How to Write an Application Letter to a School as a Student

Now that you’ve made up your mind on the school to attend, it is time to write your application letter as a student.

A well-written application letter can be your key to unlocking the classroom door.

Here’s a guide for Nigerian students to help them write a letter that grabs the attention of admissions officers.

You’ll love this guide.

What Is A School Application Letter?

A school application letter is a letter written by a potential student or their guardian to a school administrator for them to be considered for admission into a school.

The application letter is a form of introduction of the student to the institution’s admission committee. This letter is written in the form of a business format that is highly polite since it is the initial contact with the reviewer.

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Types Of Application Letters

There are different types of application letters depending on the school the student is applying to.

These are the main types of school application letters for students:

Junior school application letter: This application letter is written mostly by the parent or guardian seeking admission to an elementary school for young learners.

High school application letter: This is drafted by high school students applying for admission to a high school.

College application letter: This application letter is written by a student seeking admission to study a course in a college institution.

Graduate school application letter: This is written by a person who is seeking admission into a higher institution for master’s or doctorate degree programs. Schools require application letter when the applicant will send his application package via email.

Most of the time, a school application package requires the following documents;

  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Transcripts
  • Certificates
  • Application form
  • Recommendation letters

How to Write an Application Letter to a School as a Student

1. Address your letter

Begin a school application letter by starting your letter with an address, email, and phone number.

After your contact information, write the date of writing the letter which can be in any form.

Give some space beneath the date and write the recipients address. You can write the recipient’s name or you can use their official title. You can contact the front desk if unsure of the title to use. Keep in mind that writing the wrong recipient may create a false perception regarding your attention to for detail, so get it right.

Address the letter to the admission officer or principal.

The school application letter is a formal document so use proper salutation. If you used a name in the address, use the same name in the salutation. If you used job title, remember to use same in the salutation.

The most common salutations are:

Dear Ms./Mr./Mrs. (recipient’s surname)

Dear (Admissions Coordinator, or the appropriate title)

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir/Madam

Using the recipients’ names builds rapport with the reviewer.

2. State your purpose clearly

If this is an email, write the subject line that will make the reviewer know what the letter is about at a glance. A handwritten letter also contains a subject line. The subject line should be brief.

Example: Application for Admission to Marketing Major.

After the subject line, the first paragraph should also iterate the specific program or grade level. Also, give an overview of yourself. Keep this paragraph concise but rich in relevant content that will attract the reader’s attention.

Some of the things you can mention in your introduction include:

The program you are applying for

  • Why you are interested in the program
  • Your background and why you stand out
  • Why you are choosing that institution

This entire introduction should not be more than one paragraph in length. You can write these in five lines if you are mindful.


Dear Admissions Officer,

I am writing to express my keen interest in applying for admission to the Marketing major program at Landmark Community College for the 2024 academic session.

3. Highlight Your Academic Achievements:

Briefly mention your most relevant academic achievements. This could include exceptional grades in core subjects, awards you’ve received, or any academic competitions you’ve participated in.

Have you excelled in sports, debate, or community service? Mention these achievements to showcase your well-roundedness.

It is important to go over your best achievements so you can stand out amongst other program applicants. Also, be sure to link your achievements with the program. Mention your qualifications and skills to convince the reviewer that they should consider you for admission.

You can include these:

  • Test scores you scored highly
  • Your hobbies and interests
  • Interpersonal skills and leadership abilities
  • Related work experience
  • References
  • Recognition and awards

Remember to tailor your application letter to fit the level of education you’re applying for and their requirements. If you are applying for a graduate school program, mention your research interests.


As a top student at Chivalry College, I consistently achieved excellent grades, particularly in Marketing and Music. I was also awarded the Hours Grace Mathematician Award for being the best in Math in recognition of my academic performance. Additionally, I actively participated in the school’s Political club, demonstrating my leadership skills and commitment to giving back to the community.

4. Why This School? Show Your Passion

Research about the school’s unique offerings, programs, or achievements.

In your application letter as a student, you will explain what specifically attracts you to the school. Does it have a strong science program? Renowned faculty? Mention these details and explain how they align with your academic goals.


I am particularly drawn to Chivalry College because of its renowned STEM program. The opportunity to learn from experienced faculty like Professor Charles Numba in Psychology is incredibly exciting. Furthermore, your school’s emphasis on Charity aligns perfectly with my strong desire to use my education as a tool to reach third world countries.

