Is It Heros or Heroes? How to Choose the Right Word

One of my biggest turnoffs when it comes to reading the works of other writers is encountering wrongly used words. 

The appearance is both uncomplicated and shows a total lack of competence in your usage of grammar.

Learning how to use heros or heroes correctly will allow you to write in a clear, concise, and grammatically correct manner. 

In this article, we will explain the differences between them as well as provide examples to help you become an expert user. 

Heroes or Heros Definition

Heroes or heros?

When it comes to correct grammar, the question is which is right and when can they be used?

Heros and Heroes are not the same thing.

Heroes is the plural form of hero.

A hero is someone who is praised for being brave, doing great things, or having good character. Heroes is the normal word for a group or more than one hero.

Heros is a genus of fish of South American origin. They are fish.

Grammar Tip: In the English language, words ending in ‘o’ usually have ‘es’ added to the end to make it plural. For example; potato becomes potatoes. Same as tomatoes, and echoes.  However, words like piano, photo don’t follow this rule. But we can see that hero does follow the rule.

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Points to Consider

Here are some important points to keep in mind to avoid confusion while using heros or heroes, especially in spelling.

The word heroes refers to a group of people who are recognized because of their bravery or other admirable characteristics.

The right plural of hero in English is not heros. It would be a grammatical mistake to use it that way.

Heros is a correct term for a fish genus.

As a result, while the words heroes and heros have a place in the English language, they have exactly different meanings and should be used in different contexts.  Understand how to apply them correctly for clear communication.

Make sense?

Let’s go through a few examples.

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Examples of heros or heroes spelling

Correct: He doesn’t need a hero; he needs five heroes.

Incorrect: He doesn’t need a hero; he needs five heros.

Correct: The Avengers is a team comprised of several heroes.

Incorrect: The Avengers is a team comprised of several heros.

Correct: There are many fish species I don’t understand, including the Heros of South America.

Incorrect: There are many fish species I don’t understand, including the heroes of South America.

Correct: The city honored its local heroes, the firefighters who saved lives during the devastating fire.

Tip: Remember to add an -es to hero when you need more than one person. While South America has its fair share of heroes, it’s the only place where you’re likely to find Heros. Except, ofcourse,e in this article.

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Are you one of the heroes we are expecting or do you want to travel to buy heros?

You got the twist, right?

Effect the correction in your writing henceforth and see it take a new leap.


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