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Starting out as a freelance writer can be daunting, especially when it comes to consistently generating new ideas for blog posts. It’s important to keep your content fresh and engaging, but it can be challenging to come up with new post ideas regularly. That’s why having a list of go-to ideas can be incredibly helpful for keeping your content calendar full.

Whether you’re writing for your own blog or for clients, having a variety of blog post ideas at your disposal can help you stay inspired and avoid writer’s block. From listicles to how-to guides and personal anecdotes, there are endless possibilities for creating engaging content as a freelance writer. So if you’re feeling stuck in your writing journey, take a look at our list of 35 blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

How Can I Find Inspiration For My Blog Post Ideas?

To find inspiration for your blog, you must stay curious and observant. Follow industry news, engage in discussions on social media, read books and articles, and draw inspiration from your personal experiences. Networking with other writers can also spark new ideas.

Here are a few ways to find blog post ideas as a new freelance writer:

1. Inspiration from your audience

If your blog features a comment section where your audience can share their thoughts, you likely receive various forms of feedback. While many responses may be straightforward expressions of positivity or negativity, you may also encounter questions. Some of these questions can be easily addressed with a simple reply, but others may veer off-topic or require more detailed explanations. Such inquiries provide valuable opportunities for creating your next blog post. Consider maintaining a list of pertinent questions that come your way so that, during moments of low inspiration, you have a ready resource to spark new ideas.

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2. Performance report in Google Search Console

Google Search Console shows you more than just your crawl errors. Have a look at the Performance report in GSC. The Performance report shows you the search queries people use that your site ranks on. There could be queries on the list that you have never even considered to write about.

Say you have a blog about parenthood and notice someone ended up on your site after searching for [milkshake during pregnancy]. Perhaps you’ve already written about pregnancy and milkshakes, but not in that combination yet. That could inspire you to write an article on milkshake recipes to make at home that are safe during pregnancy, for example. 

3. Consult your keyword research

Everyone who has a solid SEO strategy will have executed proper keyword research. So, you should have a document containing hundreds of words and phrases you want to rank for. Of course, a keyword isn’t a topic for a post yet, but it can be a start. 

Pick one of your long-tail keywords. What do people actually find if they search for that specific term?  Google it. See what turns up. That’ll be the competition. Is it any good? Could you do better? Maybe the results inspire you to write something similar, something that fits in with the present results. But, trying to write something that stands out could also be a strategy, if you’re confident it still matches user intent.

4. Your daily activities

Instances from your professional experiences can serve as excellent sources of inspiration for blog posts. You have the opportunity to share insights into your daily activities and how you navigate through them. Alternatively, you can discuss how you handle specific challenges faced by your clients or colleagues. Others might be dealing with similar issues and seeking valuable input.

When writing about real-life situations, it’s crucial to respect the privacy of your clients, friends, or colleagues. Always seek permission before using their cases in your blog. For instance, a therapist running a blog to provide mental health tips may wish to incorporate examples from their practice. In such cases, it is vital to alter names and details to safeguard the privacy of clients and ensure the continued success of the practice.

5. Other blogs and fellow bloggers

The internet is full of inspiration for blog ideas, and there are many places to look. Perhaps you follow other bloggers who inspire you. A great way to come up with ideas for blog posts is to read other posts or even just scroll through post feeds.

Similarly, you can join Facebook groups that are related to your niche or Facebook groups for bloggers. Discussing ideas with fellow bloggers will surely get your creative juices flowing! Make sure you do not copy people’s ideas, though. And give credit where credit is due.

35 Blog Post Ideas For New Freelance Writer

As a new freelance writer, starting a blog can be both exciting and overwhelming. You may have a passion for writing, but coming up with fresh and engaging content ideas regularly can be a challenge. Don’t worry, I’ve been there too! Keep reading to find the list of 35 blog post ideas specifically tailored for new freelance writers like yourself.

1. Expert Tips

If you run out of ideas for blog topics, interview experts for useful tips and tricks. Featuring experts with years of experience and a good reputation in the industry can enhance your business credibility.

A good example is a spring cleaning article published by the Homes & Gardens interior and garden design magazine, which features various useful tips from several cleaning experts.

2. Do’s and Don’ts

Create a list of dos and don’ts for various industry-relevant topics or issues to offer potential customers useful and easily skimmable information.

The online beauty store Roxie Cosmetics provides excellent blog post examples of this type. For instance, its article on makeup do’s and don’ts includes information on the best makeup application practices and mistakes to avoid.

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3. Industry-Relevant Tutorials

Write tutorial blog posts related to your business and its products and services. This is a great way to help address customer pain points while directing them to your products.

The graphic design platform Canva has mastered this marketing technique. It publishes numerous helpful design-related tutorials promoting its product, such as the guide on how to make thank-you cards using Canva.

4. Employee Experiences

These articles are usually released consistently, focusing on one individual at a time. They play a crucial role in humanizing the business and providing a glimpse into its corporate culture.

