

    Participants gain advanced skills in budget creation, proposal submission best practices, and grant prospecting. 

    The course offers useful insights and tactics to assist participants in improving their grant writing abilities, becoming more competitive in the grant-seeking process, and raising the likelihood that their projects and organizations will receive financing.

    21. Grant Writing Bootcamp (GrantWriterTeam)

    This rigorous boot camp-style course is intended for novices who want to accelerate their grant writing education.

     This thorough and intensive learning boot camp covers every facet of the grant writing process, including prospecting, proposal writing, grant management, and reporting. 

    To improve their grant-writing abilities and obtain real-world experience navigating the grant-seeking process, participants participate in practical workshops, case studies, and hands-on activities.

     Participants leave the boot camp with a firm grasp of the principles of grant writing and the courage to look for financial opportunities for their ideas.

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    What are the benefits of taking an online grant writing class?

    Online grant writing classes provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience while gaining valuable skills in securing funding for organizations.

    What kind of support is available during an online grant writing course?

    Many online courses offer access to instructors, discussion forums, or peer-to-peer networking opportunities for additional support and guidance during the learning process.

    How much does it cost to enrol in an online grant writing class?

    The cost of online grant writing classes varies depending on the provider, but many beginner courses are affordable and offer excellent value for the skills gained.

    Can online grant writing classes help me find job opportunities in the nonprofit sector?

    Learning grant writing skills through online classes can enhance your resume and make you more competitive for roles in nonprofits, fundraising, or development.


    The most thorough and approachable method of learning the fundamentals required to be successful in the field of grant writing is provided by the best online grant-writing courses for novices.

    These courses give people who want to change the world through effective grant submissions a strong foundation, from knowing the fundamentals to mastering sophisticated strategies.

    Aspiring grant writers can get the skills and self-assurance required to get funding for their ideas by signing up for any of these courses. Investing in your grant writing knowledge is essential to reaching your objectives, whether you work for a nonprofit organization, are an entrepreneur, or are just passionate about having a positive influence.