5. Confidence and Courtesy

In this section, reiterate your interest in joining the program. Be hopeful that you’d be granted an opportunity to join the school. Also, mention what value you would add to the school upon admission.

Express your gratitude to the admissions team for considering your application. Then, do the closing formalities with your name and email.


I am confident that my academic achievements, combined with my passion for learning and dedication to excellence, make me a strong candidate for your esteemed program. Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly await your response.


Your Name

Phone Number

Email Address

6. List the enclosures

After the closing salutation, list the documents enclosed with the application letter. We advise that you list them in the order of their attachment. Crosscheck with the school requirements to ensure that you have enclosed all the documents the school needs.

7. Proofread and save

Read your application letter to a school as a student to identify any grammatical errors or poor formatting. Consider using the formatting tips:

  • Use single-spaced text and block paragraphs
  • Leave transitional black spaces between sections
  • Align your letter to the left
  • Use basic fonts like Times New Roman or Arial, size 10-12

Save and send the letter along with the supporting documents through the school’s recommended medium.

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School Application Letter Template

Here is a school application letter template that you can utilize to create your own letter.

First and last name

phone number

email address

physical address


Recipient’s name

Name of the school

School mailing address

Opening salutation

Subject line

Introduce yourself in the first sentence and inform the reader what program you are applying to. Mention why you chose that particular school including why you believe it is the right fit for you. Give a brief overview of your background and what your current engagements are.

In the second paragraph, highlight your skills, qualifications and achievements, and then link them to the program you are applying to. If you have received any awards or relevant recognitions, dedicate a few words to going over them.

In the third paragraph, reiterate your interest in the program and the institution. Mention the value you would bring to the school, and promise to do your best if considered.

In the fourth paragraph, express gratitude to the reader and politely ask them to review the rest of the supporting documents.

Closing salutation


Your name

Sample 1: High School Application

Annu Victor

54 Real Estate Orlando


25th April, 2026.

Admissions Committee

Charity Homecoming College

54 Chrissent New Jersey

Dear Admissions Committee,

Application for admission into Charis Homecoming High School

I am writing to express my keen interest in applying for admission to the ninth grade at Charity Homecoming High School for the upcoming academic year.

Throughout my middle school years at Charis Homecoming High School, I’ve consistently maintained a high GPA of 4.6 while actively participating in extracurricular activities. I’m particularly passionate about Physical Education and have excelled in Sporting activities. My strong work ethic and dedication are also evident in my participation in cheerleading, where I developed valuable skills in Leadership.

Charity Homecoming High School’s strong academic reputation, particularly in STEM classes, deeply impresses me. I’m interested in your Chemistry because I want to become a pharmacist. I believe my academic background make me a perfect fit for your esteemed institution.

I have attached my transcripts and standardized test scores for your review. Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly await the opportunity to learn more about Charity Homecoming High School and discuss how I can contribute to the vibrant school community.


Annu Victor

Your Signature if submitting a physical copy

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College School application letter example

Stacy Nolan


7777 Denver Avenue

8888 Denver, Colorado

14th April 2021

Dr. Simon Morgan

Sun and Shield School of Music

9999 Lights Street

8888 Denver, Colorado

Dear Dr. Morgan,

REF: Application for Admission to the School of Oriental Music

My name is Nacy Nolan, and I would like to apply for admission to the school of oriental music. I take cognizance of your school’s outstanding reputation of producing well-rounded music students and instrumentalists. I believe I would greatly benefit from working with your highly qualified faculty of instructors. I am currently a volunteer with the Travelers Band of Charleston.

My interest in music runs deep. In my high school studies, I majored in music, and I am an accomplished guitarist and violinist. I have performed in various music events in Charleston, Seattle and, most recently, at the inauguration ceremony of the governor. I have received several awards, but the one I am proudest of obtaining is being named the Most Talented Young Violinist in South Carolina.

I would like to join the school and deepen my vocal skills as well as with your excellent students in musical projects. Granted the opportunity, I would ensure that I repay your faith in me through exemplary conduct during and after my time at the school.

Thank you for your time. Please review the enclosed documents for a more in-depth assessment of my suitability. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully Yours,

Nacy Nolan


Application form

Statement of purpose


High school qualification certificate

Letter of recommendation

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By following these steps and personalizing your experiences, you can write an application letter to a school as a student that sets you apart.

Remember, this is your chance to show your potential and convince the admissions committee that you belong in their institution. Now go forth and conquer those applications!


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