As an illustration, Spotify Design regularly showcases an employee in their “In the Spotlight” posts, featuring one team member every few months. Each employee responds to questions about their role and shares insights into their experiences within the company.

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5. Product Knowledge

Product knowledge blog topics can include all the posts introducing new products or services, explaining how to use them, or informing users of updates or developments.

A company that offers frequent product knowledge posts through its blog is Adobe. For example, it published a blog post introducing Adobe Firefly, its new creative generative AI service.

6. Customer Success Stories

Success story blog post ideas for freelance writers represent an extended version of customer testimonials. Commemorate the achievements of your customers, emphasizing the role your product or service plays in helping them reach their objectives.

7. Step-By-Step Guides

Guide readers through the steps of the process to accomplish a goal. You can include visual aids where relevant.

A great example is a Thinkific post on creating a successful online course in 10 steps. This online course platform’s systematic and detailed tutorial includes helpful screenshots and custom graphics.

8. Best Practices

This blog post idea typically comprises compilations of well-established techniques or approaches within a specific industry. These are proven and reliable tips and methods aimed at assisting individuals in attaining optimal results.

As seen on the Semrush blog, there are numerous posts dedicated to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and tips for digital marketing. One such example is their post outlining the most effective SEO practices.

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9. Recommendations of Tools and Resources

Finding the best tools and resources to use can be challenging. Conduct research and share the best ones with your readers through comprehensive blog listicles.

The Teacher Toolkit education blog publishes various posts about teaching and learning. A great example is its list post of useful education technology tools teachers can use in their classrooms.

10. Introduction to New Topics

Introductory articles typically break down simple or complex concepts and explain them in an easy-to-understand format for newbies.

The personal finance company NerdWallet regularly posts articles to educate its readers on various finance and business topics. For example, its introductory article on mutual funds elaborates on what they are and how to invest in them.

11. Problem-Solving Guides

These posts are one of the most useful learning resources as they directly address people’s pain points by immediately answering their questions or giving solutions to their problems.

An excellent example is an article by Family Handyman that walks readers through the steps of plugging a leaky tire. It lists the tools and materials and provides an image for every step.

12. Expert Interviews

Featuring interviews with experts in your niche can increase your credibility and provide unique and valuable insights for your readers. In addition, you can invite them to write a guest post on your blog.

The science and society magazine Undark, for example, published an article featuring a transcript of an interview with Katharine Hayhoe, a global warming expert.

13. Sample Exercises and Projects

Providing sample questions and suggesting project blog post ideas for freelance writers help readers put what they have learned into practice. This way, learners can solidify their knowledge instead of just memorizing information by rote.

w3resource offers numerous posts containing exercises and projects for different programming languages. For instance, its post on basic declarations and expressions in the C programming language lists over 100 practice questions.

14. Trip Recaps

A trip recap blog post recalls your entire experience traveling to certain destinations. Include helpful details like the flights or routes you took, places you visited, and a detailed breakdown of your expenses.

15. Must-Visit Travel Destinations

You can make numerous posts with this blog topic, tailoring each list to various conditions or demographics. Generate seasonal blog post ideas, such as recommending the best destinations for each season throughout the year.

16. What to Pack

Packing can be one of the most overwhelming parts of traveling, especially for long trips. Posts providing a guide on how and what to pack can be very helpful for travel blog readers.

The travel blog Practical Wanderlust has an excellent post featuring a list of over 40 must-have travel items, including gear, clothing, toiletries, medication, and insurance. It also offers free printable checklists people can use for packing.

17. Must-Try Activities

Thinking of what to do during a trip can also take time and effort. Write posts recommending the best activities people can do when visiting a certain area.

Hand Luggage Only publishes excellent activity recommendation blog posts, such as their article on the best things to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It features descriptions and aesthetically pleasing images highlighting the beauty of the destination.

18. Best Local Cuisine

For some tourists, trying out local foods can be the highlight of a trip. Cuisine recommendation blog posts list a region’s best dishes or restaurants to visit.

19. Accommodation Recommendations

People need a comfortable and safe place to rest after a day of adventure. Help your website visitors determine the best accommodations according to their budget and travel conditions.

Beauty and fashion are fast-paced and ever-changing industries. Each new season brings new collections and looks. Therefore, it is no wonder people are always eager to update themselves on the latest trends.

British Vogue has published many posts informing readers of the latest fashion trends, such as its spring/summer 2023 collection listicle.

21. Styling Techniques

Sometimes people struggle with styling certain pieces of clothing. A blog post on styling techniques can teach readers how to incorporate an item into various looks.

An example of this post type is an article on The Adult Man website giving readers seven ways to style a hoodie. It also suggests other articles of clothing people can combine with a hoodie to create outfits for various occasions.

22. Looks to Try

Present different outfit and makeup ideas for various people, seasons, and events. These types of posts help people avoid wasting time figuring out what to wear.

For example, Harper’s Bazaar published an article recommending over 20 outfit ideas perfect for summer. It also suggests where people can purchase similar clothes in the photo.

23. Makeup Tutorial

Great makeup ties your whole look together, but it can take time and effort to master. Try writing makeup tutorial posts that walk readers through the steps of creating beautiful looks.

An example of this blog post type is the glowy and natural makeup tutorial article on the Maybelline website. It breaks down the process into several steps with product recommendations and high-quality images.

24. Product Reviews

Many people look up review articles when they are interested in a product but unsure about purchasing it. Write product review posts to help readers make informed buying decisions.

A great example is the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 review on the Byrdie website. It provides helpful information such as the product’s pros and cons, ingredients, effects, price, scent, and feel.

25. Celebrity Looks

From daily to red-carpet outfits, try writing about a certain celebrity’s best looks. Highlight what is great about the outfits and what people can learn from them.

For instance, The Zoe Report published a post showing the outfits worn by celebrities in the New York Fashion Week runway shows.

26. Best Techniques to Try Out

Demonstrate your expertise by showing the different techniques people can try, especially those just starting out. Highlight what kind of project each method is most suitable for.

For example, the Stitch Clinic website has a blog post covering basic hand-sewing stitches people can use for all projects. It breaks each technique into steps with helpful images and shows video tutorials on each stitch.

27. Equipment Recommendations

Through this blog post idea, you can inform readers on which tools are the best, including details on the different projects and skill levels they are suitable for.

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28. Product Comparisons

These blog posts are perfect for people looking into buying equipment but are still determining which ones to get. Write objective comparisons of popular brands or products, providing factual reasons to support your verdict.

29. Step-By-Step Tutorials

Tutorial blog posts that guide readers through an activity are great learning resources. Typically, each step consists of a short description and an accompanying image as a visual aid.

A great example is the numerous step-by-step knitting guides on Nimble Needles, a blog run by Norman Schwarze. The helpful tutorials feature large high-quality images for all the steps and include lists of tools and materials needed.

30. Artist Spotlight

Artist spotlight blog posts let you promote fellow experts and professionals in the art industry. In addition to establishing authority and educating readers, these posts provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and widen your network.

The Canadian art blog Booooooom regularly publishes great blog posts showcasing different artists and their works. A great example is its artist spotlight post that features artist Max Seckel and his paintings.

As medical technology advances and scientists present new findings, people try to keep themselves up to date on the latest popular health trends. A listicle of health trends can help inform people about what practices are currently trending.

32. Health Myth Busting

Numerous prevalent health myths have become commonly held beliefs. Your own post, busting these health myths by separating scientific fact from fiction, can be a helpful and informative learning resource.

For example, WebMD has an excellent article debunking popular health myths, such as ones saying that people catch a cold from being cold and that sugar makes kids hyper.

33. Best Home Remedies

Home remedies blog post idea provides immediate relief for non-urgent health conditions. Help alleviate people’s pain and discomfort before they see a medical professional by writing a blog post recommending treatments to try at home.

An example to inspire you is the Cleveland Clinic article on sore throat home remedies. It lists various methods people can try, from sipping warm and cold drinks to taking a hot shower.

34. Productivity Tips

Enhancing productivity contributes to increased satisfaction and an improved overall quality of life. Aid individuals in reaching their objectives by crafting a blog post that compiles a range of suggestions for optimizing productivity in the workplace.

A valuable resource on this topic can be found in the article by Science of People, which offers insightful tips on productivity, specifically guiding people on how to achieve efficiency with minimal effort.

35. Self-Care Methods

Finally, on our list of blog post ideas for new freelance writers is self-care tips.

Personal development isn’t all about work and productivity – it is also about taking care of yourself. Recommend some ways readers can take care of themselves to stay physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.

For instance, Verywell Mind published an article on self-care practices for different areas of life. These include physical, social, mental, spiritual, and emotional self-care.

FAQs On Blog Post Ideas for New Freelance Writers

How can I generate creative and unique blog post ideas?

Explore topics related to your niche and industry trends. Look for gaps in existing content and offer a fresh perspective. Pay attention to your target audience’s interests and challenges to tailor your ideas accordingly.

Should I focus on trending topics or evergreen content for my blog?

It’s beneficial to have a mix of both. Trending topics can attract immediate attention, while evergreen content provides long-term value. Balance your blog with a combination of timely and timeless topics to cater to a broader audience.

How can I find inspiration for my blog post ideas?

Stay curious and observant. Follow industry news, engage in discussions on social media, read books and articles, and draw inspiration from your personal experiences. Networking with other writers can also spark new ideas.

How can I make my blog posts more engaging for readers?

Use compelling headlines, include visuals, and break up the text with subheadings and bullet points. Share personal anecdotes, ask questions, and encourage reader interaction through comments and social media. Keep your writing style conversational and relatable.


If you want to create an interesting blog, it is crucial to provide valuable content covering a wide range of topics within your niche. Conduct proper research and present important information in simple-to-understand language.


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